Woody Harrelson Shows Ellen How to Play ‘Beersbee’

Woody Harrelson Shows Ellen How to Play ‘Beersbee’

We’re back with Woody Harrelson. We’re early. We’re going to play this game. It’s called Beersbee. So basically, we’re trying to
hit– it’s three points if you hit the bottle itself. Yes. One point if you hit the pole. Right. No points if someone
catches the water before it hits the ground. Exactly. You catch the bottle,
or if you– you also got to catch the Frisbee. The Frisbee is a point if
it falls, the bottle’s two. OK. But if you hit the
bottle, that’s three. All right– while we’re
holding something in our hands. Well, usually, you have beer. All right– some kind
of thing in our hands. Sometimes you
half-step it, I guess. All right. [LAUGHTER] OK. All right, ready? You want to go first? You go ahead. All right. But you can’t put
your hand out here. You got to be behind the pole. Uh-oh, you missed it. In that case, we
won’t worry about it. Here we go. [GRUNT] Oh, oh. OK, Oh! [GROANING] [APPLAUSE] All right. And sometimes you
get help– like that. Yeah, all right. [LAUGHING] Oh, damn it. At that– OK, whoa. OK, yeah, bring
them, bring them. Oh. See? That would have been a point. Right. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] [LAUGHS] All right. Good? It’s a stupid game. All right, that’s all. Zombieland: Double Tap opens
in theaters October 18. And we’ll be right back. Woody Harrelson, everybody. [APPLAUSE, CHEERING]

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    I am śußßing to ėveryone that Iikes this and śußs to me🙈

  2. Everytime I see Ellen I only see cows going to the slaughter; from the propaganda she vomits for her war criminal friends like Bush & the Obama's … Disgusted past fan.

  3. These type of videos are so fun! Maintaining Ellen's youth!!! She's so open-minded and willing to try/learn anything!

  4. All the sick deranged democrats that are criticizing Ellen , may you and your children be struck down dead for your arrogance and treason

  5. Only true fans know that Ellen doesn’t disable her comments only when there is a celebrity in the video 💅

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