Yaman – Tamil Full Movie | Vijay Antony |  Miya George | Thiagarajan

Yaman – Tamil Full Movie | Vijay Antony | Miya George | Thiagarajan

Our leader has struggled a
lot for our party’s growth There is no doubt in it Is that why, being an MLA in
his district for almost 20 years,,, instead of offering me, his son,
a seat in the upcoming election the seat has been offered to a
servant’s son, Arivudai Nambi? Many a times our leader has mentioned
Arivudai Nambi as his next successor, You tell me, Dad played politics, Nambi is from a different community, Dad said it only to get votes
from his community as well, That’s not true, Dad doesn’t like you getting
into politics using his name, That’s why he agreed
upon Arivudai Nambi, Please understand, Ok, Let’s assume that’s true, But how do you think he would win in this
district where more people are from our community, Right from the moment he got married
to the girl from our community He belongs to our stature The higher authorities believe we could win
votes from both the communities if he represents, And that’s what I believe Don’t get confused, Move on, Tamizharasan Does the name sound good? Beautiful name, Should I send our guys and
inform Agalya’s family? That’s unfair I’ll give them the news myself, I don’t think it’s right, It’s not fair to ignore just
because her family is mad at us This is the right
chance unite, And that’s what Agalya likes too If you have decided
to go, don’t go alone Take few of our men along, Why? To create troubles? Don’t worry, Dad, Thangapandi is there,,, Let’s seek his help Okay, Nambi, Come, Congratulations! You have become an uncle now Your sister, Agalya gave
birth to a baby boy It was your
brother-in-law on line When I don’t consider her
my sister anymore,,, there is no room for any
relationship with that fellow! Your dad hanged himself because he couldn’t bear
the humiliation when Agalya eloped with Nambi But she doesn’t seem to
have any concern at all! She is happy with
him and her son, You are ignorant about all this How could you be so? I would have murdered
them both when she eloped Your dad stopped me I couldn’t ignore his orders, That is why he is still alive, But a day will surely come
when I’ll finish him off! It’s been six months
since my dad passed away I am not like him, Nambi is coming to
your home tomorrow, If still you remain silent,,, then people will laugh at you, For your family’s humiliation And for your dad’s death, if you
really wanna take revenge Then do as I say I will support you After all those humiliations How dare you step in! Leave me Only if I kill him, my dad’s
soul will rest in peace Are you messing with me
because have I come alone? Don’t you realise how bold I
am, confronting you alone? Dare you touch me! Before you trash me down, your
wife will become a widow, Look,,, If I let him go now He would assume we are cowards Dare you! Dare you touch me! Come on! Nambi, Calm down, Let me talk Kadhir, are you trying to turn your family
issue into village people’s issue? A family issue? He cheats and runs away with my sister Should I remain silent? No man will dare to do the
same if I kill him now Wait Listen to me Arivudainambi is one of our
party’s MLA candidate Moreover, he is my close friend I won’t be silent if
you create problems, If you truly respect my father then
you should let go of this issue That will be better
for all of us, Leave now if you
respect my words Get in, You are responsible
for my dad’s death Please don’t make this a big issue,
Leave, Please leave, Please leave, Nambi, I will let the authorities
convince your wife’s family, Please calm down until then, Thank you, Pandi Let me leave Ok! You have come all the way, will
you not pay a visit to my home? You have forgotten us
ever since dad left, It isn’t so I will have to inform
all the relatives Only if I leave now, I will
be able to return soon I will come some other day Let me leave, Pandi, What happened? I don’t know I have been trying to fix
it, but it isn’t starting, Move, Let me check, I have been trying
to control for long, You please check,
I will be back, You crook! What the hell! Come on! Why? Come on! Listen to me Let’s,,, Thangapandi,,, Thangapandi,,,Look,,, No,, Die! Pandi! Thangapandi,,, No, I beg you, Stop! Check if he is breathing, Title: Yaman
( The god of death) Sky is the limit; let
not the pain stop you, Reach the sky and your mortal
enemy will be finished forever, Don’t be afraid of the thorns on
your path; crush them and proceed, The lord is with you,
Keep advancing! Life is a war and you must wage the battle, Be alert and be cautious, So be prepared to battle the
monsters disguised as humans, Deception and frauds are all that is
left; break the silence and crush them, If you ever find
injustice, destroy it Be aggressive like a fire and go past
the boundaries; walk like the Yaman, If you ever find an
enemy, rip him off Take a step back and,,, you’ll be attacked, So keep progressing, So be prepared to battle the
monsters disguised as humans, We’ve been meeting celebrities
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show, we are going to meet the bubbly star actress in
Kollywood, Anjana is here with us, Hello! Hello! If doctor says to get operated, refuse, Are you worried about money? Don’t worry, I will
take care of it, I have a concern, Once I fix your marriage
and get done with it,,, I will rest in peace Get me fixed with that girl I’ll get married tomorrow, I can’t say that,,, Tamizharasan Let the patient be seated,
Doctor called you, You please sit down,
Let me meet him, According to Biopsy report The cyst in his stomach
confirms it to be cancer It is better to remove it soon, How much would it cost
for an operation? If we get it done here,
then it will be over soon He can get discharged soon, Government hospitals
don’t charge, But they only treat
considering the priority, It might get delayed, I will meet you as soon
as I arrange money Okay, Let’s get it done here, Brother,,, There is Rs, 19,745 I asked money for
grandpa’s operation? 5,000 or 10,000 is fine, 0,3 million is a huge money I have asked everywhere,
Couldn’t afford, If you could help me,
I will return the money, How will you? You are a good man, I don’t doubt it, That’s why I didn’t even
count the money you gave, It will take 8 or 9 years
to return that lot of money I am a trader, Not a financial leaser, I can’t wait that long, Please don’t get me wrong, Understand, I called you, Please check, That’s okay, Shake hands Hello, sir, One minute – Let me take this call
– Okay, sir Have you left already? How can you refuse
in the last minute? Look,,, I shall offer you 0,4 million, It’s an accident case, They will get you out in two days, One minute, Hello,,, Any problem? A guy, who is supposed to
go abroad in a week,,, Got drunk with his friends, drove
the car and met with an accident, His dad is willing to offer money if
anyone agrees to surrender on his behalf, I arranged a guy But he backed down in
the last minute, I am ready to do this if I get money, Have you ever been to jail? No A life is in danger If he dies then the case might turn ugly, This job involves risks and you
will have to go to jail often, Get it? Ask for 0,5 million, I
will offer you Rs,50,000, If you are okay with the deal Convince them Let me order tea Was that an unexpected accident? Or did you get money from someone? Why do you ask? Selvam, the victim was
once my business partner He cheated and robbed all my money, I planned to finish him off But that did not work out, He has got support
from local ministers, I thought my life could be in danger So I got in, He seems to be Manimaran’s goon, They are talking now I got drunk and drove the car,
And so the accident happened, It isn’t what you think, Look,,, You may find it simple, But Selva isn’t like that Better be careful Do you recognize me? No It looks like he was hardly
able to see me in the dark The one you tried to
finish off, Selvarathnam, I have got nothing to
do with the accident, I needed money That’s when the accident happened, They agreed to offer me
money if I surrender That’s why I agreed, So you know who did it I don’t know, I asked someone for money
and he told me about this, How are you related
