Yudh Ek Jung Hindi Dubbed Movie | Telugu Dubbed Movie HD with English Subtitles

Yudh Ek Jung Hindi Dubbed Movie | Telugu Dubbed Movie HD with English Subtitles

STATUTORY WARNING Hi, Frank. – Hi, Vicky. How are you? Too late, man. – Traffic, brother. How much did you bring?
– As usual, 2 kgs. The dealers are increasing
and the demand of the users too. How many people will
I manage with 2 kgs? Please try and increase the supply. What else to do?
There’s a lot of police observation. What do you mean ‘observation’? Until my father is a minister,
you needn’t fear about anything. I know how to handle the police. Let’s have a look. Hello, sir. Good evening.
I hope you are enjoying the party. Did you like the food items?
Why don’t you try this? Hey, did I ask for it?
Get lost! – Okay, sir. Please enjoy. Come. Sorry. Don’t move! We’ve been tracing
you past three months.. ..we finally caught you. Do you know who I am? I know you are minister’s son. We waited for all these days
to catch you red-handed. Not even your father will
be able to save you today. Prabhakar, take them into custody. Prabhakar? Sir, before going for an encounter,.. ..you need to check whether
there’s bullet in the gun or not. You must also know whether
your team is loyal or not. Prabhakar, while killing someone,
you need to be calm. You must not be hasty. The waiter saw everything!
Look for him! Catch him! Stop! Catch him! Stop! Hey! Where did he go? He must be hiding somewhere around. Come fast! – Come! He is lucky to get away! Boss, he got away! If someone finds out,
there will be a problem. We must kill him somehow. Almighty! MUSLIM PRAYERS Almighty! It’s morning! My grandson remains busy with his
work leaving his grandpa who’s blind. We must go inside.
– Wait, he is praying. Who is it? I’m Akbar. Akbar. How are you? So unfortunate. – What happened? Your grandson Rasool has hung himself. You were praying underneath
his body for all this while. Impossible! My grandson! Dear! Dear, you can’t commit suicide! Somebody bring him down! Almighty! My grandson committed suicide!
He wasn’t so weak! Dear! – Grandpa, I’m police officer,
your grandson’s colleague. Yesterday, he was caught
red-handed taking bribe. Hence he committed suicide…
– No! It’s a lie! I had taught him about
honesty ever since childhood. He can never become a traitor
even at the cost of his life. Before joining the police,
he’d promised on Kuran to be honest. And after making such a promise,
no Muslim will commit sin. Almighty will never forgive
the one who committed such a sin. Almighty will never forgive him! “Lord Ganesh! You are son of Gauri.” “You ease everyone’s problem.” “Lord Ganesh, you are the hope.
People trust you.” “Lord Ganesh! You are son of Gauri.
You ease everyone’s problem.” “O Lord, erase all the worries,
erase all the sorrows.” “You dwell in our hearts. You run in our
veins. Everyone sing praises for you.” “Hail Lord Ganesha!” “Hail Lord Ganesha!” “Hail Lord Ganesha!” “Hail Lord Ganesha!” “Lord Ganesha! You are son of Gauri.
You ease everyone’s problem.” “Lord Ganesh, you are the hope.
People trust you.” “Hail Lord Ganesha!” “Hail Lord Ganesha!” Hail Lord Ganesha! “You are my devotion.
You are my prayers.” “Show right path to everyone.” “The magic of your devotion is unique.” “Everyone prays to you.
You save us from angel of death.” “The one who chants your name,
doesn’t fear anyone.” “You are great.
You are everyone’s god.” “Since we’ve worshipped you,
our problems have vanished.” “Lord Ganesh! You are son of Gauri.” “You ease everyone’s problem.” “Lord Ganesh, you are the hope.
People trust you.” “You dwell in our hearts.
You run in our veins.” “Everyone sing praises for you.” Hail Lord Ganesha! Hail Lord Ganesha! Hail Lord Ganesha! Hail Lord Ganesha! Will you have coffee? Sister-in-law, coffee. Here. In spite of refusing. – Here. Wake up, its morning! Coffee! What will I do waking up in the morning?
Allow me to sleep in peace at times. Darn it!
Kalyani, is the breakfast ready! If we don’t have breakfast within 7:30.. ..there will be trouble.
– You got started again. He isn’t trouble. He is our son-in-law. I’ll serve breakfast
only after he grants permission. Should we now seek his permission
for even having breakfast? Grandpa, uncle’s here! He’s here!
