Would the Founding Fathers Have Impeached Trump? | The Daily Show

Would the Founding Fathers Have Impeached Trump? | The Daily Show

When the House brought in
legal scholars yesterday, they were there to answer
one basic question. The four law professors
who testified brought history lessons
to the hearing with talk of American
Founding Fathers and British monarchs. We’re looking back
right now to say, “What did the Founding Fathers
envision about this country that we are now in?” We find, actually,
it fascinating to look back at the Founding Fathers and
the definition of “impeachment” and what it means,
because it really does matter. This morning’s hearing
is meant to answer some basic
but very important questions. What is impeachment?
When is it justified? Should it apply here? “What is impeachment?” Shouldn’t
you have figured that out before you started
this whole thing? It’s like
you’re about to have sex, and then you’re like,
“Give me one second, baby. -Siri, what is vagina?”
-(laughter) This is not the time. But that’s what yesterday
was all about. Democrats and Republicans
each brought opposing experts on to determine whether or not
the Founding Fathers would have impeached
Donald Trump. So, for more on this, let’s turn to our very own
constitutional expert, Jaboukie Young-White,
everybody! (cheering, applause) Jaboukie… I was actually surprised
to find this out, but you are an expert
on the Founding Fathers. Oh. No, I’m not.
(laughs) I just told you that
so I could get on TV. Hey, everybody. What’s up? (cheering, applause, whistling) Wow. Wow, that’s… that’s
actually really disappointing, because I was hoping you could
tell us if the Founding Fathers would have wanted Trump
to be impeached or not. Trevor, the truth is,
that’s impossible. You can’t guess what the
Founding Fathers would do today based on what they wrote
back then. The world is
just so different now. Oh, that’s interesting.
So you… are you saying that Americans of today should
apply their own principles instead of asking what
the Founders would have wanted? -No. Mm-mm.
-(laughter) I’m saying we should still ask
the Founding Fathers… directly. Which is why I have… my crystal ball. -Oh. Oh, wow.
-(cheering, applause) So… so wait. Are you a medium? Um, no, I’m usually a small,
but I think… recently, I don’t know… It’s a unique look, though. I-I meant…
the ball, are you gonna…? Oh, yes, yes, yes. Sorry.
Uh, concentrate, all right? Okay. Spirit of George Washington… what do you think
of impeaching the president? Oh, wow. Okay. Okay. All right. -Wait, wh-what is he saying?
What is he saying? -Okay. He’s saying America
is not a monarchy. We don’t want a king. He’s saying that we must honor
our democratic traditions. Okay. -Now he’s saying the N-word.
-(laughter) Not even, like, angry.
I just don’t think he has another word for black people. O-Okay, I think
we got off track with him. Uh, Jaboukie, is there
another Founding Father -we could talk to?
-Okay, okay, okay, I’m gonna contact
Thomas Jefferson. He wants to speak to me.
He thinks I’m his grandson. -Okay.
-(laughter) Okay. Hello, Trevor!
Oh, my God. Wow. Uh, it’s you.
Hello, President Jefferson. America needs your guidance. What do you think should happen
with President Trump? America, stay true
to your principles. Follow your heart. Don’t hide yourself in regret. Just love yourself
and you’re set. You’re on the right track, baby. We were born this way. -(laughter)
-Born this way. Aw, Jaboukie,
no, Jaboukie, come… God makes no mistakes. -I thought you were
gonna take… -We were born… -this whole…
-this way. -I thought you were
gonna take… -This way. -this ser… serious…
-We were born… -seriously.
-this way. (laughter) The Founding Fathers weren’t
listening to Lady Gaga, dude. Well, maybe if they did, we’d be
in better shape right now. -I’m just saying.
-Jaboukie Young-White, everyone.

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  1. Wrong question. The question should be what would the Founding Fathers have thought of the Left's platform and policy stances today. The answer is obvious. They would be horrified.

  2. The Founding Fathers held slaves, so who exactly cares whether they would have impeached Trump? What counts is the constitution and the will of the people, not what a couple dudes from centuries past would have thought.

  3. Who cares what the founding fathers think! They are bunch of slave owners morons dressed up like Indians and rampaged across Boston! Trump is bad for the world here and now, just start the impeachment already!

  4. It's difficult to determine what the Founding Fathers what have done. For example they said that all men are created equally but owned black African slaves! That is hypocrisy looking from today's perspective.

  5. Founding Fathers Busy Try Later …
    Founding Mothers … Clean Your Room 😂😂😂😃😃😃😅😅😅😁😁😁😀😀😀

  6. Founding fathers would have tarred, feathered and hung this asshat and many others for treason. They certainly wouldn’t have let this shit affect 2 elections.

  7. Who cares what the Founding Fathers would have done….Trevor's fan base is so fucking stupid they voted for a woman mentored by a KKK Grand Cyclops who's husband architected mass incarceration.

    And they wonder why we call 'em libtards???

  8. There's a reason the Founding Fathers invented impeachment, and his name is Trump. (Although I think they would have been amazed at just how bad he is, between being Putin's puppet and Kim Jong Un's bestie, let alone trying to game the elections.)

  9. Trevor Noah….still on air even though he's as funny as Tyler Perry… lol which is like saying Chris Tucker was a great actor

  10. The Founding Fathers would’ve taken Trump behind the White House and beat the shit out of him.
    There’s no way they’ll allow another King to rule over the people.

  11. So where is Lin Manuel Miranda for this segment? That man spent 7 years trying to get us to learn about them through rap, he is the EXPERT!

  12. Republicans are cowards, liars and hypocrites, particularly those Republican senators. They are the most parking group of liars and sycophants I've ever seen.

  13. The founding fathers allowed slavery they actually protected slave states with the electoral college which gives more power to southern states who chose slavery. They didn’t allow women to vote and participate in the government, most of them making money by having slaves who worked their plantations and they gave white men the power they still have to this day. So it’s ironic to see modern politicians call on their morality for each issue like they cared about justice and equality.

  14. The sad thing is: no matter what witness statements and evidences they present: in the end the Senate will decide about the outcome of the impeachment – hence Trump will be able to go on as he wishes.

  15. That was a lazy sketch. I thought they were going to dress up actors as the founding fathers and quote their writings on the matter

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