to Manimaran? I don’t know anyone by that name Okay, You said you agreed for money, right? I shall give you money The one who was talking with you He is Manimaran Kill him, I will see to that you won’t
have any further problems, Is that fine? No, I know you wouldn’t Tell me now How much did you get from Manimaran? I don’t know what issues do
you have with other people But I am being punished
for doing nothing That means I have got rights to do anything wrong, Do you understand? I’ll give you 2 minutes, Apologize and leave, If not,,, You will regret forever for meeting me Hold him,,, Let me show you who will regret Look,,,If you don’t agree to do this I will finish you as well, Sir,,, Get it? What are you doing? Sir, Leave, What are you doing? Leave, Leave, Please come, I let you in only because
Minister told me to do so What are you doing? Stay out for 5 minutes, I would like to ask him something We will not harm him, Please wait outside for 5 minutes, I will give you 2 minutes, Ask him
whatever you want to and let him out, Let me have this until then If you want to hit him Make sure there are no bruises, Open the door, What are you doing? What are you doing? Open the door, Open the door, Open the door, Open the door, If you open the door I will finish him off now, Threaten someone else Tamizh,,, Over here Sir,,,A minute please How are you? Fine, Is the operation over? How is grandpa? Operation is successfully over Doctors have advised to stay
in the hospital for a while Thank you! Was the money sufficient? Not a problem, The driver passed away, You don’t worry,
I spoke to the lawyer, I will definitely get you out, I heard Selva threatened you, You did not tell me, He asked me if I was your goon, I denied and he left, Is that so? Nothing happened? No, Selva is admitted in the hospital, Do you know? Look,,, I know him very well, He will definitely finish you off, How about joining me? I will save you, If I stay here any longer,
my life would be in danger, I am going out, I will help you get out
if you agree to join me, What do you think? Damelu,,,, Dumelu,,,, Enjoy,,, Palimelo,,, When you are young Take a chance Like the drifting air Fly high There is no limit The ball is in your court, Damelu,,,, Dumelu,,,, Enjoy,,, Palimelo,,, If the mind finds peace,,, Your life will remain peaceful When you forget your pain Everything looks beautiful There is no room for pain here Spread love,
Win hearts Stay worry free and
move ahead with courage Life isn’t complex as you think Damelu,,,, Dumelu,,,, Damelu,,,, Dumelu,,,, Trust friendship There is none without friends No matter who it is,,, there are no rules in friendship Spread love, Your life
will be beautiful Even mistakes will turn
out to be admirable, Enjoy life kingsize Life happens only once Damelu,,,, Dumelu,,,, Damelu,,,, Dumelu,,,, Enjoy,,, Palimelo,,, When you are young Take a chance Like the drifting air Fly high There is no limit The ball is in your court, Selvarathinam and Manimaran,,, All I remember is the two talented friends
with whom I worked ten years ago, But now I hear,,, there is a rivalry as to who
is going to kill whom first, Police seized my stuff After the case got over, all the
stuff that court said to clear,,, was brought by Selvam at a
lesser price from the police Only when I inquired I got to know that he
ratted me out, The stuff is worth 80 million, This is what happened Few days back A police whom I
know very well,,, told me that there is stuff
that court has ordered to clear He asked me if I
was willing to buy I brought it because it was cheaper, I did not know it was his stuff, Now that you know it is his stuff,,, give him the money Chief,, Don’t mistake me, When there is loss in this business,, remember you told me that
there is no recovery, This is business So, I can’t do anything about it, Chief,,, I came here only
because you called me, Let me leave, Chief,,, I will return him the money
if he agrees for a deal Tamizharasan must die If you agree to this, not just the
stuff, but let’s forget all the rivalry What do you think? Who is Tamizharasan? I got to know him
when I was in jail, I don’t understand why do you have
to bring him in to this matter He got drunk and drove the car Who told you he drove the car He told me so Do you know what he told me? He said he has got nothing
to do with the accident and that he works for money, He said, ” They said they would
give me money if I drive the car,,,” “And I agreed to come” Let me tell you something The other day when I
met him in the jail He agreed to finish you off But I did not accept because
he demanded too much, If I had agreed You wouldn’t be here Moreover,,, He messed with me He must die, From what I hear I don’t think the
guy is trustworthy, To have such guys around is like hanging
out with Yaman – the god of death, I believe his deal makes sense, It is wise to accept it, Okay, I will inquire, If I get to know that he had
lied, I will finish him off, Hello! Tell me Where are you? I have been trying to
call you for a long time Manimaran called me, When I was in jail I told him I
was responsible for the accident He was asking about it That’s why I got delayed, What’s the matter? Hello,,,Hello, Who are you? What do you want? I came here to meet him, To meet him? Please get in, Come in, Who is it? Bindi hidden beneath Parda Who is she? Why are you smiling? Please be seated, I came here to apologize, Were you driving
the car yesterday? That’s what I thought, Your apology sounds too formal! You broke his legs, We are not Godfathers
to forgive you, Brother,,, Please keep quiet, There is no point
in asking sorry We have already registered
a complaint with the police, Please speak to them Please, sir, I don’t have license, If you go to the police,
it will become an issue, Don’t you have that? You are done for! Please, Don’t cry, She did not run away
after you were hurt She called the ambulance
and admitted you here, She did not sleep all night, Even I watched a night-show movie and
did not sleep, Is that important? You’ve admitted him here, Who will take care of
the medical expenses? Please be quiet, Please don’t cry, Here 0,1 million, I will pay the medical bills, Why do you have to? Okay, He will not be able
to go for work for a while, We will be able to manage with this money, But his bike is damaged When will you cover
those expenses? Get out, Did you say that to me? Yes, You, Get out, You are telling me to get out
just because the girl cried I will leave, If you were hurt somewhere else Everything would have been over, Don’t dig in You might fall, Brother,,, She’s been searching for a long time, Fruits? She is such a good actor, Don’t forget the fruits, Please don’t mind
whatever he said, Getting me admitted
here was a huge favor I did not go to the police, Thanks, Please take it, I am fine, Let me pay the medical bills, Please take it, Please, Please, Thanks, I don’t know your name so I did
not write it on the cheque, Tamizharasan, My name is Agalya, I am known as Anjana
in the cine world, I am feeling much better now, Let me leave, Take care, Next time make sure to get
your license before driving, Definitely, Thank you, What’s happening? I am talking over here, Why are you honking? I will leave if you give way, Then wait, We will get down here, Who is he? He is the area councilor, Please disperse, Leave, What’s happening? Water problem, It’s been going on
for a long time, I have informed, Hello! Instead of inquiring about me Just listen carefully, Manimaran is in
terms with Selva, And it was at the
cost of your life, Manimaran will call you tomorrow, If you go, you will
not return alive, If you trust me then call
me back at this number, I will save you from them, Thank you, sir, He hung up after thanking me, Didn’t I tell you? He is different, Once we are done with this game, let’s
finish him off, What do you say? There are many boats around, Let’s wait for some more time, Chief,,, looks like all the boats
are following us, Who are those men?
They look new here, Obey me and,,, you can go back home alive, So tell me, Is it done? Yes, It’s done, You sound too normal, Was it that easy
to finish him off? Indeed chief, Fine, you head to Selva’s car
shed by his gas station, Our car is ready, Take it and come to the club, – Sounds good?
