XIAOYA W5 Native 720P Mini Movie Projector with HiFi Speaker, 4000 Lumen Video Projector

XIAOYA W5 Native Mini Movie Projector Review. New Advanced Brightening Technology: The XIAOYA
W5 portable projector is equipped with a 4000 lumen LED light. This ensures the image on the screen is projected
clearly with strong, vibrant colors. It can also be used for business PowerPoints
and other office presentations, giving you a higher quality display in a relatively dark
environment compared to other 720P projectors. Hi-Fi Sound Chamber:The projector’s HIFI stereo
speaker provides a premium audio experience by delivering clear, powerful sound.It is
perfect for home movie entertainment. Multimedia Projector: The projector is equipped
with multiple digital connection options. This makes it easy to connect your devices,
such as your PC, laptop, Iphones and other smartphones and more. Our projector is also compatible with TV Sticks
and Chromecast to enjoy high quality viewing. Low Noise and Long Lamp life: This mini projector
comes with a reduced-noise fan which can lower the noise by half compared with other projectors. Our improved technology extends the life of
LED lamp to a maximum of 60000 hours even when using it outdoors. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
product link. Thanks for watching this product review video. Kindly like and subscribe our YouTube channel.

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