WORST MOVIES Of 2015 — Yearly Retrospective (Part II)

WORST MOVIES Of 2015 — Yearly Retrospective (Part II)

Hello and welcome to part two of Movie Night’s
second annual yearly retrospective – sorry, but I was only able to do that opening rhyme
for the first video. I’m your host, Jonathan Paula. In part one, I shared my picks for
the ten best movies of the year. Tonight, I’ll be awarding superlatives in nine special
categories, and announcing the three worst films of the year. Let begin with the first
superlative. Comedy is one of the most subjective genres,
but I’m awarding “Spy” the title of funniest movie of the year. Amy Schumer’s work in “Trainwreck”
was a very close second… but Paul Feig’s excellent send-up of espionage movies mixed
hilarious slapstick with great parody moments. Melissa McCarthy was wonderful as the bumbling
hero – but the real highlight was Jason Statham as a cocksure ally who’s much dumber than
he realizes. With so many great examples – from that steadicam
boxing fight in “Creed”, to a winding walk through Tom Hardy’s club in “Legend”, to the
“Day Of The Dead” opening sequence in “SPECTRE” – there were plenty of LONG-TAKES in 2015
cinema. Even the less flashy ones, like a locked down conversation in “Me And Earl And
The Dying Girl” impressed. But when it comes to the ‘oner’, this is Alejandro González
Iñárritu’s world – and we’re just living in it. I thought it’d be hard to top his award-winning
work on “Birdman”, but there are huge swaths of “The Revenant” photographed in a single
take, or least – they’re carefully designed and edited to resemble one. The obvious highlight
is Leonardo DiCaprio’s central fight with a giant grizzly bear. This vicious attack
is painful to watch, yet impossible to look away from – and it’s all done in a single,
minutes-long fluid camera move. Although I still had a fun time with it, “SPECTRE”
is my pick for most DISAPPOINTING. After the monumental success of the previous James Bond
picture, and one of the largest budgets in history, I was hoping for a more cohesive
narrative and a better villain. The action was pretty great, but many other components
dragged on or fell flat. I just hope this isn’t Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie. The most SURPRISING film this year was “No
Escape”. The last few Pierce Brosnan outings have been largely forgettable and ‘straight
to video’, and with Owen Wilson in the lead, I didn’t expect much from this third-world
thriller. But I was genuinely frightened for the characters throughout their harrowing
ordeal. It didn’t break enough new ground to make it onto my top-10 list, but for a
simple chase story it had unrelenting excitement. Always a contentious category, but I felt
the horror picture “It Follows” was 2015’s most OVERRATED. A mysterious demon that manifests
itself as creepy, slow-walking human constantly stalking its victim- that can only be transferred
by sexual intercourse? An incredible premise, but ultimately I was more confused and amused
during this 100-minute picture than actually frightened or entertained. Horror fans should
definitely check this one out, but I didn’t fall in love like many others did. With imaginative visuals, a moving soundtrack
from Michael Giacchino, and awesome action sequences, I was disappointed “Tomorrowland”
didn’t perform better – which is why it gets my pick for most UNDERRATED film of the year.
While the ending needed some work, the premise and overall execution of this world-jumping
narrative was brilliantly realized – and I definitely had a fun time with it. Junkie XL’s gritty anthems were a perfect
fit for “Mad Max”, while Ludwig Göransson’s urban-score for “Creed” was equally impressive.
And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Michael Giacchino’s impressive year. Not only did
he score Jurassic World, and the aforementioned Tomorrowland, he also kept the haphazard “Jupiter
Ascending” somewhat watchable – and really moved audiences with his playful and emotional