– OK chief, Also,,, you will find a bag in the car trunk, Ensure it’s safe, OK, OK chief, Tamizharasan isn’t that genuine, Selva was right, And that is why I
finished him off, As per Selva’s order,
the money too is here, OK, Fine, OK, Did you get the bag? I agree it’s a mistake, Forgive me, Tamizh, There is lot of money in that bag, You may have it all, Please let me go Tamizh, I’ll think about it, Now quiet, Well, I gave it a good thought, I realized that I ain’t good enough to let
go off those who wanted to finish me off, Now since you offered
the money,,, Among you two,,, I’m ready to spare one, Now you guys decide
who it should be, I shall give half of my
wealth to your wife and kids, Please save me, Ezhumalai, I can take care of my family, Why should I die
for your mistakes? Tamizh, you promised to
spare me if I obeyed you, I’m still saying the same, Five minutes,,, and I shall spare
just one on of you, Or else,,, I’ll finish you off both, How do I release this lock? Pull the top lever back and
push the right lever front, Thanks, Now wind up the glass, Smuggling, exchange of goods,,, settling disputes,,, that is all the business I used to do, Manimaran, Selva and
my brother Kumar,,, worked for me, I decided to jump into politics, At that time there was a huge amount of
Uranium in our store room in the out skirts, We received a task of loading all
those Uranium into a foreign ship, With the confidence on Mani and Selva,
I asked my brother to take it up, Unfortunately, the stuff was
caught by the police that day, The owner of the stuff in Bombay, set men
and finished off my brother in the prison, But with the envy that I taught my
brother all the tricks of the trade,,, it was Selva and Mani who
had informed the police, I came to know about
it very recently, Also, it wasn’t the owner of the stuff
who ordered to finish my brother, It was them who finished off
my brother inside the prison, Which is why I decided to play their
own game with them and finish them, I made sure Mani’s stuff
was caught by the police, Then I secretly sold it to Selva for a cheaper
rate and created a rift between them, You accidentally became a part of my game, Thanks a lot sir, Where are you off to? I just came here to thank you, Selva is still alive, Thamizh,,, now understand this clearly, Knowingly or unknowingly you’ve
become a part of my game, As a result Manimaran is no more, Whether you like it or not,,, you must continue to play this game, Or you could lose your life, Are you threatening me? I am speaking the truth, If I had even thought once to
save your life the other day,,, you wouldn’t be alive today, You should have understood things when
I revealed everything about me to you, I see you as my friend, Which is why I warned you then and it for
the same reason I’m warning you now, sit down,, I want to see the end of Selva, Selva wants to see the end of you, So as enemy’s enemy is a friend, Hence,,, I’ll help you to finish off Selva, You saved my life, I owe you for that, But not my murdering anyone, Even if I forgive Selva he won’t rest until he finishes you off, So go save yourself like you did now, That is all I want, What will you give me if I do so? Whatever it is I’ll do it
even before you do the task, I shall lease you the government
liquor shop in your locality,,, I shall make you it’s owner! Go meet this person
I’ll tell you about,,, everything will done right away, Hello, this is Anjana here, – Tell me Agalya, How are you?
– I’m fine, I’m sorry, I couldn’t visit the hospital
as I was stuck in continuous shoot, It’s OK, They discharged me in two days, Also, I didn’t deposit the
cheque you gave me, They told me that you had
paid the hospital bills, So,,, I thought it would help you buy a new
bike and that is why I paid the bills, Go ahead and deposit the cheque, The hospital bill wasn’t too
costly as you might think, Don’t mind Govinda’s words, No problem, Let it be a compensation for your
loss for which I am responsible, Then do me a favor, I don’t want money, Take me out for a good meal, He is asking me out for dinner, – Nope, Don’t accept,
– Hello? Agalya? Hello? Your silence tells me
that you are intimidated, No problem, Forget it, Well, nothing like that, I’m in a shoot and so,,, Fine, We’ll go, So you decide and let me
know the time and place, OK, Bye, Bye, Sir, It’s me Tamizharasan, I hope ex MLA Karunakaran
might have told you about me, Sir! Thamizh, Over there, Greetings, Greetings, I am Thiyagarajan, Minister’s PA, Please don’t mind whatever
happened the other day, Please forgive me, Come on, I’ve already
forgot about it, Happy to hear, Please come, The minute Karunakaran spoke about
leasing you the liquor shop,,, the minister agreed to it, – OK sir,
– Kindly wait, OK sir, Right now all the utensils,textile and jewellery
businessmen are in a meeting with the minister, They are talking about some
donations for the party, I’ll call you in as
soon as they leave, Sir a small doubt, Are you willing to make donation? I hope you won’t
mistake me if I ask, Of course I’ll mistake you if you ask, Don’t ask us because we
never give we only take, – Not that
– Then? In the last election Karunakaran
lost to your minister, Indeed, Then how is that your
minister obeys his orders? Well all this is quite normal in politics, Sir, when the election arrives,,, they step up on the Dias
and abuse each other, That too is a kind of
understanding between them, If they cross each other’s
path, they’ll hug each other, If you ask about it,,, they’ll say that “We are
enemies by motto,,,” ” but otherwise we are
friends” and that’s it, When there is a new
government in the future,,, they repay the favors exactly
the way they got the favors, So that means the people who trust them
and vote for them are the real fools, Let me correct that for you, Even the people are involved
in politics, Isn’t it? Think about it for a moment, When the ruling and the opposition
parties abuse each other at times and,,, play friends at other times,
will the people like it? They won’t right? They’ll kick out both the parties in the
next election and call them traitors, No one is a fool here, Please wait, Come on, Well that guy did have a point, But what ever he said initially,,, sounds confusing, Do you what is the basic
rule of all the politicians? It is to promise the people to do good, then loot
the rich and get the votes from the downtrodden, And solely getting benefited, They get donations for the
party from the rich,,, then how do you expect them
to help the downtrodden? That’s quite the fact, OK, OK, Fine, Come in Tamizh, You go meet him Tamizh, I’ll wait here, OK, I’ll be back, Please come, Remember Karunakaran spoke
to you about leasing the bar,,, Tamizharasan, Have a seat, Thank you sir, Now stop staring at my
face and switch on the AC, The AC is already switched on, You look very familiar, Where are you from? Tirunelveli, Your dad’s name? Arivudai Nambi, I hope you didn’t expect that I’ll
make a come back, Isn’t it Pandi? Are you Nambi’s son? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? This here is my
close friend’s son, Back then, your dad was the
councilor in the party, If he were alive today, he would
have been in good position, Tell me Nambi, How can I help you? Chief, not Nambi,,, Tamizharasan, I see Nambi in him, That is why I addressed
him as Nambi, Tell me dear, How can I help you? Help me to take over the local government
liquor shop and bar for lease, Instead of that bar, I shall get
you the one behind the Central, You can earn more there, Thank you sir, Chief, that bar,,, was already requested for councilor
Anbuazhagan’s brother in law, You too promised him, You are a big pain in the head! I very well know what
to do and for whom, You just obey my orders, Just as a formality,,, fill up the bar tender application and
submit it at the corporation office, I’ll take care of the rest, Thank you sir, Anytime, feel free
to ask me any help, He is one of us, We
must take care of him, OK chief, What else? That would be all, Lot of other party
members are waiting, Or else I would like to
spend more time with you, – Thank you very much sir,
– OK dear, See you, See you, OK, Fine, Chief, I forgot to tell
you something important, Well,,, thankfully Tamizharasan is one of us, Selva, who is unaware of this
fact wants to finish him off, Come to the point, Didn’t I tell you a