– Oh my God. Brother-in-law’s here! Father, you will get caught even today. I will settle here. Mother-in-law,
green vegetables for good health. Where is father-in-law? – 147! 148! 149! Today’s exercise is over! I have doing dips past half-an-hour. Time for breakfast. – Breakfast later. Start exercising first. I have been doing it past half-an-hour. You’re acting. Your video has already
been leaked on Whatsapp. Breakfast only after exercise. Father, is this a house or a jail?
– Shut up! There are no such strict rules even
in jail. I feel like committing crime.. ..and going to jail.
That would be better. Father, I sprained my neck. What’s this? Should I drink soup even on a holiday? Here. – What’s special for me today? Have you ever seen
a lion eating vegetables? If I observe fast,
I will at least receive blessings. If I eat this, I will be cursed. It is son-in-law’s order,
you’ll have to eat it. Son-in-law! Isn’t there a solution to this problem? Here’s he is!
Please come, Mr. Krishnachari! Have a seat.
You have come at breakfast time. – Yes. Priest Krishnachari is here! Bring pan cakes with ghee! Pan cakes with ghee? Didn’t you make non-vegetarian food? Today is Saturday. If we don’t eat non-vegetarian
food since it is Saturday.. ..will the goats stop
eating grass on Sundays? Mr. Krishnachari. – Yes.
– Problems in our house is increasing. We’d asked for solution, did you
find any solution in the scriptures? I have sent your problem
to God through a pen drive.. ..and He has replied the
solution to me through satellite. If you demolish all the
stairs in your house.. ..your problem will be solved. Demolish the stairs? – Which stairs?
The stairs used for climbing? You sound like the disciple
of an idiot not mine. Do you know a lot about Vastu? Yes, I’m an expert in Vastu reading. You won’t understand. If it is so, do you know how many
sages have written Vastu scriptures? How many sages have written
Vastu scriptures? Who are they? You don’t know who they are? Dhigu, Athri, Vashisht.. ..Vishwakarma,
Maya, Narad, Nagnajiti, Vishalaksh.. ..Indra, Brahma, Sanathkumar.. ..Nandeshwar, Sonak, Garg.. ..Vasudev, Anirudh.. ..Shukra and Brihaspati,
these eighteen people.. ..are famous for writing
Vastu scriptures? We think we know a lot.. ..but we know nothing. If you have knowledge then share it.. ..if you don’t have it,
don’t misguide anyone. Mr. Lakshmi Narayan,
you got a priest insulted, I’m hurt. I was insulted a lot.
– Mr. Krishnachari! You will never prosper unless
your son-in-law in this house. Mark my words! Hey! – What? – Call him. Hello, daddy. How are you? I am very unhappy. What’s the matter?
– I don’t get sleep during the night.. ..stomach upset, restless all day. I’m sick and tired.
I can’t tolerate anymore. Either come down, otherwise
take your husband from here and go. Why are you telling all this? –
There is no value for us in this house. Your husband talks about rules
all the time, he teaches us discipline. He talks about staying away from fights,
he treats us like kids. Kamya, there’s no entertainment
or enjoyment or excitement. Your husband is turning
into a warder in the hostel. Kamya, sweets causes diabetes,
semolina porridge increases cholesterol. We are unable to eat anything we want. We have become like
the prisoners in the jail. You’re will surely
gain through hard work. Hard work?
– He is doing it for our betterment. Betterment?
– By the way, just few days to go. Please adjust until I come back.
– She is suggesting us to adjust. “Salutation for the age 16.” So are you back.
You’re never at home during nights.. ..and sleep during day times. You have no time for me. Whereas I give you all my time. Listen, you must take me
for shopping today. Wake up now. How did you come out so fast? I was never inside.
There’s someone else inside. But I’m very tired,
my whole body is aching. Let me sleep for some time.
– When did he enter our house? You are trying to pretend before me? Brother! – I didn’t eat anything
from the fridge, sister! Your brother-in-law is suspecting
me of having affair with him. Hey! Why did you barge into my house? Take a good look, you’re in our house.
– Your house? Yes, it’s not my house. So you kidnapped me. Look Hema Patnaik, also tell the
society what you did with me all night. Ask her. – It is you
who owe an answer to me! To contest against me for
the position of colony president.. ..he is conspiring against
me to malign my image. Madam, you’re mistaken. The colony knows that
he suffers from sleepwalking. Am I right? – Yes. He was once about to ram into a truck.. ..I then saved his life. – Sleepwalk? You’re new to the colony. My brother Ramesh Pathro.. ..do you know he was found
on the next day of his wedding night? What are you doing beside my wife?