themes for “Inside Out”. But it was John Powell’s surprising work on “Pan” that gets my pick
for best soundtrack of 2015. This was by no means a great film, but its exciting and adventurous
score – which blends deep strings, flutes, and flighty leitmotifs made it a very enjoyable
experience for sure. And hearing the pirates and prisoners of Neverland sing-chant a grungy
version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was pretty cool as well. A film not nearly enough people heard about,
let alone saw is “The Final Girls” – which gets my pick for most OVERLOOKED of 2015.
A tremendous blend of satire, emotion, and horror. The extremely awesome premise – five
teens are transported inside a classic slasher film- combines some of the best elements of
“Last Action Hero” with “Friday The 13th”, and even a bit of “Home Alone”. An extremely
unique adventure, the bright visuals and solid acting from a familiar group of smaller names
make this a great time. I strongly recommend seeking this one out. As I’ve mentioned before, “Horror” is not
one of my favorite genres, but of the films I did see last year, “Unfriended” was the
most effective. The fast-paced story of high-schoolers being tormented by a mysterious supernatural
force is shown entirely via screencapture. Besides some gimmicky jumpscare moments, this
is a captivating melodrama with some apt lessons on bullying. But any movie that gets me nervous
and frightened over something as simple a mouse click has to get my pick for SCARIEST
movie of the year. And now for the WORST movies of the year. I didn’t even care for the first installment,
but “The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” takes ‘awful’ to a whole other level – and is my
pick for third WORST movie of the year. The bearbones plot is just one long, dumb chase
scene populated with stupid characters and tired clichés. The entire movie is a hurried
mess of stolen ideas from better productions. Trite dialog, bad acting, and a dumb concept
sink this picture before it can get out of its own way. And perhaps most infuriatingly
– it barely addresses any of the questions raised by its predecessor, and concludes with
another annoying cliffhanger tease. Originally developed as “Twilight” fan fiction,
the pathetic “Fifty Shades Of Grey” was the second WORST movie of 2015. Not only was the
piss-poor dialogue delivered without any charm or enthusiasm, the boring script practically
insults its audience with an ignorant treatment of BDSM culture. Despite its ample nudity,
this watered-down experience is a tame and uninteresting waste of time. The only people
who might enjoy this wreck are 12-year-olds who haven’t discovered internet porn yet. Before I reveal my number one pick, some dishonorable
mentions have to go to “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2”, “Superfast!”, and “Hot Tub Time Machine
2” — all of which exist in that pile of crap category called, “Who actually asked for this?”
— but the absolute worst movie of the year has to be Joshua Trank’s “Fantastic Four”
requel. Studio meddling and hatched-job rewrites ruined any potential this second-rate franchise
might have had – but there’s no excuse for the feckless acting, drab visuals, and clunky
dialogue. An unimaginative and lazy picture that foolishly omits the best part of an origin
story – “Fant4stic” is an unfortunate cinematic abortion – and the worst movie of 2015. That concludes my annual retrospective – hopefully
you enjoyed looking back at the best, worst, and most interesting movies of 2015. If you’re
interested in seeing what I thought about the other 65 or so new movies I watched last
year, check out my Letterboxd page for additional reviews and ratings. That will do it for tonight’s
episode — but next week I’ll be doing a special on Quentin Tarantino films, so leave your
comment reviews below if you’d like to be involved. And don’t forget to check out this
information icon to watch some related content. Once again, my Jonathan Paula, thanks for
watching and listening. Until next time, have a good Movie Night!

