YouTube Star David Dobrik’s Talk Show Debut

YouTube Star David Dobrik’s Talk Show Debut

Our next guest is a social media phenomenon with nose to 13 million YouTube subscribers Okay his immensely popular channel has received almost 5 billion views a billion with a “B” With a big “B” Please welcome David Dobrik It’s really catching the girls because I’ve seen these girls are having tears started falling Just For you wow, we’re good to see you. Thanks for coming. I’m so nervous mixer sauce with the budget of this show we can’t afford These not good enough to cry like that. Yeah, but that that right there Ladies, how old are you? 15 okay Wow I have 14 year old twins and you know They care nothing about what Dad does sure long as they’re good and they can go and do and that’s all they care about. Yeah They hit me up and said dad David don’t forget on the show Wow. Oh my god. Where are they now? OMG there better be in finishing up school. That’s Right there gotta get a video it’s in how much we love him in them. He loves us You could be their first question for that I have a problem with I’ll check it up later This is apparently your first it is national. Yeah. This is my Again you got you a gift man. I’m right here. Of course we did. There’s no surprise Here we go. Number of talk shells I’ve done But there is more as you do more shows you can keep on This might be zero I brought Zero options I’m staying with one. I have a surprise for you guys, too What I’ve well, I’ve been I’ve been I’ve been a little under the weather. So I’ve been taking ginger shots So wait a minute, do you have one – thank God. Yeah. I got one as well I had one yesterday for the for the first time. It was the the craziest experience. It was I think I started hallucinating So we’re gonna take one. I feel like it’s a good start to the morning. So Cheers Pretty good That’s all the time we have So wait a minute speaking of time. We heard that you make your video specifically four minutes and 21 seconds Yeah, that’s very specific. Yeah, we’ve decided hey, why don’t we do that for the interview? Oh great You feel like 421 seconds like the optimum time that people pay attention Yeah So I started on vine so I know like a lot of people only like watching things in like little bursts So I feel like I can’t watch a video over three minutes So I know that a lot of people don’t like doing that so formats like the perfect we like the four minutes 21 seconds things So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna time your interview you’re already being timed right now So here we go, you know, I think a lot of people with specifically your videos I think we actually have a clip of one one that receives a 13 million views we can show 13 million. No, you are kureta here. Open your eyes Very just like oh this just casually happened But then when you talk about, you know, you’ve studied by and you study at the time that people actually pay attention There’s actually a lot of work in in critical Analysis behind this it is like if I feel like are my friends and I are always trying to find ways to have fun I feel like that’s like the toughest part is finding a new way to have fun It’s fun, but it also is work because it’s like what are we doing today? Yeah, yeah that was we surprised I surprised a bunch of my friends with a baby cub and Surprising people is like a big thing in my videos. I love surprising people with like cars animals the whole thing ginger ginger shine. Yeah But I got a question. I’ll have you hosted anything online and said oh man Maybe I shouldn’t have done that when you regretted it. No, not yet. But I know I Know it’s coming and I want to apologize for it I don’t know. That’s that’s like one of my biggest fears is posting something that makes too many people angry, but right for now I’m good, but who knows? Yeah now your personality online. Is that does that care? is that really who you are a hundred percent of the time or doesn’t actually Poorly affect sometimes your actual everyday world being this YouTube phenomenon. I don’t know I think I think it’s pretty accurate of Who I am I make my videos as authentic as it could possibly be and it’s literally if the cameras weren’t on that’s what my friends and I would be doing would just Be hanging out and acting the same way So, I think it’s pretty accurate That kind of burst it all like you got you and your friends were hanging out and just say you know what? Let’s just feel me one day. Yeah a hundred percent. I remember when I first started filming my friends They all absolutely hated it and like I think that’s why it worked is because no one wanted to be on camera They all like we we were literally just hanging on there. Like why are you putting a camera in her face? And I think that’s what made it so special because it was so like I feel like I’m gonna throw up from all this Yeah, that was a lot of Your friends in these videos do they volunteer now or do you have to steal coax them in to do it So it’s it’s 50/50. It depends what we’re doing if it’s something fun Then they’re down for it. But if it’s something scary then then it takes a while to convince them to do something now I know it might be almost double time, but I want to ask you, you know, the YouTube thing being a YouTube YouTube sensation that’s something that’s been going on for the Five years we’ve realized that people can actually make a world for themselves They want to be a part of how do you feel about that? Like being a part of that? You think you’re gonna do this forever or what? Do you see it transforming into for you? I don’t know I feel like I feel like I’m kind of playing it by ear. I feel like there’s so many different opportunities that come From YouTube and like with the audience that that I’ve made for myself. It’s I don’t know I really don’t know and I’m kind of scared but I But I’m hopeful and hoping that I find something cool to do after YouTube. I’m very excited to what yeah I’m excited and it’s cool you here man

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  1. they showed only 3 seconds of a david vlog because that’s the only thing that was PG-rated enough to show on GMA 😂😂😂

  2. Who? Literally never heard of him. How is he a "star"? Let me guess: he's a star because all he does is just sit around and whine about his life, or he shows us what's in his closet, or he tries different brands of coffee on camera, or something else mundane like that that otherwise defeats the purpose of YouTube for people who actually put time, work and effort into their content?

  3. i am like a proud mother right now even if this guy is 3 years older than me. go booba, i am proud of you, son!

  4. I've been watching youtube videos for 10 years, I've never heard of David Dobrik's but after watching this I'm a ultimate fan lol

  5. I think Seatgeek buying all those cars was money well spent cause now every time David says he has a surprise for someone in my head I hear, "Seatgeek is an amazing app that lets you…

  6. Why can’t this girl have a talk show by herself? She carries the show her self, she doesn’t need a Co host or a chaperone she can do it alone. Micheal got enough going on give the girl her own show damn.

  7. the why'd you let me hug you was a fucking low blow… what a stupid bitch to say that…. I have to admit.. I laughed though.. She also didn't do any research on him because the 4:21 is 4:20 just because of getting high etc…. Nothing to do with people only wanting to pay attention for just 4 min ''21'' second like she says.. I don't give a fuck if she is funny and a unique character, show respect to the people you interview by doing research on them first and don't act like a clueless bitch…

  8. ok but he said i would never post something that would make people mad


  9. I don't usually watch talk shows but, Sara and Michael and so chill and likable. If I had cable I would definitely watch!

  10. I can’t believe this kid made it to The big screen! Once I seen how he treated #Trisha Paytas I lost so much respect for him! But I guess that’s the free pass you get when your audience is elementary level that don’t yet know any better!

  11. That whole 4 minute thing being a perfect time and thinking about it is bullshit😂😂he makes them 4:20 for the weed joke wtf🤣😂😂

  12. David lied about the accuracy of his youtube persona… we all seen jason, carly and erin or any other vs vlogs. You sleep and edit 90% of the time

  13. It’s so funny that only David and his Fan laughed when she said 4 minutes and 21 seconds 😂😂

    That part of the video is at 3:06 🙂

  14. Youtube keeps showing me interviews of this dude David, i dont know on earth who he is, what is famous for and i cant care less, yet i still clicking into this kind of videos just to figure out what is his deal

  15. Shes a really good interviewer. Great energy. Great inflection in her voice. She brought a smile to my face and I was purely here for Dobrik. shes very talented.

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