– Shut up! I stay with my wife not yours! You idiot, look beside you. Oh my God! I went to bed with my wife.. ..then how did she come beside me? Other than sleepwalking.. ..he doesn’t sleep with else’s wife.
Am I right, sister-in-law? You were telling me about how to
defeat her in the election last night.. ..then how did you land in her house? Idiot, you must not
do such talk in public. You heard what he said. He barged into my house to malign me. Ramesh Pathro! It’s my sister who’ll win the election
even if you conspire against her. Shut up! I will win
the election in the colony. I will build a new society! Brother, I will paint the
building of the new society. The new society isn’t a building. Did you find him? – Not yet, father. You didn’t kill a common man,.. ..you have killed
a sincere police officer. If you are caught.. ..I will lose my position
and you will go to jail. It is not so easy to kill someone
without leaving evidence behind. You easily killed the police officer.. ..but you let the witness get away.
Are you crazy? The police always look for evidence.. ..the oppositions
look for an opportunity. Even if the police finds
the police officer’s body.. ..but it shouldn’t find the witness. Find him wherever he is and finish him. Anu, don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen to me. I will call you if needed
but you don’t call me. Bye. According to the information,
he was seen in the surrounding area. Sorry sir, I didn’t see you. – It’s okay. Any problem? – Nothing, sir. Thank you. Good morning, sir! – Good morning! Good morning, sir! – Good morning! Good morning, sir! – Good morning! Good morning, sir! – Good morning! You’re the proprietor of
Dharma Group of companies.. ..someday, your company.. – Your
plan is to acquire it by cheat, right? Never express your feelings.
– I heard you. Sir, without your permission.. ..I wish to take a selfie.
Just a minute, sir. Smile, sir. Uncle. – Yes, Chandu. How’s the wedding preparations
going on? – The talks are on. I don’t know what will happen further.
– Don’t worry. You’re a good man.
Only good things will happen with you. Any suitable work, please let me know. I’ll surely tell you.
– Wait, I will do it. – You can’t do it. Chandu. – Yes, Uma. I am unable to insert the CD,
please help me. – Okay. Thank you, Chandu. – Welcome. Vimala, phone the farmers
and order for stock. Mr. Chandu has already done it. Revati, call the supplier
and ask him to increase the stock. Mr. Chandu has already done it.
– Chandu! Chandu! Chandu! Am I the manager or he? Chandu! What happened?
Why are you yelling? – Frustration. About what? – Do you work in the mart
or in girls’ hearts? What do you mean? – The girls get
overexcited just by hearing your name. Chandu is not like that.
– Then what kind of a man is he? Why are you encouraging him? Mr. Babu, don’t forget
you’ve applied for loan. You’re mistaken, Mr. Pathro. You know Chandu is married. No man would ever
let go a beautiful girl. You’re mistaken. I don’t look at girls
with wrong intention. So you look at them with good intention? Hey! – What’s going on? You’re a bad man. First, you fell in love with me,
then promised to marry me.. ..and disappeared all of a sudden? Miss you. – Where did you come from?
– Are you seeing, Prabhas? He pretends so well. All the girls in the
town are crazy about him. You got angry because
I kissed you? – What? Or are you angry because
I kissed you just once? No matter how much you torment me.. ..my arms will always be open for you. Let’s meet in the usual
place in the evening. Bye! Did you see?
He only pretends to be a good man. And you people hold me wrong. Nobody says anything about him. No matter who says what
but we know Chandu very well. That girl must’ve mistaken Chandu. Oh my God! It’s so good! Seeing your acting,
any director will make you a heroine. ‘Miss you! – Where did you come from?’ Poor man! I troubled him
just to portray my acting skills. I will go apologize to him. I’ll just be back.
He must’ve felt very bad. – Wait! Apologize to him some other day.
We’re already late. We have to submit the clip. – But he… My son-in-law was talking to a girl? I can’t believe it. He is like fire. You need fire to do the job too. There shouldn’t be any
fear or shyness to work. What are you doing here?
– He’s my classmate. He’s the only friend alive. Let me tell you. Similar kind of incident had
happened with Pushpendar’s son-in-law. He had two women in his life. So my son-in-law also… – He just
pretends to be a good man in the house. Stop him.
– I can’t tolerate such comment. Your daughter and your son-in-law
are away from each other. Meaning? – We’re in a misconception. If you get so irritated,
how will you run the business? What will you do now?