guy thrashed Selva, It was Tamizharasan, It was his thrashing that gifted
Selva with a collar belt for life, And that is why Selva wants
to finish of Tamizh, Nothing to worry chief, I’ll talk to Selva and let him
know that Tamizh is one of us, You better shut up! Just obey my orders, Call up Selva, Well,,,OK, What’s the link between
Karunakaran and Tamizharasan? I don’t know chief, Selva’s phone line is busy, When you meet your Karunakaran,
just inquire about Tamizharasan, I stopped meeting him after
you ordered me not to, Karunakaran hasn’t sent
Tamizharasan here for nothing, I’m sure there is something
huge behind this, Look here,,, I’ve made you my PA even after knowing that you
are from Karunakaran’s native and his community, I warn you again, If I ever find out that whatever I
do and speak here reaches Karuna,,,, then that will be you end, What? It’s Selva, Greeting chief, Tell me, A guy has busted you up,,, and yet you are
quiet like a sissy! Have you aged? Well, chief,,,, Stop giving me explanations, If your guts are for real then finish
him off in two days and let me know, I will chief, Make sure I am not
involved in this, OK chief, So let’s forget about leasing
the bar for Tamizharasan? If we forget about it then
Karunakaran will feel bad, Lease the bar in Tamizharasan’s
name today itself, OK chief, After his death it’ll
go to Anbu anyway, Mess with me and you’ll be a goner, I’ll turn you into ashes, Mess with me and you’ll be a goner, I’ll turn you into ashes, Many living things matter
after death too but not you, So back off you loser I am my only competition,
so don’t mess with me, So back off you doofus, Many living things matter
after death too but not you, So back off you loser I am my only competition,
so don’t mess with me, So back off you doofus, Mess with me and you’ll be a goner, I’ll turn you into ashes, Mess with me and you’ll be a goner, I’ll turn you into ashes, Don’t you underestimate me, One heavy blow and you’ll know! Every failure of mine is a
stepping stone to success, I am here to win, I am not gonna miss the aim, Join me and that would be swag! I don’t need any support, My way is unique, My will power is my first
weapon to approach success, And my courage is the fuel
that keep myself running, I’ll make every drop
of my sweat count, I’ll convert all my struggles
into achievements, Mess with me and you’ll be a goner, Mess with me and you’ll be a goner, I’ll turn you into ashes, Mess with me and you’ll be a goner, I’ll turn you into ashes, Don’t try to interrupt me, Because I’m the rocket
that’s headed to the sky, I mind my own business, Challenge me and I
won’t back down, I am not the one to budge for money,,, because I believe in
friendship and love, So don’t you dare mess with me else
you’ll be on your way in a stretcher, Be genuine and fair to the downtrodden
and you’ll have my respect, Mess with me and you’ll be a goner, I’ll turn you into ashes, Mess with me and you’ll be a goner, I’ll turn you into ashes, Many living things matter
after death too but not you, So back off you loser I am my only competition,
so don’t mess with me, So back off you doofus, Mess with me and you’ll be a goner, Mess with me and you’ll be a goner, I’ll turn you into ashes, Mess with me and you’ll be a goner, I’ll turn you into ashes, Greetings, May I come in? Keep it inside, I didn’t expect this from you chief, I had requested the bar behind
Central for my brother in law, The minute I stepped out of station
you leased it to someone else, I am still saying what I said earlier, That bar is indeed for you, Be patient, Tell me about yourself, I am businessman, Apart from that, at home
it’s just me and my grandpa, I’ve don’t have anyone else, What about your parents? They passed away when
I was 1 week old, I am sorry, It’s OK, – So what business do you do?
– How did they die? My parents belonged to
different castes, So amidst caste issues,,, my mom’s brother
killed my father, Depressed, my mom fed me poison
and she too committed suicide, I survived but she died, And that earned me a nick name
Yaman – the god of death, Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked, It’s OK, Yes brother, Where are you Tamizh? I am at Besant Nagar, What is it? Leave at once and
safe guard yourself, You being alone might
prove risky for you, That is why I’m advising you, What happened? It’s an important call, You guys carry on, I’ll be back, Well, OK, There is camera everywhere here, It’s risky to finish
him off here, Outside would be a
better choice to,,, The line got disconnected, Tell me, Selva has decided that he wants
to finish you off today! He has arranged contract
killers from outside, Being alone is not safe for you, Leave that place at once, I’ll find out about Selva’s
hide out and let you know, Finish him off today! Or else he won’t let you be in peace, I’ll call you back in sometime, Be safe, OK, Sorry Agalya,,, if you don’t mind, I must leave, But you invited me, What happened suddenly? I know it’s wrong to do so, And that is why I
am apologizing, Come on now, Don’t be sorry, It’s OK, Neither did you deposit the cheque,,, nor did you have the food, I promise not to trouble you again pointing
this incomplete dinner as a reason, OK then, Thanks, Start the engine, Follow him, Keep following him, Let’s crush him down
at some lonely place, He has come to the right place, Let’s finish him in here, Take the weapons, Don’t make it longer,
Make it quick, Ask our men to disperse around, Welcome sir, Have a seat, I had been to the
station to meet you, I was ordered to come later, Yeah right,,, like you are an IAS officer, Should I come down immediately
if you come to meet me? Excuse me, please wait outside, OK sir, Let me come to the point, Without your help,,, I know that I can’t run
a business in peace, Write down how much should I bribe you and
others at your police station every month, The money will reach you, where ever
you are, on first of the every month, Would you like some tea or coffee? Tea and coffee here? Are the duplicate liquor
making good business? Sir, I don’t sell
duplicates here, You just agreed to bribe me,,, then go ahead sell
whatever crap you want, But one thing, If you live up to your words,,, I’ll be faithful to you, If you try to play Judas with me anytime,,, then remember there are lot of
them waiting to finish you off, I’ll take what ever they
have to offer and,,, I’ll be a trouble to you,
Got it? Got it, Just a moment sir, You said there are many
waiting to finish me, Can you be precise? Councilor Anbuazhagan, He was too keen on
taking over this bar, You foiled it for him, He is very furious, So watch out, Let’s leave, Hey! Open the door! Speak out! Who bought you here? It was him, Get up! Who are you? Tell me, Selvam is at the Thangapandi’s farm house, Better not to go over there
and create an issue, Forget it, We’ll handle
him some other day, OK, He is the leader of all
those who came today, Your men told me that you were
looking around for me to kill me, And so here I am, You want to finish me off right? Here, Take it, If you don’t finish
me off now then,,, I’ll finish you, Chief, Now what’s
this all about? How many time would have I obeyed
your orders without reasoning? Save me at least for being loyal, Tamizh,,, I’ve no idea about the
issue between you two, What Selva did was indeed wrong, Punish him how ever you want to, But then, don’t kill him, He made me realize that it was a sin
to have let him go the first time, If I let him go again,,, then I face the same
plight as my dad, Chief,,, why are you quiet? Tell him the truth that I
have nothing to do with it, Chief? Will you open your mouth or
should I tell the truth? Selva! Get on thing straight
into your head! I am your chance to live! So think before you talk, It was you who asked me
to finish off Tamizh! Why are you quiet now? I said shut up! Stop talking! Did you say so? Come on Tamizh, He is blabbering out of fear, Why would you think so? You came to me
requesting a favor, As soon as I knew you were
Arivudai Nambi’s son,,, I did that favor at once
and felt happy about it, Then why would I want to
finish you off, Tell me? Look here Tamizh, Listen to me, I promise it was not
all my decision, It was him who asked me hire contracted
killers from outside and finish you off,,, Liquor makes you talk crazy things!