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  1. Pulp Fiction – An unusual structure, memorable dialogue, and wonderfully paced scenes work together to make one of my favorite films. 10/10

  2. The Hateful Eight: A tense and captivating story that was surprisingly fascinating the entire time, despite it's small number of actors and lengthy runtime. Truly feels like a Tarantino classic, and greatly surpasses Django Unchained. 9/10

  3. After reading your review of Final Girls, I actually gave it a watch and my god was it amazing. I heard of it before but didn't really pay attention to it but after reading your small review, I had to give it a watch since you aren't a big horror fan and you very much praised it. I think I liked it more than you though because it is my fourth favorite film of the year.

  4. Reservoir Dogs
    Arguably one of the greatest directorial debuts of all time, this movie includes great acting from the whole cast and what Tarantino is perhaps most known for – the amazing violence and dialogue. 10/10

  5. I was at first kinda surprised you didn't pick Jem and the Holograms as the worst. But then you like the majority of humanity never seen it.

  6. Reservoir Dogs: An amazing picture taking place all in one room with great performances and mystery, this is one of Tarantino's best films. 9/10

  7. Tomorrowland is great! One of my favorite movies of 2015. I think most people were expecting too much based on what was shown in the trailer, and that is why they were disappointed.

  8. Pulp Fiction: Arguably Tarantino's best film, this non-linear crime thriller always stays interesting, has remarkable performances, and fully deserves its praise. 9/10

  9. Django Unchained: From its amazing redemption story to its over the top violence to its amazing performances, this is an amazing, thrilling and great film. 10/10

  10. The Hateful Eight: While it isn't a masterpiece, Tarantino always finds a way to make boring dialogue interesting with its interesting set of characters and story. Another great "one-room" film. 9/10

  11. Pulp Fiction: I don't care much for the middle act, but it's still a Royal with Cheese. 8/10
    Kill Bill Vol 1: Great first half to the epic journey of "The Bride" with great homage to Japanese action entertainment. 10/10
    Django Unchained: Great action and acting, but it gets a tad ridiculous. 9/10

  12. Spectre is Craig´s final Bond film. sorry Jon. Also how good is the Revenant? i want to give my fellow mexican a little love.

  13. Everyone, go watch Anomalisa. It´s so heartrenching and one of the most impressive animated movies in recent memory.

  14. I am curious as to a list of movies you are anticipating for 2016. (both good and bad).

    There's plenty of movies I'm excited to see, such as Deadpool, Batman Vs Superman, Rogue One, as well as some that so far doesn't have me excited. (Or at least one in particular)

  15. Django Unchained – Great film whose main protagonists are both charming and witty, as well as the "main villain" being portrayed wonderfully by DiCaprio. However the final scenes felt lackluster and forced, but weren't too awful thanks to Django's witty one-liners and copious amounts of bullets. 8/10

  16. I pretty much agree with everything you said here haha. Nice video! I loved the line, "The only people that would enjoy this film are 12 year olds that haven't discovered Internet porn yet." Hahaha

    PS – Is your shutter speed off? There seems to be less motion blur than usual.

  17. I watched SuperFast over Christmas and felt it had better writing than most parody films. For me it would be a 7/10 putting it far above the cringe inducing Vacation reboot and Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Definitely want to watch Tomorrowland at some point and have now added The Final Girls to my watch list.

  18. It was a horrible movie; but every time someone pronounce it as "FantFourStick" makes me smile. Therefore alone, it shouldn't be the worst movie of the year;

  19. The Hateful – Tarantino brings one of the most unique film-going experiences of my life. Beautiful cinematography, pitch-perfect writing, and a brisk pace for a 3 hour film, 10/10.

  20. Pulp Fiction:A funny, intense, and poignant landmark of 90s cinema. Nothing compares to the dialogue, characters, or narrative, 10/10.

  21. Reservoir Dogs: A worthy start to a near-legendary career with all the hallmarks of what Tarantino does best: memorable dialogue, characters and story structure, 10/10

  22. Pulp Fiction: Arguably Q-Man's best work with character interactions and monologues that stick with you long after you've finished watching it, 10/10

  23. While I didn't see very many films in 2015, I do have to say that of all the films in the horror genre. Unfriended was simply an unappealing concept for me. I'm a fan of found footage films and jump at the chance to see them, but the Skype chat thing seemed so ridiculous to me that it felt more like a concept of a parody film than one I was supposed to take seriously. Maybe my negative opinion of the film comes from my initial reactions to the concept itself, but as an avid fan of the Found Footage genre and a near lifelong fan of Horror. I just didn't like it. But as a person who may become a film critic as well one day, it's important to recognize that we all aren't going to like the same movies.