– Look, this the route. Priest, we cannot enter this
way every time. – This is called Vastu. Unless Jupiter doesn’t come to the fifth
position, you’ll have to use this way. OTHER LANGUAGE OTHER LANGUAGE Greetings, priest. Greetings.
– Bless you. What are you doing here,
Mr. Krishnachari? – A casual visit. Before the crows caw.. ..call your son-in-law
and tie him up in the house. Go give it to him. – You go, father. What if he throws
the hot water on my face? Sir, don’t delay. It’s been half-an-hour since he’s come.. ..otherwise he’ll lecture
you on punctuality. What was going on in the mart today? Working. Working or working out? What kind of a question is that? What were you talking with that girl? What? Girl? – The girl coming
running to the mart this morning.. ..and you standing
romantically like a hero. I don’t know who that girl was. She came all of a sudden
and left at once. I don’t even know where she lives. I don’t know if I will see her again. And why are you inquiring me about…
– Hi, Mr. Chandu! I finally found you. Thank God. I got it.
I want disturb both of you. Who are you? – I’m sorry, Mr. Chandu. How do you know my name? I had been to the mart
to apologize to you.. ..they gave me your details. I’m Indu. Do you see how he is shaking
hand with her, Mr. Krishnachari? This is nothing.
She kissed him in the mart. Really?
– Actually, I want to become a heroine.. ..so I had to make
a video for the audition.. ..which will be watched
by a film director.. ..hence I acted with you in the mart. My friend shot everything
and sent it to the director. I troubled you without your permission,
so I’m sorry. – It’s okay. So you’re not upset with me? – No. I hope you haven’t misunderstood me? Not at all. But my family misunderstood me.
– I’m sorry, Mr. Chandu. Go apologize to my family. Do you know what she
will come here and say? ‘I don’t know who Mr. Chandu is.’ ‘He is a very good man.’ ‘Everything was just acting.’ ‘Don’t misunderstand him.’ This is what she will say. Hi. Hello. – Hello. I don’t know who Mr. Chandu is. I’m meeting him for
the first time today. Everything was acting. Please don’t misunderstand him.
Thank you. – Okay. You’re great. What you said was absolutely right. I read your son-in-law
and the girl’s lips. I can also predict the future. That is Krishnachari. But after
seeing the girl’s body language.. ..I sense something fishy. The curry is tasty.
– Who are you? How did you get inside? The one who knocks
the door is a gentleman.. ..and the one who barges in
is a bad man. We are bad men. – What do you want? Your brother. – I don’t know. I don’t know about
his whereabouts. – Lie! We know your brother is in touch
with you that’s why we’ve come here. We won’t leave you until you don’t
tell us your brother’s whereabouts. I really don’t know. If you don’t tell us the next time,
you won’t be spared. Don’t put your life at stake
by hiding the truth. Mind it. We are very, very, very bad men. Bye. Grandma, tell me the names
of ten wild animals. – Five lion.. ..four bears and your uncle. You don’t know anything.
Get away. – Son-in-law, coffee. Your father-in-law
is upset since last night. Is a girl trying to get close to you?
– No, mother-in-law. I happened to meet the girl
in the mart and then in the coffee shop. And then she will come
to our colony as well. Bhabu, this is the house! Stop! Mr. Chandu! Hi! Watch her, she will come
to our son-in-law and tell him.. ..’Hi, Mr. Chandu. You are here?’ And son-in-law will say
‘this is my house.’ And she will say ‘I’m actually
shifting in the opposite house.’ ‘It’s really shocking, isn’t it?’ And our son-in-law, he’ll look
at us as if he doesn’t know anything. Mr. Chandu, you are here? This is my house. I’m actually shifting
in the opposite house. It’s really shocking, isn’t it? I’ll just come. I’ll just shift
my stuff and come, okay? Bye! Unload them!
– Bhanu, Mr. Chandu lives here! Is it? – Yes.
– Someone new in the colony? Hi, Indu! – Hi, aunt! Our house is very lucky,
you’ll surely become a heroine. Did you see what Chandu did, Prabhas. He brought her directly to the colony. You won’t have any
problem in the colony. Thank you, aunt.
– You’re a problem yourself. Hema Patnaik, you cannot
rent the house to anybody you want. Who are you to say that? My sister’s the president of the colony.
