YoungDaDa Cinema Trip – ODEON Liverpool ONE

Liam: Okay. So basically, just to put this straight and blunt. It’s good. Some ideas were good but they should have lasted longer. Not many of the characters were that memorable and the plot at the end was all over the place. But it’s definitely worth seeing, just for a watch to see how it goes. If you’re curious. It’s a six out of ten for me. Jordan: We’ve just been watching a film called Jack The Giant Slayer in 3D! That’s three dimensions if you think about it. We went there just watched the film and yadda yadda yadda. What I liked about the film is: Good storyline, the characters were interesting and there was a lot of twists in it. What do I like about the film i’ve just seen? I liked the story, I liked the actors. I liked the… …style! I also liked the cinema… What I didn’t like about, what I didn’t like… …about the film was just the characters were interesting but there was not enough, there just wasn’t more of them… They were less seen. The jokes were cut, they could have been much better and the story! I was waiting for an epic climax! At the end, boss giants versus knights battling each other. Well I’d give this movie like a six out of ten because it’s kind of good at some bits… but… they should have, the characters should have, we should’ve recognised more characters… The jokes were a bit good and there should have been like… …an epic storyline where we wait to see an epic ending! We see the knights and the giants battle each other! Not wait to come and then… …on their knees and… That’s why I give it a six out of ten! Thomas: Well, what I think about Jack: The Giant Slayer is it’s really awesome! I never left my seat once to go to the bathroom! I was glued to my seat. So it’s excellent! Jack killing one giant by jumping down with a giant knife! killed it! Then killed another giant… by… putting bees in, in its armour and it fell all the way down to the ground! And killing the last giant… with one of the magic beans! The very last… That was just pure genius of Jack. I think the film was awesome and amazing, it really… …was breathtaking. So I give this a 5 out… A full five stars!

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