Isn’t it? Useless! Can’t you just obey and shut up! Keeps arguing, Don’t take it your head, Leave, Hey the shot is ready, Call
in the junior artists, Why is the position of
the lights altered? Excuse me, She is here, Please come, Please get in, Please come, Please wait outside, Come in when I call you, OK madam, Sorry for the trouble, I didn’t know whom to
approach for a favor, I remembered only you, Don’t be sorry, Tell me, What is it? I was born and bought
up in Bangalore, My mom and myself are alone here, Being an actress I get
many calls from fans, Since few days ago a guy started calling me claiming
to be a fan but later started harassing me, I gave him an earful and
blocked his number, He called me again, yesterday morning,
from another number I yelled at him again, And he said,,, that he wants to sleep with me and
will pay me how much ever I demand, I took a friend along and
lodged a police complaint, He called me from another number today morning
and says that he made a polite request, He threatened me and said that lodging
complaint with police ain’t gonna do anything, He says that if I don’t budge then he
knows how to get me to sleep with him, He said no police can do anything about it
and has gave me one week’s time to respond, Don’t worry, Give me all the numbers he has
called in from and the call details, I’ll take care of the rest, Madam, shot is ready, Yeah, One minute, It’s OK, No thanks, I think he has some
political support, Guess that is why he
is being so arrogant, You won’t have to worry
about this anymore, A close friend of mine from my native,,, is a minister here, I’ll take care of it, I feel some what courageous now, – Good,
– Thanks, It’s OK, It’s a walk in the park,
We can trace it, How do you know that actress? Are you guys close? Please introduce me to her, She is a very important
person in my life, Well I don’t know what’s with women and
fair men, They just like fair men, Doesn’t your wife like you? I was just stating a fact, He was shocked
seeing Tamizharasan, Later, it was him who called up Selva
and asked him to finish off Tamizh, What has he decided now? I don’t know the reason,,, but,,, he is quiet, Do you know anything? Tamizh believes that Selva sent
in men on Thangapandi’s orders, But no one knows the reason behind it, Why should Thangapandi be
intimidated by Tamizh? There is something which
even Tamizh is unaware of, Who knows? Someday Tamizharasan could be the one that brings
about Thangapandian’s downfall in an election, Be patient chief, I’ll find out what it
is and let you know, It’s the support and co
operation of people like you,,, that can make me win the election, I believe in our men more
than the deity I pray to, I’ve already spoke to the Mayor
regarding the water problem, Soon we’ll take a call on that, We have speaking about
this issue for long now, But you are all drunk and
give irresponsible answer, Oldie,,, your grandson is turning the
whole town into drunkards, Stop acting genuine, You better stay quiet, Or else you’ll be embarrassed, First, have some respect for
the age and experience, You sell duplicate liquor at the bar,,, you cheat the government
and earn in millions! And you demand respect! Well tell me something,,, every time when the question rises about why
sewage water is found mixed in drinking water,,, you don’t have an answer, You keep talking about my bar,
What’s your problem? So you accept that you
sell duplicate liquor? This is neither the place to discuss that nor
you are the person in charge to discuss that, Got it? Now check this out, He accepts that he sells
duplicate liquor, I’ll wait here, Send your men to my bar, If you find even one bottle
of duplicate liquor,,, I shall cancel my bar license today, But if you fail to do so,,, will you resign your councilor post? Awesome! Why? Do you want to become the councilor? If you think you are so responsible,,, what should have you done? A little earnings you make from selling liquor
must be contributed to solve this water crisis, It’s not much, If you had even spared money for at
least one truck of drinking water,,, I would have considered
listening to your reasoning, But you don’t have such
genuine intentions, All that you want is a post, What happened? You’ve gone silent, Does it hurt when you are
asked to shed some money? So shut up and leave, I know what to do and when, You didn’t cast vote for free, I had bribed everyone
as expected, Isn’t it? How dare you applaud him? Whose money do you think it is,
with which you bribed others? It is just a small portion of
whatever you looted from all of us, Stop showing off like it’s your money, Check that out, He couldn’t stop talking until
I bought in money and now he is leaving, I am not like that, I live up to my promises, Sakthi,,, What’s his source of income for all this? No idea, Excuse me, how about
lending a helping hand? Only 5 loads have arrived, He says there is more to come, Careful, Many are here to jinx it, He ain’t doing this because I provoked him, He seems to have some plan, We must do something chief, Tamizh,,, why is Karunakaran’s name
painted instead of yours? If any files a petition and questions
me about the source of income,,, then I’ll be in prison, Hence Karunakaran’s name, Greetings to all of you, ” You must be the change you want to see in
the world” said the great leader Gandhiji, This gathering is the
beginning of that change, I hope everyone remembers Councilor
Anbuazhagan’s response to water crisis, There is nothing wrong
with his response, Because it was us who sold
our votes to him for money, If we vote for money and freebies,,, then we lose even the basic rights of questioning the elected
politicians, Thanks to Anbu for making us understand this, One who has sufficient money
will never sell their vote, What about the downtrodden?
How will they refuse money? They take advantage
of our weakness, According to me, the
worst trait of all,,, is take advantage of one’s
innocence and sidelining him/her, Super, And that doesn’t mean
we should stay quiet, When I was thinking about how
to bring Anbu to justice,,, is when I decided to take
up his duty and perform it, This is just a
temporary solution, Even after this if Anbuazhagan fails to
realize his duties and perform it,,, not only that I’ll take up that duty but,,, I’ll start to bring about the change that
Gandhi spoke about and I’ll start it from here, For this deeds that I do for you all without any
expectation of post, designation or any party’s help,,, I hope you’ll support me beyond factors
like caste, religion and political parties, I am here to help you, Thank you, He has been planning everything
since the beginning, I’ve made a decision, I’m getting into politics, All of a sudden when one has to
speak in front of a crowd,,, one either blabbers
out of nervousness,,, or emotionally outbursts, I thought it was the same
with you when you spoke? What’s with the sudden
liking towards politics? If there should be change in the society,,, then political power
is quite essential, How dare he? That too in your region
and even when you are still in power, He spoke about bringing
about a change, It is said that Politics is dirty, But only the one who lives
politics knows that,,, it’s a dirt that mixed with
human’s flesh and blood, It’s impossible to become the
king if one fears to shed blood Name one king who hasn’t shed blood, The kings ruled back then
in the name of King’s rule, Today the politicians rule in
the name of Government rule, That’s the only difference, I’ve lost most of my life with the dreams
of becoming the councilor one day, And Yaman – the lord of death took your dad
away before he could take the MLA seat, More than successful people in politics,,, there are many who have perished
being just the party men, It’s all because of your
soft corner for him, Now look he has stamped
right on your head, I speak from my experience,,, More than those brave hearts
who failed in politics,,, there many who fell
for corruption, Don’t trust anybody, Especially the ones with you, In politics, your enemy is not