  24. Kill Bill, Vol. 1: Though imbalanced when seen back-to-back with it's other half, it's still one of Tarantino's most stylish offerings, both in action and characters, 9/10

  25. Death Proof: Clearly his wort work since Jackie Brown, it's pacing issues and lack of memorability can be forgiven due to it's intention as a grind house film, 7/10

  26. Inglourious Basterds: Often flying under the radar, this is a rewatchable, well-acted and painstakingly crafted film that actually makes WWII fun, 10/10

  27. Django Unchained: Yet another home run proving that Tarantino can use dialogue, characters and setting to make any uncomfortable era crack-cocaine for your senses, 10/10

  28. The Hateful Eight: A melting pot of Quentin's old-fashioned storytelling and some of his steadiest and most disciplined filmmaking, even when going all out in the 2nd half, 10/10

  29. Evening Jon. First off very good top 10 of the year list and this was a great video also. I dont know if you do requests but I have a Movie Night request. A Kristen Stewart Movie Night. Now hear me out before you dismiss it. 🙂 I love her as a actor and think she is amazing. I'm tired of everyone mentioning how shitting she was in twilight because it doesn't do her justice.

    I'd like you to watch Welcome to the Riley's (Co-Staring James Gandolfini) and Camp X-ray (One of my all time fav movies). She doesn't have a 'big' movie coming out this year and you've already done American Ultra (I liked it better than you did but it still wasn't great) so I'm thing to think of a 3rd movie for you to review of hers. I check your movie list on letterboxd and you haven't seen Panic Room. She was a kid when she did that movie and isn't the main character at all but it is an amazing movie with Jodie Foster.

    Of course I'll watch every Movie Night you do but just thought I'd put in a request and see what happens.
    Thanks again for everything you do and looking forward to what comes in 2016.

  30. I don't think scorch trials was that bad. There are far worse movies that came out this year. Hot Pursuit, The Loft, etc.

  31. Pulp Fiction; a movie of its time, and a perfect example of what Tarantino is about. Interesting, charming, and engaging. 7/10

  32. Inglorious Basterds; Waltz is scarily perfect here, and his presence alone makes movie worth watching. Not to say the film isn't superb, regardless. 9/10

  33. Fantastic list and I agree on everything except Spectre being disappointing, as I simply adored it, and Unfriended being scariest. I honestly didn't find that one scary in the least. Which was only made worse with the horrendous acting, God awful writing, bland characters and dumb plot. But I definitely agree on all your picks for worst.

  34. Django Unchained; A badass film with entertaining characters. A bit shallow at times, but it's a satisfying experience throughout nonetheless. 8/10

  35. I'm totally looking forward to the next episode. I really enjoy Tarentino's work, and I'd love to see your thoughts on them. A shame I didn't see Hateful Eight, yet, or else I'd comment on that, too.

  36. Reservoir Dogs: A tense, non-linear thriller with unending entertainment and an explosive finish. Michael Madsen absolutely kills it pulling a "Van Gogh", 9/10

    Pulp Fiction: Flexing his non-linear storytelling muscles again, Tarantino absolutely nails it interlacing the stories of each character, even appearing himself as a cameo. A cult classic nobody should skip, 10/10

    Inglourious Basterds: A fun ride with the trademark Tarantino action and bloodshed, while the Basterds plot is admittedly a bit shallow, Shoshanna's storyline more than makes up for it. Christoph Waltz kills it as Landa, 8/10

    Django Unchained: Waltz again appears to steal the show as the charming Dr. King Schultz, until Leonardo DiCaprio enters as Calvin J. Candie and swiftly captures our curiosity and our attention, and it's hard to say who had the better performance. Well-done massacres and a great revenge story, 9/10

  37. Even though Unfriended had no story, I agree with you that it was terrifying. I guess a dishonorable mention I would have to give would be "The Gallows"

  38. This is why all the marvel franchises should just be given back to Marvel. The only company that has been able to make good super hero movies consistently.

