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  1. Wooseok's voice just makes me feel so happy. His skills must be recognised, he has a lot of things, more than his visual.

  2. 엑스원 1위 너무너무 축하해 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ❤️❤️ 그동안 정말 고생 많았어 앞으로 꽃길만 걷자🌹❤️

  3. 헉 ㅜ 유빈옵이 MC보는데 엑스원이 1위다 .. 뭔가 그렇지만 엑스원 영원하자 ㅠㅠ 엑스원 사랑해애

  4. BRAVO!
    -X1 winning
    -jaehwan and jinyoung talking at the back..
    Hmmmmm, I'm really miss WANNA ONE but okay I'm happy when I see my two Prince talking at back and I always wannable…… And now I love X1 as like I love Wanna One…. One it Fighting! Btw CONGRATULATIONS TO MY 11 babies…..

  5. NCT, Yoobin ssi, Baby Yoon SanHa, Bae Jinyoung, Park….Jaehwan and X1. A lot of my K-pop fav are here TvT

  6. Omg u just love seeing NCT Dream, X1, Yuvin, Sanha, Jaehwan and CIX together , LOVE THEIR INTERACTIONS I LOVE THEM ALL SOO MUCH 😭❤️😍, Congratulations X1 we are so proud.

  7. 3:31 Seungwoo and Wooseok looking at each other and probably realizing they are feeling the same: their first win after so long, ugh, they deserve the woooorld

  8. Oh my God. Hangyul's visual when Seungwoo was delivering his speech was so outstanding, so ethereal, so out of this world my heart hurtssss 😭 He looked so handsome even though he was just literally standing there, smiling a bit, looking around with his teary eyes… Ugh my heart can't take it. Hangyul, you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen in life 😭

  9. Yu vin please stop breaking my heart😭😭 I dont know how many more times you’re gonna make me CRYYY.

    Im so happy that our babies won, but i did not come for these feelings 😂☹️

  10. 2:03 Haechan and Jisung at the back while chenle is having his speech. Those two dorks hahahaha love you all 😘 They're so proud of chenle I can feel that. Yiiiie

  11. 3:05 Yuvin and X1 members. OMG, Produce X 101 trainees interactionssss. Plus Sanggyun, Kenta, Bae Jinyoung and Kim Jaehwan from Produce 101. Eyyyyy! (*DUB*)

  12. 엑스원 소감 안듣고 엠씨들 소감듣고 끝나다니 기막혀! 엑스원 사랑해 수고했어! 계속 1등 길만 가자!

  13. Mis amores!!!! Mis niños merecen muchísimo mas, esto es apenas el comienzo!!!!!! Soy feliz de ser o
    ONE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I'm distracted at Jaehwan and Jinyoung at the back. 😭😭😭😭 i miss wanna one so much! Anyway Congrats X1 babies you deserve it. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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