– It’s she who takes the decision. Maybe in your house. If your wife is the ruling party,
we’re from the opposition party. Even we have the rights. – Just shut up. I’m the president of the colony,
she will stay here. Those in movie industry
create problems wherever they go. Their presence itself is nuisance.
– Respect! Should we respect those who
fool people by putting up makeup? Actors put makeup on their faces.. ..but people like you fool
people even without makeup. Do you know what films means? Like all the river unite in the ocean.. ..you will see various
kinds of acting in films. Many great actors
from the film industry.. ..have changed the
reputation of our country.. ..made places in hearts
and have shown the right path. Understandings the
scriptures in a proper way.. ..peeping into the history.. ..or creating history again.. ..it is possible only through films. Film industry is the
only industry where people.. ..forget their religions,
caste and creed and work together. Well said! Are you watching? Son-in-law is seriously supporting
her just to get her a house. Chandu is absolutely right. Permit her to stay in the colony. Unload the goods. – Come on! Unload them! – Thank you, Mr. Chandu.
Thank you so much. Listen, because of your husband, that
girl will stay opposite to our house. You will stay there and.. ..your mother and I will
nurture his second wife’s children. Come down immediately.
– So what, father? He doesn’t entertain anybody. No woman can divert him.
– You’re mistaken. Listen to me. Hang up the phone, father. Why are you dragging the
matter because of your suspicion? Dear! He brought the girl
to the colony directly. I got it. – What do you mean?
– There is no limit for romance. It is great pleasure! “Your zero size figure drives me crazy.” “Pull out your cell
phone and take a selfie.” “You’re such an awesome boy.” “You stole my heart
with your hot style.” “You’ve become very sexy.” “Don’t waste time,
it’s a wonderful company.” “You’re hot, I’m spicy.” “It is so much fun.” “You look naughty, darling.” “Tell me when should I whatsapp you?” “Whatsapp whenever you wish to.” “My touching system is Whatsapp, baby.” “Your style is intoxicating.” “You create commotion in my heart.” “Let’s set out through Google guide.” “Let’s romance on the other planet.” “Excuse me baby that sounds great.” “You look cute like the Jetty.” “There is no barriers, no restrictions,
enter into my heart like a rocket.” “Crossing the level of the thermometer,
the temperature has gone up.” “The beauty of your
DP has settled in my heart.” “You’re the omelet of love,
very tasty, I melt like ice cream.” “You’re spicy as hot
chili chicken wafer.” “I will show the teaser by showing a
sample and then close all the chapters.” “I have learnt your password,
let’s get connected now.” Hi, Mr. Chandu! – Hi! How is your auditions going? Tomorrow’s the final dance audition.
– All the best. Since you wished me,
I will surely get selected. – But how? I met you for the first time in March.. ..and I got selected for the auditions. The second time,
I met you in the coffee shop. And seeing to-let board there.. ..I entered your colony. Third time, I met you near your house.. ..and I got selected in the finals.
You’re my lucky charm. If you change the address,
you think we won’t find you? Any news about your brother?
– No. I don’t know where he is. I swear. – Prabhas, I got an idea. We got insulted in the
colony because of this girl.. ..let’s take advantage of
the situation and earn respect. Superb idea. – I am asking you politely.. ..and you’ve taken us for granted. In search of God! Pray to God that you don’t
encounter demons like us. The demons can do anything. What is your problem? – Who are you? Are you her boyfriend? Her brother ran away since
he couldn’t repay the money. In search of brother. You look like a gentleman to me. Take my phone number.. ..and make your girlfriend
understand in your way. And if she doesn’t,
even you won’t be able to save her. I am giving you one day. Make her understand. How dare you stare at me? Eyes down! Hey! How dare you? Who are you? I’m their guardian! If anything happens to them,
I won’t remain quiet! If anything happens to the ladies,
I don’t spare anyone! I am an angry man,
I’m the weapon of this colony Get going from here! You hit me? You, him and him.. ..and this blind man.. ..I will.. – Will you adopt them? I’m so generous to adopt them. I’m dangerous,
I will hack everyone into pieces. Boss, I think he is mad. Let go. Go away! You threaten the innocent people. I am the guardian of this colony. The day you lock horns with me.. ..the news about your death
will be published in the papers. Fantastic! Very good! – Wow! Marvelous! You’re selected! Thank you, sir! – Well done! Yes! – I can’t believe this! Here is your advance. And you’re the heroine of my film. So see you at the shoot, okay? Thank you so much!
