Xiaomi Mi TV 4A – How to Change To English (Tutorial)

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A – How to Change To English (Tutorial)

Hey, what’s up! This is Tech Brothers. I am back with Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, and in this
video I want to show you how to install Android settings menu and set up English localization. At the moment Xiaomi Mi TV 4A comes only with
Chinese launcher, menu and settings. You cannot change language and install another
launcher. Also, new Xiaomi TV doesn’t allows to install
Google Play Store. It would seem that situation is very bad,
but it is not. You can install APK files. It means that you can use almost any Android
application on this TV. I have 43 inch model of Xiaomi Mi TV 4A with
Full HD resolution. You can watch unboxing video by the link in
description. Also, I will make full review of this TV,
and publish video on our YouTube Channel – Tech Brothers. In this video, I want to show you how to set
up English localization. Please, note, this method doesn’t change
the system and apps from Chinese into English. It allows you to translate only some system
functions and settings menu. The launcher on the home screen will be still
in Chinese. So, let’s start! I found an application on GearBest online
store. It says that this app allows to change to
English. I decided to try this method. First of all, you need to download this app. Then transfer this file to a USB drive. Also, you can use smartphone. Connect your USB drive to TV using USB port
on the back panel. Turn on TV, and open top menu, using the up
button on remote control. Here you will see an icon with USB drive. Select it, and open your drive. There is StartSettings apk file, that you
have transferred before Open this file, and install it. You will see Android settings menu. Go to the section Personal, and select Language
and input. If you have Chinese inscriptions, then find
round icon, like on my TV. Here you can change English. That’s all! The Settings menu is in English. By the way, settings menu provides the same
options as any Android smartphone or tablet. You can see Android version, memory, display,
Wi-Fi settings, and others. Also, you can go to Xiaomi menu, and see that
it is in English too. There is display settings, sound, Wi-Fi, account
settings and others. Unfortunately, all options are not translated
into English. However, it is better than completely in Chinese. Now it’s easier to guess some options and
settings. So, guys, thanks for watching! I hope it was helpful for you. In description under the video you can find
link where to download application. My next video is about full review of Xiaomi Mi TV 4A. Subscribe to our channel – Tech Brothers.

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  1. Hello is there is a way install you tube or google play store? I tried everything to install google play store on my xiomi MI TV 4. I tried to install diffrent versions of google installers but non of it worked. if any one managed to install google play store or youtube please help me out.

  2. ayuda !! como se que apk he de descargar para cambiar idioma en mi Xiaomi Mi TV 4A?en que web puedo meterme ? hay algún video con las instrucciones del cambio de idioma desde el inicio ?  Muchisimas gracias!!

  3. Hi, thanks for you review. I recently bought a TV 4A. Do you know if is it possible to cast Android screen to the TV ? Thank you

  4. How to change language to English… yet you used the first minute to pitch how good it is. Why would someone be watching this if they didn’t already have it. Idiot

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