XIAOYA T8 Native 720P LED Video Projector – ONLY $99 – PS4/XBOX on 200″ Screen

XIAOYA T8 Native 720P LED Video Projector – ONLY $99 – PS4/XBOX on 200″ Screen

What’s up guys Chigz here from Chigz
Tech Reviews. Today got my hands on the Xiaoya T8. Now this is a small compact real native 720p LED video projector which will allow you to enjoy your
movies games and videos on a large hundred and seventy inch screen and
what’s amazing is this one is priced only 99 US dollars so without further
ado let’s just get it out of the box and see what it looks like so this is
everything you get in the box beginning with the user manual we’ve got an HDMI
cable a power cable and this looks like an American socket so I am gonna need
one of these so now I can use it in the UK it’s straightforward as that now over
here we have a 3.5 millimeter to RCA now this would be useful if you want to hook
up an old-school device like a VHS video camera and PlayStation 2 or any of your
other old-school equipment we’ve also got an RCA to RCA and here is a small
remote control which would allow you to control all functions of this projector
and last but not least the projector itself now this is an LED video
projector energy efficiency is 50 Watts lamp life is 50,000 hours brightness is
3200 lumens you have a native resolution of 1280 by
720 contrast ratio is two thousand to one now the maximum optimal screen size
this can achieve is a hundred and seventy inches and you can project
directly on the wall so you don’t even need to buy a separate projector screen
and you have HDMI inputs for game consoles so you can hook up your
Nintendo’s switch your PlayStation 4 Xbox one ps3 your Android TV box Nvidia
shield TV your Amazon fire TV stick all of those devices can be plugged in
directly to the HDMI port and you can enjoy that on a massive screen up to 170
inches and you also have built-in speakers now the projector itself is
made from plastic with a matte finish it’s a gunmetal color and it does look
quite good it’s compact in size and quite lightweight as well now you’ve got
your power button and navigational controls on the top but of course the
remote control does the same thing you’ve got keystone and focus adjustment
to get the best picture quality possible–
and on the front of the projector you have a logo which looks cool and a
chrome trim to go around it and you’ve got an infrared port for the remote
control a lens cap remove it you see the lens on the side
power sockets and ventilation on the back looks like a speaker there and more
vents and another infrared port for your remote control and on this side you’ve
got vga headphone jack so you can connect your headphones or even a
external speaker system you’ve got an AV port for dimensioned RCA connections
you’ve got an HDMI in so you can hook up your game console or TV box and enjoy
that on the big screen 2 USB ports so you can run multimedia directly off your
USB Drive you’ve got a full size SD card above that more ventilation and that
brings us back to the front and this is what the bottom of the projector looks
like now we do have a tripod thread right here so you can hook this up to a
ceiling mount or even use a universal tripod and you do have another screw
here that you can open to give you some elevation should you need it so without
further ado let’s get this all connected up to my PlayStation 4 which is just
there and we are gonna see exactly how good this 720p $99 projector performs
I’ll be right back so I just switched the projector on and the first thing I
need to do is test the fan noise so if I move away about a meter so we are two and a half meters away
from that wall in front of us and we are projecting directly on the wall an 80
inch screen as you can see the screen quality looks absolutely stunning I’m
going to turn the light on and I’m going to show you what the differences you can
still see what’s going on but the image quality definitely doesn’t look great so
switch the light back off wow what a difference so this is a native 720p
projector and I have hooked up my playstation 4 directly to HDMI and you
can see that the quality looks great so let’s put the projector to the test and
try a few trailers in YouTube you selected people to ride and bought
this business is that even real so there you have it guys that was the
new shalya t8 video projector now this is a real native 720p video projector
movies and games look absolutely amazing on the big screen and PlayStation 4
gaming was very enjoyable with no pixelation up close and also no lag or
ghosting all games looked and played great fan noise is an average 46
decibels from a 1 meter distance and 48 decibels if you are standing right next
to it however the built-in speakers are poor
quality and sound very distorted at high volume but of course you can’t connect
your own sound system via a 3.5 mm jack so that brings us to our top video
projector chart for 2019 allowing you to compare the specs and prices of all the
latest projectors and as you can see the shariah t8 has secured position 16 on
this chart with a rating of 8 out of 10 now you can view the full versions of
all my charts online at chick’s tech comm and read them at your leisure
bottom line a great quality LED video projector offering a native 720p
resolution and correct picture quality for only $99 and with that being said I
leave the links in the description so you guys can check this product out do
let me know what you guys think of this projector meanwhile thank you so much
for watching and I hope you are that a brilliant day see you minute guys

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  1. Great HD budget projector. I say even β€œbudget” though this is under $100, because I think you’re really getting a lot of benefits for your money. and prices for projectors can be pretty huge.

  2. Aun c80 is the cheapest legit 720p projector i have seen,i would love for you to review that one and give a comparison with this projector is possible.
    P.s the aun c80 is currently retailing in my country(Bangladesh) for around 88$ and less.

  3. Will you please do some reviews projector screens was vivid storm alr screens thank you very much keep up the good work

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