– All the best! Let’s go! We’re receiving complaints
regarding stocks. Check the expiry dates,
there should be no complaints again. Hello. – Mr. Chandu! Good news! I got selected
as heroine in the auditions. Congratulations! You may go! They also gave me cheque. All this because of your wishes. You have to throw the first party.
– Where are you? I’m near culture academy. I’m very happy today. It’s my dream come true. My life will get changed from today. Hey! What are you doing? Where are you taking me? Let go! – Come! Hello? Indu! – Let go! Move! My mother was a popular dancer! She spent all her life
performing on the stage. Her dream was to see me
become a successful heroine. But she died even before that. I have to fulfill my mother’s last wish
at any cost. Give me the mask! – I won’t! Uncle, I want the mask
but she is not giving it to me! Uncle, it’s mine.
I won’t give it to him. Here’s my phone number. Her brother ran away since
he couldn’t repay the money. Make your girlfriend
understand in your way. If she doesn’t,
even you won’t be able to save her. Well done, guys. The youths in our state
have started liking this powder a lot. Next year, the business will be double. It is our duty to drag
all the youths into drugs. Vicky, forget business. Come, let’s have a drink. Hey! Who are you? He is the same man we
met in the colony that day. Why did you come here? – To free Indu! Boss, did you abduct
any girl last night? We abduct 5 to 6 girls every day.
Who is your girl? Look, I know that she is with you. I’m here to repay the
money her brother owes you. We didn’t abduct any girl. Go away. You didn’t understand? Get going! She’s here to become a heroine,
she also got selected. Her career will get ruined. Please release her. – I see.
Hero is here to save the heroine. Both of you have a great understanding. Do you love her truly? – Absolutely. Not just her, but the entire society. And you too.
– Look, Swamy Vivekanand is here. Great! She’s not speaking up
in spite of thrashing her. Give her a break. – Okay, boss. If you feel the money
what I gave is less.. ..I’ll get you more. Please release that girl. We don’t want money,
we want her brother. It is a serious matter. We cannot release her until he comes. If you want her released,
go get her brother. Understand? Go. If we don’t find him,
we will molest her.. ..we will kill her and throw
her in the middle of the road. Her brother will then
come here looking for her. Go. It is not your gun that decides
whether the person should live or die. It is God who decides. Release her. – Since you know her,.. ..you must also be knowing
her brother’s whereabouts too. Bring him within 24 hours. He has to be here otherwise.. ..your girlfriend will die. Go! Go! Get going! You troubled an innocent girl,
I was quiet. You ill talked about her,
I remained quiet. You think I’ll still remain
quiet when her honour is at stake? You’re in a misconception. If I don’t thrash all of
you and plead me for your lives.. ..I’m don’t deserve to be a man. Do you know who you are beating? Take a look at my history,
there’s only bloodshed. There will be bloodshed
in your history.. ..but in my history, there’s murder. Why are you beating like this?
Are you a human being or an animal? Stop! I don’t make up my mind and if I did,
I don’t change it. You made a grave sin abducting the girl. You don’t know who I am.
I’m minister’s son. If you beat me… Your father became a minister
to serve the people.. ..and not for you
to misuse his position. I didn’t want to create bloodshed.. ..had I decided, I would’ve done it. Liquor is injuries to health.. ..and locking horns
with me is injuries to life. Sir, are you okay?
Come, I will take you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Almighty will protect you! Almighty will keep you safe! Doctor. – Yes, sir. After the unit gets over, replace it.
– Okay, doctor. Nothing to worry.
She needs some more time to recover. Thank you. Listen, Bhanu. Look after Indu until
she gets discharged. Here’s her mobile.
If her brother phones, call me. Okay, Mr. Chandu. In the popular club of the city today.. ..24 people have been murdered brutally. One of them is minister
Govardhan Rao’s son. The man behind the murder is.. ..suspected to be connected
to the drug mafia. Seeing the murder.. ..one will wonder,
how can anyone kill so brutally? The police is trying to find the
killer in every corner of the country. ACP Jagadish Prasad
has sought ATS’s help. He has assured the media that
the killer will be nabbed very soon. Good morning. Did you find him? No, sir. – Who was he? Was he an undercover cop
or mafia or a terrorist? Why did he kill my son? What was the reason?
– The investigation is on.. ..we will find in a couple of days. Hey, not in couple of days. I will give you a month.. ..he should be given
brutal death than my son. I don’t care about losing my position
but I want him alive. Brother Partho! Brother Partho! Get up! Shut up! What is it?
– You have done a great job. What happened?
