Yours Shamefully 2  | Soundarya, Vignesh Karthick | Tamil Short Film with English Subtitles

Yours Shamefully 2 | Soundarya, Vignesh Karthick | Tamil Short Film with English Subtitles

Dear… when was the last
time you masturbated? Today morning, uncle Right before coming to meet you Does the girl have the
habit of fingering? Don’t be shy. Answer them Yes Once in two days On the night of our wedding… I wanna do threesome I wanna have
sex…with your sister I wanna act in at least one porn movie
before I die. That’s my ambition Now that you’ve resigned your
job, what are you gonna do? I’ll become a prostitute Hey folks… this short film is gonna
release tomorrow evening at 6… in the official Facebook
page of Frontwoods channel So…don’t miss the fun Short film! My foot! Disgusting! Relax! Now that the porn
sites are banned… let’s at least enjoy this Dude… check out this atrocity Where’s the Women association now? Dude, what’s the title? Thevidya (Prostitute) it seems No censorship in Youtube and hence
they are doing such crazy things I’ll send you the teaser
link of a short film “Boom boom in the dark room – 2” Finally they will preach moral values
about women’s freedom and rights Who the fuck is the director? Probably must be a sex maniac! Hi. Greetings to all. I am Diya Thanks to everyone who is eagerly awaiting for the
release of our short film after watching it’s teaser I’ll be releasing our short film in
sometime right here in this live broadcast But… let’s make it a little interesting How do we do that? Yeah! I’m gonna release the short film… completely nude Dude, come here Nude? What? That is…I’ll remove my
dress one by one and… once I’m completely naked… I’ll release this short film What is she up to? Dude, she just removed it Dude, come on! Check this out! Ok so, like I said earlier… I’ll be releasing this
short film in sometime But before that I would
like to share an incident A real incident that took
place five years ago Many of them know it Some of you might have forgotten So for those who don’t know and for those
who forgot it, let me tell you what it is Five years ago… Excuse me… why have you stopped the car? Crap! What the fuck?! Stop! Arrgh! This girl! – Look! I said, stop
– What are you doing? Just two minutes. It’ll be over.
Nothing to worry Aren’t you ashamed? Come on! It’s not like I’m raping you I didn’t even touch you The way you dress will
arouse any and every guy – See, nothing to worry
– Rascal, try doing the same to your mother When will you stop torturing
us with such tantrums? Don’t act like you are innocent! Return my keys! What are you doing? Hey, look here…What are you doing? Look, no one’s here Only the two of us are here No one’s gonna come
to your rescue Liste… Return my car key, damn it! NEWS: Last night, near
Boatclub in Chennai… NEWS: A private call cab driver
harassed and molested a girl NEWS: The status posted by the girl in Facebook
is being shared by everyone in social media NEWS: The girl, Maya was invited personally by
Tamil Nadu CM and appreciated for her bravery Mother…fucker… Bastard Son of a bitch! I feel so proud Look how furious you all get
when a girl is in distress Wow! Yeah…Let me start Dude! Dude, she just removed it! Thanks This is the guy. Right? That’s him Bastard? He did not affect
just that girl’s life… but he also affected my
life in a major way! Just a minute What happened? Felt like the car’s
rear tyre had gone flat Hence, just wanted to confirm No problem. Everything’s fine Ok Madam… – See you
– Thanks Where did she go? Damn! Irritating! What is it, madam?
Nobody’s home? Well, my roommate has gone out She’ll be back Call her up My phone’s dead Do you wanna use my phone? I don’t know her number by heart Can’t you wait at your neighbor’s place? I got this. She’ll be back soon You may leave Well madam, it’s 1 ‘O clock and
how can you wait on the street? I said, I got this You carry on. It’s ok. Thank you No madam. No worries. I’ll wait until
your friend comes and then I shall leave No need. Told you, I got this.
I’ll take care I think I can take care of myself.
Please leave I guess you are
getting intimidated I have no issues in waiting. I’ll wait
until your friend returns and then leave Madam, you can wait in the car.
I’ll wait outside At least now ask your friend
to by heart your number Ok. Thanks – Ok. See you
– Excuse me I’m very sorry It was my fear that
made me react like that It’s ok We must be sorry For creating a society where every guy you
see after 10 pm appears to be a rapist We must apologize for that Well, not exactly Even at 1 A.M… we must be confident enough to
ask lift from a strange guy I wish the society will change
and it will happen someday Don’t stop at just making a wish We must do something about it Correct We’ll surely do Bye I kind of liked him He appeared genuine to me But then… Most of them who appear genuine… aren’t genuine actually Excuse me. Do you know the way to Infosys? Hi Even I have an interview
here, at Infosys For driver’s job? Actually I’m from the 2016
passed out batch, B.E/ECE I lost my job during recession Hence I drive cabs as a part time job When you meet the person you like
repeatedly, you either start hating them… or you start liking them more I started liking him even more I felt so comfortable with him Nice and slow I began to enjoy
the time I spend with him Then, I began to miss him
when he wasn’t around me I started admiring him a lot Hello I can’t hear you properly Well…no, there was
some distortion What time will you reach
the airport tomorrow? Ok. Then I shall come to
the airport around three I’ll go home in half an hour Anyway I have been going
to bed very late. Hence… Hello madam…You aren’t allowed
to smoke inside the car What? You aren’t allowed
to smoke inside the car What the fuck? What’s
your problem, man? Can’t you hear me? What are you doing? Hello madam, step out
of the car, first! – Hey! What the hell?
– I said, step out! What the fuck is
your problem, man? Who gave you the permission
to smoke inside the car? I say you are not allowed
and yet you keep smoking! Ain’t I paying you? I’ll
pay you extra for smoking Pay extra? Excuse me, I
consider my car very holy! Will you agree if I barge in and drink
in the hall room of your house? How dare you raise your voice? Do you know who I am? – I’m from an NGO
– I don’t care. Don’t smoke inside the car My car; my rules. Finish your smoking