the one standing against you, He’ll be by your side
winning your trust, I very well know why
he did all this, I expected it that he’ll
do this at some point, I pray that may your dad be your
holy angel and your guardian, Tell me, Minister wants to meet you, He wants you to
come down at once, OK, I’ll come, He said he’ll come, Come Tamizh, Chief
is waiting for you, So tell me, What’s running inside that
little head of yours? Why have you given my son’s phone
number to the police and trace him down? I want to talk with you in person, Step out, Looks like MLA wants to
speak with me in person, OK chief, I never gave you the
permission to be seated, Your son has called an actress called Anjana, whom I
know very well, He has harassed her over the phone, In order to find out whose number
it is, I gave it to the police, I didn’t know that it was your
son until you mentioned it, What do you mean
by harassed her? What he did speak with her? Try to understand when I put
it in a diplomatic way, Worst come he might have
asked her to sleep with him, Isn’t it? She romances and dances with
anonymous actors for money, That is the same thing
my son has asked for, Won’t she budge? Do one thing,,, talk to her, make her understand and
ask her to do as my son wishes, I’ll ask him to pay you too, Sounds good? Also,,, what’s with you acting like a damn
savior for all the issues out there? Look here,,, I’m quite upset with you for whatever
you spoke in the Dias the other day, Do you think buying four water
tanks and providing water,,, will make the people around vote
for you and make you their MLA? One phone call,,, I send you to prison forever by
booking you under unclaimed charges, I’ll leave no trace of you, your name
or your dad’s legacy! Be careful! This must be our last meeting, If you appear in front of me again,,, you won’t return alive, How dare you sit in front of me, Get up! Stop being a pimp to your son, Tell your son that next time he calls Anjana it
must be only an apology call, Make it clear, You son of gun! How dare you order
me at my very home! One more word,,, and that will be your last word! Sit down! You can send me to prison under any
unclaimed charges and finish me off, But I’ll make sure that I’ll
finish you off before that, You and your son better
change for good, If I’ll have to get down and do that
for you then you won’t survive, Please come in, Do you stay alone? Nope, My mom stays with me, She went to Bangalore as it
is exams time for my brother, She’ll be back next week, Until then,,, remember Priya, who accompanied
me to the restaurant? She is giving me company, Have a seat, So you said that you found
out who was calling me, Remember I told you about a minister
who is close to me and from my native? Yes,,, It was his son who was calling you, You don’t worry, I spoke to the minister, But still, until your mom returns,,, don’t stay alone here, Go stay at your friend’s place, Why? Do you think he’ll
create any problem? Nothing like that, If you’ve few people living with you
it’ll make you feel courageous, Wait, I’ll go get the candles, I’ll switch on the torch,
Be careful, Can you wait here and leave
after the power supply is back, Please, Sure, Thanks, Quick! Get in! Fast, Drive fast! Tell me, Thamizh,,, there has been a fire
accident at your house, Your grandpa has been admitted at
the government hospital nearby, I’m heading there, You
reach there immediately, I’ve no idea who it was, Did anyone call up the police? The neighbors have done it, Just a moment, If any one questions,,, say you don’t know who it was, Also say that you have no
idea why they did this, Don’t give away anything else, Especially about the MLA’s son, We have no proofs, Looks like some men have
attacked my house too, My grandpa is admitted
in the hospital, I don’t know what happened, Let me go check, Priya,,, Until Agalya’s mom returns,,, let her stay at your place, Won’t you be back soon? Sure, Don’t worry, How is my grandpa doing? Please get in and see
it for yourself, Don’t reply to their questions,
Just keep walking, Anjana, who do you think
is behind the attack? Anjana, who was the guy with you,
Who is he to you? Is it true that he is the reason
behind those who attacked you? Tell us what happened? Are you shying away from media
because he is your lover? Answer us Anjana! Enough of your acting! Pack up and settle down
with us in Bangalore, It’s insulting! Why are you waiting outside? Please come in, Have a seat, I am sorry, For what? I was the one who said so, I came down to meet
you at the hospital, Then I met you at
the restaurant, It was the fear that I shouldn’t
have any problems because of you, But,,, today I am not here with such intention, I explained everything clearly to my
parents and discussed with them, They refused to accept, Then I discussed it
with my friends, They said my decision is wrong, You step forward to help me and
now that has affected you, I feel I must be your side and my heart
says that is the right decision, And so I’ve conveyed it, Do you have any idea
what I’m talking about? I do understand, Take one more day, Think over it again, Here after,,, I am not ready to lose
anyone close to me, I have not seen my
parents since childhood, My grandpa was my everything, He was burned to ashes
at this very place, I still have an important
work left to do, Until I get done with it,,, you must wait patiently, Thangapandian ain’t
Manimaran or Selvam, He is the ruling party minister, You cannot do anything to a
minister who is in power, But he can use his minister
powers and harm you in many ways, Which is why, I am here to meet you, I have already spoke to the
party head regarding this, They have agreed to give
you their full support, First, let us notify Thangapandian
that you have the support of my party, It’s only then he would refrain from attacking you out
of the fear that we would turn it into a general issue, But I am here to request
you for another favor, Tell me, What do
you want from me? Thiyagu must be made a
witness against Thangapandi, Thiyagu belongs to my community, He is from my native too, He comes down to meet once in a
while for the said attributes, You can’t expect him to do so, Leave him out of it, Follow my idea and I can turn
Thiyagu into a witness, I know very well about
Thiyagu, Thamizh, He won’t agree to this,
even if I request him to, Apart from that,,, why should he become a witness
against Thangapandian? What would make him do so? Tell me, I’ll ensure that he’ll
have a reason to do so, If my idea fails,,, you won’t be affected at all, But if my idea works out and if
Thiyagu turns into a witness,,, You will receive accolades for dethroning
Thangapandi who beat you in the last election, Tell me what should I do? Bring Thiyagu here, Sometimes, even the easiest
of tasks are the one we,,, Come Thiyagu, We were waiting for you, What is it? Why did you want
me to come immediately? Thamizh wants to speak
with you in person, Have a seat, Have a seat, You guys talk, I’ll
be back in some time, Have a seat, How are you? Going on, How are you? I’m sure you must have heard, Thangapandi finished off my
only blood relation, that I had, I’ve no idea who is
behind all that Tamizh, You know what’s the common
problem amongst us? Be clear of the fact that others
problems don’t become ours and,,, then step aside and enjoy it, Believe me, I don’t know anything, I understand, Poor you, What can
you do about it? Your PA Thiyagu and,,, Tamizharasan are talking
about you at my home, What are you saying? Looks like it was you who ordered
Selva to finish off Tamizh, Also it was your men who set Tamizh’s house
on fire and finished off his grandpa, Thank you, I’ll take care of it, I’ll talk to you later, OK, Who is it Thiyagu? It’s minister, Why is he calling me at this hour? We will be quiet, Go ahead, Attend it, Tell me chief, Where are you? At home, You mean Karunakaran’s home? At my home, What if I prove that you are at
Karunakaran’s house talking to Tamizh? Will you kill yourself? Chief! What are you saying? Believe me chief! Why
would I lie,,,to you,,, – Now!