– You have created disaster, brother! You are so courageous,
you are so brave.. ..you are an invincible warrior, brother! Why are you praising him so much? What has brother done?
– Old man, look what brother has done? What has Mr. Pathro done? Look here. Oh my God. Numerous murders? That day when you talked about killing
the goons, we thought you were kidding. You have killed them for real. You alone killed so many people? You are not an ordinary man. They got punished for
locking horns with him. Brother, you must not be in
the colony or any settlement.. ..you must be in the assembly. Calm down, Prabhas. I don’t remember anything. You can’t believe it yourself,
isn’t it? – Yes. Recall what you did
while asleep last night. You must become president
for doing such a great job. Stop it! Your brother didn’t
kill human beings last night.. ..he killed mosquitoes. The blood stains is due
to mosquitoes he killed all night. What this? After what you said, I thought
I killed them but what is she saying? She is feeling jealous
because you’re becoming popular. Pandey, someone has killed
our men brutally in Mumbai. Panic has spread amongst our dealers. He is very dangerous.
Go to Mumbai and clear the matter. Boss, I will settle
everything within a week. After hearing what you said.. ..he has killed them with their weapons. Meaning, he is more
dangerous than a weapon. Brother Pandey,
the police seized the powder.. ..what about our payment.
Who’ll take the responsibility? What are you trying to say?
– Settle our payment. Do you also want your payment? Pandey, any clue? – Yes. Your son had locked
horns with a wrong person. My men died too because of him. Keep our business away from this. Gayatri, time for them to come,
keep the lunch ready. Kalyani, is the room
upstairs ready? – Yes. Then you go… – Uncle! – Come! Why are you late? – Traffic, uncle. And where is our bride? Shruthi, how are you? – I’m fine. All this happened all of a sudden? The guy is my son’s close friend.
– Yes, uncle. – I’m fine. We both belong to the same caste.. ..hence I decided to
get my sister married to him. He works in Dubai, so we decided
to get her married before he leaves. Kavya was very happy after
Shruthi marriage got fixed. Am I right, son-in-law?
– Yes. – Just a minute. I will call Kamya right away. Uncle, let it be.
I will call her later and surprise her. Okay. Come, they will be coming. Come. The guy’s feeling very shy. Look at each other. Tell me something. How is the guy? He is good. – He is good. That’s right. – Chandu. Yes. Tell me, Shruthi. For how long should I fool them
pretending as Kamya? If uncle finds out.. ..I wonder what he will think of me. I will tell him myself when time comes. Until then, you have no option, Shruthi. Who are you? – Where is Indu? Who is Indu? I don’t who Indu is.
– Tell the truth. We’re not conducting
survey on population. We’re here after finding out
everything about you. Who saved Indu?
– I said I don’t know anything. Hey! You better speak up! And if you don’t… – I promise,
I will tell you as soon as I find out. I don’t want your promise,
I want your friend. Indu, a selfie! – O yeah! You said you don’t know Indu? ‘You fell in love with me
and then promised to marry me.. ..and disappeared all of a sudden.’ Same person. It was him in the CCTV footage. – Hey! Bring the laptop quickly.
Come on, quick. – Okay, sir. Pandey. – Minister. We found him.
– Who is he? How does he look? I am sending on Whatsapp. Dear! – Yes. What happened, father-in-law? What’s all this, father-in-law? Suspense and surprise! You will be shocked seeing it! 1! 2! 3! It’s a gift from us on your anniversary. How did you like it? – It’s wonderful. Thank you. Mr. Chandu! – Yes. Is everything okay? – I’m fine. You saved my sister
from great danger, sir. Indu! Where have you
been for all these days? Even your phone was switched off.
– I was in a small accident. Accident? Are you okay now? – Yes. Had you informed us,
we would’ve come for help. All right.
There’s election in the colony. I was afraid of losing your vote. But you have come – Indu, take this. Come. Thank you, sir. When people see a girl in trouble,
they usually exploit her. But you are different, sir. You saved my sister
putting your life at stake. If not for you,
I would’ve lost my sister. Thank you, sir. Sir, the minister’s men who
were looking for me are all dead. The problem is over. The problem is not over,
it has now started. There’s a big gang behind it. The far you’re from Indu,
the safer she will be. Go to Mumbai and meet him. He will give you a job of a chef
in the hotel. – Who is he, sir? Ashok Mehra,
the MD of Taj Group of hotels. By the way, who are you, sir? Brother Partho will win! – Greetings! Greetings! – Greetings! – My symbol
is balloon. Don’t forget. – All right. What has he given me?
