YouTube Rewind 2019: The Musical

Watch. Real. Close— See what was on your mind… Show you the hots; And show you the nots. Let’s take a look behind… Ladies and Gentlemen,
and Gender-nonconformists! Hope you had a magical 2019. Watch!
Subscribe! It’s time to see which signals
rose above the noise. 2019 Rewind! ♪ (musical build up) ♪ 5,6,7,8! Did’ya see the biggest
stunts in the Vlogosphere? The wilder the stunt,
the better the year. For a brand-new car,
make friends with David Dobrik. Safiya shares a kiss with
an enormous lipstick; Tana ‘marries’ Jake in the City of Sin, while Jake promotes
gambling to, yes, children… Marques gets interviews with Elon and Bill; and we celebrated coming out with Dan and Phil. How could anyone forget the
pride of Eugene Yang? Or Keith in a van taping
a taco mukbang. We rewind to remind you of all the good and the bad We rewind and it’s all designed to steal you away from your day,
while you watch some corporate short ad. ♪ (musical build up) ♪ We rewind to remind us of where we went off track… but most of all, we rewind to pat ourselves on the back. EXTRA! EXTRA! #1 on Trending! Shane Dawson just released
an 18-part conspiracy series! we haven’t even talked about Area 51 yet! Or the USC scandal! Or Old Town Road!
-Or how weird Sonic looked! (speaking all at once) (power surge) ♪ (spooky music) ♪ It’s brilliant! Or is it insane? This theory– from the bright mind of Shane. And did you ever think why a pizza might turn out malformed? Might I suggest, that Charles E. Cheese’s, takes out old pieces, and delivers them to you… rewarmed! I’m just asking questions. He’s just asking questions. Feeling bamboozled
by the beauty industry? Would you prefer a pallette
from Jeffree and me? He’s just asking questions. UGH that shade is SICK. I’m just asking questions. See you believe me,
the mouse is a rat! I swear to god that
I did not f*** my cat! He swears to God he did not f*** his cat! ♪ (ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh oooohhh) ♪ (sad Naruto run) Sup ya beautiful bastards!
Hope you’re having a fantastic rewind! Let’s just jump back into it! And the next thing we’re
going to talk about is how the corporate Indian
YouTube channel known as T-Series has officially passed PewDiePie as the number one creator on the platform. Does this finally take the “You” out of “YouTube?” Well, one thing we know for sure… Felix, you didn’t stand a chance. Foolish foe,
Crazy bro, Dukin’ it out with an entire corporation. Just one guy?
Are you high? Our subscriber base is the
entire Indian nation. How did you think you
would ever keep up? But I was number one…. Yeah, well, we’re a subcontinent. Foolish foe, crazy bro… Ahhhh…. ♪ (Les Mis rip-off) ♪ 9-year olds, they beat me to 100 mill, so I’m off to The Ranch with Dr. Phil. 9-year olds, swear to me you won’t take it hard. Go play some Minecraft
in your virtual yard. 9-year olds, I swear to you that I will rise again, with you beside me
and Jöergen and Sven. And even though they won this climb…. my Meme Review will win next time! Watch more fights.
Watch more feuds. And subscribe to PewDiePie! ♪ (somber piano) ♪ For some,
the drama might be a riot. For some,
there may be something to gain. But rewinding from a different side of it, Yeah, looking back may
mean facing some pain. We rewind to remember. We rewind to say I’m sorry. We rewind to forgive and to forget. Hoping that next year may
be our best year yet… Why not fight for a new number? Why not fight for things that matter? Why not fight though it
might not be a breeze? Who needs 20 million views? Let’s fight for 20 million trees. Here we go! 20 MILLION TREES! FOR THE 2020’s! 20 MILLION TREES! FOR THE 2020’s! Changing the world!
-One tree at a time! Fixin’ the planet!
-One tree at a time! Rise to the challenge—- One tree at a time. 20 MILLION TREES!
FOR THE 2020’s! Donate now!
-Dreams to the front! Join up with the mission!
-Horses in the back! Link in the description below!
-Til we’re back on track. We rewind to remember. We rewind to see our story. We rewind to forgive and to forget. We rewind to move on
forward to the best year yet. Our best year yet! Our best year— Though our mistakes have been plenty, when we rewind, our hindsight is… 2020. Our best year yet!

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