Your Aura — Gay Indie Short Film (2019)

Your Aura — Gay Indie Short Film (2019)

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  1. at 8:01 there is a guy sitting in the background, scared the shit out of me and had to come back to check if I was seeing things.

  2. A bit weird. The plot holes kind of threw me off though. Made several moments feel really forced. Though the actors had chemistry, which is weird because the plot holes and dialogue doesn't lend to it. Cute though.

  3. I ike it. Great work!! Please check out the trailer to my upcoming film and subscribe to my channel. Thank yo so much 🙂

  4. Hi everyone! My name is Donnie Luther and I played Alejandro (Tony's Friend) in this film.

    I had such a blast developing this tragically misunderstood character. He might come off as a rude drama queen but he has wants, needs and desires like everyone else. I really wanted to give him a heart, though he comes off as lacking one. He's entitled and narcissistic, but his cold, over-the-top attitude comes from his own insecurities. We all know somebody like this and I wanted to honestly represent a very real type of person that exists in today's society. Not to look down upon them, but instead to bring a deeper level of understanding to someone who just needs a little patience and a gentle touch.

    I hope I did my job well and you enjoyed my performance. It was a treat to delve into a character so opposite of myself. Yet somehow, Alejandro is very familiar. I even dare to say, a little bit of him lives inside of us all.

    – @donnieluther

  5. Great acting. Cute guys. Finn obviously doesn't know how to skateboard. When Tony tried skateboarding and then they showed the car, I thought he was going to get hit. Glad that didn't happen. Wish it were so easy to find someone like that.

  6. Боже это тааак Мило! Отличный фильм ,у вас хорошо получается,жду еще таких много)))

  7. I'm trying to watch this fucking cute movie and all I can hear is someone drilling next door and a dog barking in my ears and children screaming and playing outside… I actually feel like shouting STFU! And the guy in the beginning who got told to hold the cup… I would never date a guy like that. I'm just praying that the guy that I'm talking to now isn't like that face to face
    I'm only 6 minutes in btw

  8. Omg I hope I'm not like that black guy and almost throw his love away cause of a jealous friend and that he's never dated a guy before. Trying to date my first right now but never kissed a guy omg I'm so nervous 😂 my heart is like beating out of my chest, thinking about being kissed

  9. Do homos in America really put little Christmas lights up on their furniture? We don't even put lights, decorations or trees up for Christmas… my American friends were so disappointed when they visited me here in Paris last Christmas. Global warming threats have also put a serious end to any outdoor decoration.

  10. this was beautiful with all lil details like the fact that they both had the aesthetic string lights in their apartments :') and so was the cinematography. well done :')

  11. This was very enjoyable! Well done! Just a quick advice though. We can't always hear very clearly what the actors say, so I think adding English subtitles would be helpful to a lot of people, especially those whose first language isn't English 🙂

  12. Does this short film mean that the two young men are aliens from outer space, you know, the "aura" light and the larger-than-life full moon? 😉

  13. This is a gay fantasy specially in LA. A white masculine top gay men in WEHO is a unicorn it doesn't exist lol besides guy like that wouldn't go out with a frumpy looking black guy like that sorry. Statistically (tinder, ok cupid study) white gay men in WEHO are the most racist bunch I ever encountered the only time they go out with a black guy is for sex because of the endowments as cute as this was still fantasy sorry for bursting your bubble.

  14. Thank you for this sweet film. Love the writing and the acting. Only part that doesn't fit is Tony's friendship with someone as shallow as Alejandro. Great ending …Tony was indeed Finn's dream man. We should all be so lucky. So looking forward to more from you.

  15. Everyone seems to be liking this, but my one thought is who puts lights on a sofa and in a bed? These set decorators… come on.

  16. That boy said he's straight as fuuuuuuck . I love him I wish he was my age so he can be my gay best friend even tho im not gay I just love looking at boys love

  17. I honestly hate these interracial themes. Brown-skinned gay men can never have a story of their own without some pink- or beige-skinned thing insinuating itself into the whole thing. It's gotten old and doesn't reflect reality. Even Jamal in Empire started out with some pale plaything!

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