out here. I’ll wait if you want We can continue the trip after that What the fuck? You are
harassing me, man! Harassing you? Stop talking like a retard! Madam! Madam, what are you doing? Why are you taking the keys.
Look! Return the keys Madam, return the keys! Hello! Return my keys, first! What are you doing, madam?
Give me the keys… – You’re behaving like a retard
– Who is it Dev? What’s the problem? Hello! Hello! Hello Dev! What happened? – Hello
– What happened? This lady, she was behaving crazy Wonder where she went She just threw my keys away! Dev… Have you watched proposal scenes in movies? Which one’s your favorite? It’s Praveen Hello Tell me NEWS: Maya hails from Mylapore in Chennai.
Last night around 11 pm… NEWS: She had booked a cab
from the beach to her house NEWS: She claimed that the
cab driver, Dev was drunk… NEWS: And he drove in a rash manner
and parked at a lonely place After that….Thanks to you all He was bailed out of the
prison after a week And the job that he was about to get… Thanks to you guys I… I’m confused about what’s
happening around me Just because a girl said it… – how can everyone believe it and…
– Let’s get married What? Let’s fix a date for our wedding – What are you blabbing?
– Blabbing? We both know At times, silence speaks volumes I don’t know In this situation, your family members… won’t agree for sure I have no idea what’s
gonna happen with my life I was all alone till 3
am on that day, Dev But you waited, just for my safety Back then… we didn’t knew each other But now, I’m in love with you, Dev No way I’m gonna leave you stranded We thought we’ll make the
world understand the truth This case has been going on
for almost five years now Guess why That girl didn’t turn up
for even a single hearing Because she is studying
abroad, says her father In these five years any job he found,
maximum one month is all he works… by then they come to know of
the incident and fire him This kept chasing him everywhere You guys continued to browse through social media to abuse Nanjil
Sampath, Vijaykanth, Rajnikanth, Julie, Aishwarya and Siva Kumar But there was not even a mongrel
amongst you, interested to hear us out After a point it started
affecting him psychologically ( Voices of people abusing him) Dev! – Get lost!
– I couldn’t see him like that It was too hard on us His mother couldn’t bear the insult
and she passed way in a heart attack Each and every wrong share
done by each of you… has ruined an individual’s life Ok, answer me this… If anyone comes to you and tells you
that your mother slept with someone Will you guys believe it blindly? No. Right? Then how come you believe and share
a post regarding a stranger? After all he is a stranger We don’t care about anyone’s life.
Isn’t it? Remember, someday someone will
ruin your life like you’ve ruined his Your haters can make this world
believe that you are a pervert This can happen to your elder brother, younger
brother,father…in fact even to your husband Then you’ll know… Then you’ll know… If I hadn’t known him… then I too might have
shared that post Please… do not share any post without
knowing the truth behind it Please Some of you seem to ask
in the comment section… that why didn’t we say this till now? We did! We did… I posted about it eight times
in my Facebook profile I informed the press
n number of times We both have revealed all this in
FB live for more than 10 times But all that videos… not more than 40 people watched it Now, we released a filthy teaser… and a girl is about to release
something completely nude And millions of you line up to watch that! On top of that you call
me ‘Item’, ‘Whore’ And many comments asking me ‘ How
many of them did your mom sleep with?’ All comments from fake profiles You fake profile bastards… comment from your original profile
with original pic if you have guts I dare you to show your guts! This didn’t happen just
to me but many of them Three boys were arrested in Haryana
for harassing two girls inside a bus Later the guys were released after the
girls failed the lie detector test and that too after two years Those guys wanted to join the army And in those two years they crossed
the age limit to join the army Their passion and goals… that’s it! Similarly, Sarvjeet Singh
in Delhi and many more Gossiping and spreading
rumors about a person… is very much
entertaining, isn’t it? And this guy called Kalai… It is you, who literally killed
him with your comments in musically Look. Look at some
of the comments How do we believe you? Why can’t it be that you are staging
all of this to escape from the case? No matter what we say… there will always be some who’ll talk
like this and we know it very well In order to prevent what happened to
me from happening to anyone else… we are going to do something now Hereafter, before you share
anything about anyone… our faces should come to your mind

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  2. Can't control my tear s am a normal girl using social medias and also sharing dat type of every vedios which means dnt repeat anyone. but I don't think a second time so I feel so sadly after watching this if I was shared even a single fake msg .. I say sorry for all any way …. Gudwrk guys

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  7. It is an excellent short movie to denounce the social media impact and damage on society and people lives. However, saying that girls are lying about sexual assault is extremely wrong because we all know how many files are piling on police desks about rape and other sexual assault on innocent women. India is a patriarchal society. Men makes the rules and usually women are the victims.

    They should have changed the subject. I can't accept a man being the victim because it is extremely rare.

  8. It's amazing act… Society need this type of stort movies… From this act we shloud know that don't judge a book by it's cover…. Don't think all girls are good herared…. Some are their like stone hearted…. So plz don't share any matter without knowing it's true or not…. It may a small video for u but it is someone's whole life…. Tears in my eyes for this act…

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  16. such a realistic script…… drivers use to install and open camera while driving at night for both security purpose……

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