YESTERDAY Official Trailer (2019) Lilly James, Danny Boyle Movie HD

YESTERDAY Official Trailer (2019) Lilly James, Danny Boyle Movie HD

this was my last gig if it hasn’t happened by now, it will take a miracle miracles happen what happened? electricity flicked off all over the world cheese ellie bought you a present wow all my troubles seem so far away now it looks as though they’re here to stay oh, I believe in yesterday oh my when did you write that? I didn’t write it, Paul McCartney wrote it the beatles who? John, Paul, George and Ringo, the Beatles no stop it yesterday, it’s one of the greatest songs ever written well, it’s not Coldplay, it’s not Fix You do you genuinely not know who the Beatles are? genuinely then I’m in a really, really, really complicated situation when I find myself in times of trouble mother mary comes to me sorry, I’m just listening to Jack’s new song What’s this one called? Leave it be Let it be Well, rock on Jack Oh yeah I’ll, tell you something I wanna hold your hand Hi, we should talk see, we pay, and you write songs and then, you make a ton of money and then we take most of it the one, the only, Jack Malley We would like you to write something, right now something in the way she moves No ones ever written this many great songs how do you do it? tracks me like no other lover sometimes it feels like someone else has written all the songs I’ve been waiting half my life for you to wake up and love me but I’m a school teacher, and you, are the world’s greatest singer/songwriter I’m not Except for that you are It’s going to be the greatest album of all time I’ve got two men who claim that the songs are theirs let’s see how this plays out, shall we? There’s something you should know Please make some noise for Mr. Jack Malley Let me just give you this advice song title: hey dude hey dude, are you sure? hey dude it’s so much better dudey, dudey, dudey

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  1. 2:38 amazing, a trailer that doesn't reveal the plot and actually keeps the surprises for the movie!

  2. Смешно, но в общем-то интересно, что же там придумали сценаристы. Хотя не верю в то, что фильм действительно стоящий. Буду смотреть только ради песен.

  3. Who came up with this?! It’s amazing. Someone legit went ‘what about an alternate universe where, now hear me out, The Beatles never existed’ and other people loved it! Movie industry… welcome back!

  4. There is an actual manga with similar premise and its been out there for years, but it takes forever for an update. So I'm going to watch this

  5. I actually work with some idiot twentysomething girls who have not heard of the Beatles, and a few that have heard of them think they suck. SMH.

  6. I love the fact that they went for a normal brown skinned lead and not some fair brown skinned's something new

  7. But if there were no Beatles, somebody has to be the Beatles instead for modern music to have evolved the same way.

  8. "It should be called Hey Dude."  OMG!  that is some funny ass shit there now.  And probably spot on if this scenario was possible.  So now there is one movie on my must see list for this year.

  9. This plot is very similar to the one of a french movie made in 2006 and called "Jean-Philippe" (which is the real name of a french iconic singer known as "Johnny Hallyday"). Here you are :

  10. Never in a million years, would I thought of this plot. Danny Boyle is a genius.
    But I can say that the movie will end with Paul and Ringo coming and telling the truth.

  11. Noooo somebody stole my (secret, well I thought secret) idea!! Ugh, damn, I knew, I should write more of them down…

  12. Because  I was a 13 year old teenager when The Beatles wrote all these masterpieces, I can't wait to see this film. !!!

  13. I have literally wondered this exact thing before. Like if you knew all the songs of famous artists and they never existed (MJ, Beatles etc) could you make a success of their songs in the modern day.

  14. This looks beezer!!!!!! I hope he doesn't wake up to find that a band called The Beatles have stolen all of his songs!

  15. Problem is…you can be that good now, but nobody would care – because you're not copying something [even though he is – oh the irony]

  16. One of the best trailer cut that I have seen recently. It grabs you by the balls to go and watch the film!

  17. That's what I love about British people and films their sense of humour, were they genuinely make make you laugh

  18. Everytime I see Lilly James anywhere I get a nice kick in my stomach because of her amazing job in Baby driver. God what a woman!

  19. Make Rock great (as it is) again! 😉
    I am so glad The Beatles gave their ok to use their songs. A lot of bands are so picky or try to make A LOT of cash out of it. I remember another movie from Richard Curtis where he tried to use songs from The Doors. They wanted 1 Mio (I guess Dollar) for only ONE song used in the movie. He declined with thanks and used Rolling Stones and others then. The Doors (I reckon it was the organ player back then, forgot his name, dead now) are greedy fuckers. Sorry. Fact. Period. Love that plot and movie already and hope John, Paul, George and Ringo get their credits at the end. 😀 Hey Dude!

    joffey goines, is you 1975? i ich athletwtfiswrongwithyoukid1318.
    "hi, i'm teekay." oh. 7'6:, 48 kilo, somehow 47ish.
    oh, 12 mcfuckies for sale, all 480k of nooners.
    i'm not fucking you, lillie. i'm gilbert the grapist.

  21. Does this film include race-mixing? I shan't allow my children to watch such filth should it include as much of a hint of bestiality propagated by those jewish fellows.

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  23. (7 years later)
    Talk show host: So Jack, what new songs do you have for us today?
    Jack: Uh … "All you need is love … da-da-da-da all you need is …"
    Host: We know that one
    Jack: Um … "I'd like to be, under the sea …"
    Host: Yeah, yeah. Octopuses Garden. We know that too. What you do you have for us that's NEW?
    Jack: Uh … um … oh shit … "Number 9 … Number 9 …. Number 9 …"
    Host: WTF?????

  24. Is it possible to sustain one joke — basically a SNL skit — for the length of a feature film, no matter how many "names" in cameos you throw in?

  25. It was a good idea when they did it on Goodnight Sweetheart 20 years ago and it is still a good idea now it has been rehashed.
    The songs are always great and the idea of hearing them for the 'first' time doesn't lose its appeal.

  26. This is a great movie!!. I just saw it. I am a fan of Beatles and I am glad to know that through this movie the new generations (that actually ignore Beatles music) will discover the Mozarts of pop music. I like the way Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) talks about this masterpieces ("one of the best songs ever written", "this is the Mona Lisa of pop music" etc. I understand this delicious movie as a tribute to the Fab Four and I hope is not the last one. One weakness in the plot is that is is assumed that consequences of a non-Beatles world would be limited to the non existence of Oasis. It would be much further. Pop music nowadays would be completely different. Anyway, a must-see movie!

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