  39. Reservoir Dogs – In my opinion Tarantino's best. Every scene in this film is intimate and tense using little more than dialog. An underrated classic, 10/10

  40. I agree about Tomorrowland, definitely underrated. While there was a lot that could have been cut out and some of the dialogue was cheesy, I really liked the message it gave and it inspired me to get more busy in 2015, definitely a message I think we should teach kids instead of being so pessimistic all the time

  41. I gotta say, pixels was easily my least favourite this year, and I'd put it at least in the dishonourable mentions, if not the top three

  42. Glad to know someone else shares my hatred for the Maze Runner. Growing up with the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson (and its two spin off series) and Hunger Games books, the Maze Runner and Divergent series' just feel like knockoffs and uninspired adaptations trying to cash in on the younger demographic. With the Hunger Games movies now over, the only big screen series I'm attached to at the moment is Marvel

  43. Can't believe SuperFast was one of your dishonourable mention. That is in my category for its so bad it's good. Watch it with a few beers in you.

  44. i love the fact that you call it fant 4 stic. i think it's silly when they put the numbers in the middle of a word like that just because it kind of looks like the letter that would go there otherwise.

  45. Django Unchained – Tarantino's first foray into the Western genre is a fun, visceral, gleefully bloody blast. 9/10

  46. Pulp Fiction- The perfect independent film. Everything about it is exciting and original. It made me want to become a filmmaker. 10/10

  47. Hateful Eight: Tense, funny, vile, nasty, twisted, twisty, and gloriously entertaining, but overlong. A good 40 minutes could've been cut without any loss to the plot 9/10 #JPMN

  48. the scorch trial book was an amazing survival story with alot of dramatic character interactions and mind fuckery but the movie felt like your typical shoot and survive

  49. "Unfriended" was only scary in the fact that I spent money on it. I had never wanted to walk out of a movie before.

  50. Hateful Eight: With a gripping mystery story, over the top violence and plenty of Samuel L Jackson to go around, Hateful Eight is a fun movie even if it's a little longer than it needs to be 8/10

  51. Reservoir Dogs – The characters that work off each other is impressive to watch and the dialogue is tremendous. 8/10

    Pulp Fiction – Amazing story, wonderful characters, insightful and witty dialogue and classic sequences at its best. 10/10

    Kill Bill Vol 1 – One of the best films I've ever seen. Great revenge story, memorable characters and a bloody gory mess. 10/10

    Inglorious Basterds – While misguided, its a witty revenge story with intense scenes and a cool way to kill off Hitler and Nazis. 9/10

    Django Unchained – Great story, tremendous characters, and wonderful action scenes. Tarantino strikes again. 10/10

    The Hateful Eight – Its as if Tarantino's films mixes together. Memorable characters, intense scenes, and amazing dialogue 10/10

  52. really? i thought the acting in Unfriended was horrible and the movie was boring and doesn't scary. It follows is much better and more affective imo

  53. fifty shades of grey best lyrics for the song
     so hate me like you do,
     hate hate hate me like you do,
     hate me like you do,
     hate hate hate me like you do,
     beat me like you do,
     beat beat beat me like you do,
     what the fuck are you waiting for.

  54. Pulp Fiction: A fantastic ensemble story with great characters and phenomenal writing. 10/10

    Django Unchained: Fun and fantastic western with great performances from Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio. 9/10

  55. Django Unchained: A bad-ass, high paced tribute to the western film genre that doesn't sugar-coat the dark corners of American History. 10/10

  56. Inglorious Bastards is possibly the best WW II film ever created with great dialogue (as expected from Tarantino) it builds great tension in its first scene and keeps the audience engaged throughout with great characters, great action, and a nearly perfect blend of comedy and drama. 9.5/10

  57. I also thought the new Vacation was pretty disappointing. I wouldn't call it garbage, but it was most definitely a let down…

  58. I'm not sure why they keep trying to reboot the Fantastic 4, it's not a good premise. It does not hold up and never will.

  59. I watched "It Follows" yesterday. I'm unsure to whether I want to give it a 6 or a 7, but I think I'll give it 6/10.

    The movie was consistently frightening, but also quite slow to the point where it wasn't that engaging. If it weren't for the frightening moments and consistent frights, the movie would've been nowhere as good.

  60. Fant4stic
    The Duff
    Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
    Freaks of Nature
    Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
    Knock Knock

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