– OK, Let’s go, Believe me chief, I’ll never betray you, I believe that none of
my enemies should exist, Chief! How dare you work for me and back
stab me along with my enemies? And now, only the deity you pray to,
can save you and your family from me, Chief! Thangapandi somehow found
out that I am here, He threatens to finish off my family, Please save us, I don’t have to tell
you about Thangapandi, He’ll sacrifice his own family
for his post and power, First, call up your family
and ensure their safety, OK, The mobile’s switched off, Chief! Even the landline
phone isn’t working, I am worried! I have no one else but you, Until I am here you don’t have to worry, OK, Tamizh, Accompany Thiyagu to his house, Please Tamizh, The door is opened! Everyone’s is missing at home Tamizh, Thangapandi! If anything happens to my family,,, don’t think I’ll stay quiet, I’ll leak out all your
secrets and destroy you! You slave! How dare you
address me by my name! Before you could leak my
secrets you’ll be a corpse! He threatens to kill me Tamizh, Obey me and I shall
save your family, Tell me what should I do Tamizh? Including the abduction of your family, I need you to expose Thangapandi’s
every illegal activities,,, in front of the media, You have no idea about him Tamizh, He is dangerous, He might get furious and in rage
he might finish of my family, Do you think he’ll spare them now? The minute the news is out about
Thangapandi abducting your family,,, he won’t have any other
option than to let them out, That is the only way
to save your family, Every second you delay is
dangerous for you family, Minister Thangapandi’s PA turn
in witness against the minister, He reported to the press that the minister has
abducted his family and has threatened to kill them, He claims to have all the evidences to
Thangapandi’s illegal activities and,,, vows to hand it over to the police
at the right time, claims Thiyagu, Further he has requested the Chief minister to
help him retrieve his family from Thangapandi, It’s all a propaganda to bring about
the downfall of our government, Folks like my PA Thiyagu, actress
Anjana and Tamizharasan,,, are being wooed by the opposition and
have produced fake evidences against me, If what they claim is to be true then why aren’t
they going to the police? Why go to the media? Isn’t that enough to realize
that this is all a drama? The attacks that took place at
actress Anjana’s house and,,, at her boy friend,
Tamizharasan’s house,,, had minister Thangapandi’s hand in it
and it has been reported to the police, It is to be noted that Tamizharasan’s
grandpa was killed in this attack, Right now chief is quite upset, He told me to collect your resignation
letter, if you have bought it, Welcome chief, Welcome, Bro,,, Chief Karuna is here, Welcome, You are god’s gift to me and everything
appears to be like a poem written by the god, You are all I think of,
My heart is full of you, Your love has made me sleepless, Our love is our strength and it
grows stronger every second, You are god’s gift to me and everything
appears to be like a poem written by the god, You are all I think of,
My heart is full of you, All I wish for is to wake up
everyday and find you next to me And all I wish is to end
the day by your side, Our love and us are
meant to be forever, Even when I am asleep, all my eyes
look for is you and only you, You are god’s gift to me and everything
appears to be like a poem written by the god, You are all I think of,
My heart is full of you, Your love makes my
pains fade away, And when you are not around,
my heart yearns for you, Step by step you came, swept me off my
feet and became a huge part of my life, Seems like we’ll be having an early
legislative assembly elections this time, In all the party gatherings
that happen in your region,,, I want you and your wife
to participate in it, Expose Thangapandi and how he
misused power to cheat the people, You must ensure our
party’s victory, Before that I would like
to let you know something, If the party agrees to what I have
to say then I’ll do as you ordered, Tamizh, don’t hold back, Tell
what do you have in mind, Everyone here are well wishers, In the upcoming elections, our Veera Tamizhar Muentra
Kazhagam party will be nominating a candidate, I want to be that candidate, I wanted to convey this
first to Mr,Karuna,,, but then I had to open it here, Has it come to this now? A candidate
seat for anyone who just walks in? So what about those who toiled hard
for this party all these years? Look here, the party
has some regulations, Got it? Thangapandian will definitely not get
a seat in the upcoming elections, Everyone knows that I am
the reason behind that, For whatever good deeds I did for people in
my region has earned me a good reputation, If any other candidate from our party stands then
you’ll have to start promoting him from scratch, But I’ve sowed the seeds for
my promotion long back, Think about the current scenario and think
who has the chance to win the election, Let me talk to the party head
and other members of the party, Then I shall give you an answer Tamizh, I’ve decided to stand in
the upcoming election, There is no change in that, Your decision will make me either stand
as your party member or as an individual, Thank you, So fierce and dashing,,, It’s time he revealed
himself to the world, So fierce and dashing,,, It’s time he revealed
himself to the world, In the upcoming election,,, the party management is not willing
to make you the candidate Karuna, It’s because the party head believed that it was
your brainchild behind exposing Thangapandi,,, he allowed to give you
the candidate seat, But based on his statement,,, I don’t think anything can change
the party head’s mind now, I need sometime, If we let Tamizh represent
us in that region,,, our chances to win
are very high, So the sooner you bring him on to
your line, it will be better for you, Or else the seat is
for Tamizharasan, This was the moment I had been waiting for past
5 years and for which I had toiled so hard, And that useless fellow
wants to snatch it away! He thinks politics is about doing good deeds
to people and that will make him their leader, I’ll make him understand the this is the game
of thrones played by the witty and the clever, Hello? Yes, he is here, I am fine, How have you been? Hope your wife is doing fine, Hold on, I’ll hand it to him, It’s Thangapandi, Tell me Pandi, Fine, I’ll come, What is it? Something important,
He wants to meet me, Welcome, Welcome, Kasi, you wait outside, I’ll call you if I need you, OK chief, This is councilor Anbuazhagan, What would you like to have? No thanks, What is so important Pandi,
that you wanted to meet me? You have a seat, I heard everything, It because I thought you were behind
Tamizharasan all this while,,, I held back myself from
finishing him off, Nurturing him was
my biggest mistake, It’s not too late, I’ve an idea, If you accept to comply,,, then you’ll be the next
MLA in our region, What do you say? Could you be more precise? Talk to your party members and,,, make Tamizharasan the candidate, Work hard and ensure his victory, Just before the election,,, I’ll finish him off, Once Tamizharasan is dead,
all you have to do is,,, ensure that the MLA candidate
seat becomes yours, I very well know that your aim
is not to make me the MLA, What do you want in return? My policy is that this business in
politics must benefit both the parties, In order to erase off all
the charges against me,,, the prime witness,,, Thiyagu must die, Tell me where and when
do you want Thiyagu? I’ll send him, OK, We’ll make it grand, OK, I’ll be there, The party has confirmed me the MLA post, They have promised to announce it
in the upcoming gathering on 24th, See I am your lady luck, You got that seat
because you married me, Hope you understand
how lucky you are, Flash news,,, Thiyagarajan aka Thiyagu, PA to ex minister Thangapandi,
who turned against him as witness and exposed him,,, met with an accident last
night and died on the spot, Reports claim that he was
drunk while driving, Thiyagu is survived by his
wife, a daughter and a son, As per ex minister
Thangapandi’s statement,,, Tell me Tamizh, Did you hear? This is a planned murder, What makes you think like that? Come on, Don’t you think so? Do you doubt anyone? I am sure it’s Thangapandi, Thangapandi? Why? Don’t you
have a hand in it? I warned you in the
beginning itself, To keep Thiyagu away from the
problems between you and Thangapandi, But you refused to obey, What are you coming at? In a way, I am too a reason for Thiyagu’s
death, by playing according to your plan, No one’s innocent here, Tamizh, Everyone here does everything
with a motive behind it, Including Thiyagu, According to the news,,, I made my peace with the fact
that Thiyagu died in an accident, You too better make peace with it, Hello? Are you there Tamizh? Yes, I am here, Sometimes, only when you make peace
with the lie instead of the truth,,, you can live a guilt free life, Thiyagu’s death is such an instance, Leave that, Did you receive any call
from the party office? Yes I did, They have planned a gathering on
24th to announce the candidate, They want to make it a grand one, Tamizh,,, all your attention and actions must
now be only about the election, Do not miss the golden
opportunity that you have got, OK, We’ll meet at Thiyagu’s house, Don’t confuse
yourself, Concentrate on the election, What did he say? There is something fishy
about the way he spoke, He says that I too have a
hand in Thiyagu’s death, He doesn’t seemed to be shocked
at all by Thiyagu’s death, He talks as if it’s an old news and consoles me to make
peace with the fact the Thiyagu indeed died in an accident, What are you thinking? Only Karuna and myself
knew Thiyagu’s hide out, I didn’t share it to anyone, Something is really fishy! Why did I put you
under Tamizharasan? Because you belong
to my community,,, and I believed that you’ll be loyal to me,
Was it wrong to believe so? No chief, Why didn’t you inform me about Tamizh’s plan
to stand in as candidate in the election? No one knew that he had such ideas, Is what I am paying
you the salary for?! This is why our community
men never prosper! Thiyagu is no more, Do you at least know that? I watched it in the news, I heard that he died
in an accident, Do you blindly believe in the news? It was a planned murder, It was executed by
none other than,,, Tamizharasan himself, First, he grabs my MLA seat, And now he finished off Thiyagu who belongs to our
community and will earn all the sympathies out of it, What will the people think? Won’t they think that it was Thangapandi
who killed Thiyagu to save himself? You are right, He has planned
everything very clearly, He thinks he can make a fool out of
us and make his ideas a reality, I won’t spare him, I’ll show what we
are made up of, I need your help, For the salary I paid
you and for our race,,, it’s time for you to
prove your loyalty, Tell me chief, What should I do? On 24th, there will be a gathering to announce Tamizh as the candidate, That must be the first and the
last gathering he attends, Tamizh is quite intelligent, The clever thing to do is finish him off by being
along side him instead of facing off with him, But Thangapandi has other ideas, Thangapandi’s men are going to present there at gathering
and they plan to finish off Tamizh after the gathering, You make sure that you are along
side Tamizharasan all the while, If he escapes from the clutches
of Thangapandi’s men,,, then you must stab him hard
enough that it must kill him, OK chief, Once you confirm he is dead,
you can flee from that spot, OK chief, Don’t worry, As the meeting ends,,, Thangapandi’s men will cut
down the power supply, It will be pitch dark, During the riots everyone will only
be concerned about themselves, No one will notice you, This is just the advance, If you execute this plan to perfection,,, I’ll get you the bar as well as the
parking contract of the railway station, OK chief, You can mint money literally
doing nothing, Take it, God bless you, You are all by yourself, You are your only support, So be daring and
be a brave heart, It’s time for the
battle of your life, You will see a new sunrise, You will and you can, Face all the hurdles,,, and smash them down, Problems will keep arising,,, never let your confidence
and courage shake, All those lesson about
truth always tirumphs,,, remember it and battle like a warrior! You are all by yourself, You are your only support, So be daring and
be a brave heart, It’s time for the
battle of your life, Hold on, You forgot your mobile, Why do you look dull? You’ve been carrying a
dull face since morning, Are you nervous? Shall I come along with you? It’s not too late, You tell me and I
shall join you, Not today, As planned, you go
to Priya’s house, I’ll definitely take you
for the next meeting, Amongst all the good
and bad deeds,,, The truth, the honesty and the brave
are the only ones that will triumph, Amongst all the good
and bad deeds,,, The truth, the honesty and the brave
are the only ones that will triumph, Uncorruptible ways and quality
of being straight forward,,, is not an easy life to live, Betrayal and deception
is all around you, Go past them and
keep progressing, Even the lies disguise
here as the truth,,, but justice will
prevail ultimately, You are all by yourself, You are your only support, So be daring and
be a brave heart, It’s time for the
battle of your life, You will see a new sunrise, You will and you can, Face all the hurdles,,, and smash them down, To everyone present here at the candidate announcement
gathering of Veera Thamizhar Munetra Kazhagam,,, I extend my hearty welcome, This is a very important gathering, You
could have bought Anjana along, At least, let one member
in my family be alive, Hence I didn’t bring her along, What do you mean Tamizh? When I was about to leave
after our first meet,,, you must have let me go, It’s a game that you started, Well, I have decided to end it, I don’t understand a
thing you are saying, This might be a candidate
announcement gathering for others,,, but for me this is
the battlefield, I’m saying that, I have come here
knowing very well that I might die, The only difference,,, You must be here with
you some 20 men,,, and I’m here with 50 of them,
That’s all, I am Yaman – the god of death! I’ve been invited
here forcefully,,, I won’t leave without taking lives, Tamizh,,, you are talking out in haste, From your meeting
with Thangapandian,,, to Thiyagu’s murder, I’ve understood everything and hence
I am not talking out in haste, You’ll understand if I explain
everything it in detail, But this is not the place, Let’s talk after the meeting, Post meeting only one
of us will be alive, Both of us know that very well, You have already planned to
finish me off after the meeting, But before that happens,,, I’ve decided to finish you off, I consider you as my own son, Do you think I’ll plan
something like that? Dad or son; in politics,,, once the eyes are set
on the power and post,,, people will destroy each other, I
understood that by observing you, Forgive me Tamizh, The results of the decision
we make in our lives,,, must be accepted
whole heartedly, So you too forgive me, Now even if I want to,,, I cannot stop whatever
is going to happen here, If luck favors then
we’ll meet again, A,Tamizharasan will now
accept the candidate seat, Tamizh,,, I like you very much, I’ve no personal
vengeance against you, Pure business, I hope you’ll understand, Sure, I am here today because of you, I’ll never forget that
until my last breath, Now, the general Secretary will honor A,
Tamizharasan with a garland, Tamizh is aware of the plan, Finish him off even before
he completes his speech, You don’t worry, I’ll save you, How? Just the way you saved Thiyagu? It was me who exposed
your plan to Tamizh, Sir, they are carrying
petrol bombs, We cannot manage them unless we have
extra force, Send them in quick, Amongst all the good
and bad deeds,,, The truth, the honesty and the brave
are the only ones that will triumph, We have evidences with regards to the
riots that happened at the gathering, Initial investigation reveals that internal
party spat is the reason behind it, Investigation continues
on that basis, You talk to her, I’ll wait outside, Who do you think is behind all this? Kasi, who was caught carrying
weapons at the spot,,, has agreed that it was minister
Thangapandi who has sent him to kill me, But for some reason the
police isn’t revealing it, Just because Kasi says we cannot believe it’s Thangapandi
behind all this, Do you have any other proof? In a gathering where I was about to
be announced as the candidate,,, in an attempt to murder me,,, poor Karunakaran has become the
victim, as you can see it, That is a proof, Just for exposing Thangapandi
and his scams,,, poor Thiyagu was killed
off in a staged accident, That’s another proof, Death of ex minister Karunakaran,,, was the plan of ex minister
Thangapandi claims the opposition, This is confirmed by the fact that Thangapandi
is been missing for the past few days, Hence the accusation of the opposition
on this murder now holds very strong, Post the elections in the Tamil Nadu,,, Veera Tamizhar Munetra Kazhagam has won the
majority seats and have formed the new government, The party’s candidate A, Tamizharasan won
the election by a very large margin, If the talks are to be believed, he
might be offered to be the minister, So Pandi,,, how are you? I’ve a small doubt, When I left after meeting
you for the first time,,, why did you order
Selvam to murder me? – Don’t you really know why?
– Nope, If I tell you the truth,,, will you hand me over to
the police unharmed? Nope, I can’t do that, In your efforts to murder
me amidst the riot,,, Karunakaran died and everyone thinks
you are absconding because of that, It’s better that few
truths remain unrevealed, It’s better that you never
realize few truths, By putting an end to a criminal,,, doesn’t make the another
criminal a genuine person, If what I did was wrong,,, then what you are about
to do is too wrong, There is a big difference between doing a
wrong and finish off a wrong doer, Pandi, Punishing you for your
sins isn’t a sin, I, Tamizharasan,,,

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