– Glory to madam! – Greetings! Cast your precious vote for me
and make me win! Prabhas. – Yes, brother.
– The election means our honour. We must win at any cost.
– How is it possible? Hema Patnaik has more support,
look there. – Shut up! I know how to gain their trust. I thought we can gain
sympathy if she leads us.. ..but I gave up the idea
thinking things might go wrong. Don’t be afraid, let me lead.
– Did you hear what she said? Prabhas. – Brother.
– Our vote bank is with us. If we give money to the people,
everything will become all right. It is not possible in house no.99,
Chandu lives there. But I have a solution. Meaning? – You need
spark to light up a Hookah.. ..and I have the spark. I will send for a damsel
from Delhi for tonight’s party. The job will be done.
– What will you send? If they will get a damsel from Delhi.. ..we will get one from Mumbai. Did you like the policy? Great! – What? It is impossible to manipulate Chandu.
– It will be done. I will offer milk shake with cannabis
to Chandu in the party tonight.. ..and then.. “Come home and see
the size of the beauty.” “Steal my heart and go.” “I’m a fire ball, burn in my fire.” “Come and die for my style.” “Darling, let’s go anywhere.” “Darling, intoxicate me.” Darling, make me a drunkard.” “Darling, do anything you want.” “The hot face,
the naughtiness drive everyone crazy.” “Beloved, dance with me.
Drive me crazy.” “Beloved, intoxicate me.” “Beloved, make me a drunkard.” “Darling,
my body yearns for you all night.” “I am unable to control my youth,
the temperature is increasing.” “I’ve brought sweets from old Delhi.” “Let me show you the sweetness.” “I will stir your heart.
You see my grandeur.” “Come and savor my youth.” “You are filled with sweetness.
What do I think of you?” “Beloved, what do I tell you?” “Beloved, you explain it to me.” “Beloved, dance with joy.” “Beloved, you stir me.” Hey, hurry up.. – What are you doing?
– Stop it, what are you doing? Hey.. – Kids, vote honestly. Hey, click a photo. In first level of counting till end..
Ramesh Patro is leading by 25 votes. Wonderful! Brother, have a seat. Raju! – In the last level of counting.. ..Hema Patnayak has won the
elections by 25 votes. – Yeah! Didn’t I tell you my sister will win?
Sister, have a seat. Not only the women of our colony.. ..the women of the world
who were waiting for the results.. ..their wishes have been fulfilled. Even America’s president is going
to call my sister and congratulate her. Just think, isn’t it great? Just think once,
this is not a common battle… ..it is battle of religion. Let me speak.
– Pay me the rent for the mike. Shut up… if you talk more,
I’ll hit you with this mike. Shut up when I am speaking. Okay, I won’t hit. Sit quietly. I’ll give you a chance to speak. It is not only my victory.. ..not yours, not these homely women.. ..or anybody present here. It is the victory of my sister
who works hard day and night. It belongs to my sister.
– This idiot.. …is talking too much. I must shut
his mouth. – So, I would like to say that.. ..no matter who cast their votes,
but my sister won. Who will applaud? Uncle, tomorrow is the wedding,
are the arrangements done? – Yes. You should take leave and help
with the wedding chores. Sir, don’t worry. We’ll close the mall
and the entire staff will attend it. – Good. Father! Father! Why did you come here?
– Groom’s family had called. What did they say? – They said,
only if you give them 5 lakhs in dowry.. ..they’ll leave from the house.
– This is not done. Reddy sir will give the
money the day after tomorrow. I had told them that I would
give it to them when I get it. They said, they’ll leave only
when you deposit it in the bank today. If they don’t leave today,
they can’t come at the wedding time. Father, mother is worried that
this wedding may be called off. Okay, you stay here. Listen, take this money carefully. Go and deposit it in their account. Father, where did you get the
money from? – I’ll tell you later. You go and deposit it. Hello, Mr. Reddy. Tell me. I called to say that
I can’t buy your house. You adjust the money
from somewhere else. But why Mr. Reddy?
– Your eldest son had come.. ..he said he won’t sell the house. He said, he won’t sign it. No, I will pacify him and get him. You please deposit the money. You hang up the phone.
– Mr. Reddy, listen to me. 5 lakhs have been stolen? – Yes.
– Security! Security! Don’t let anyone go outside
until the police comes. Sir, 5 lakhs has been stolen from
our mart. You have to come immediately. Before the police turns up,
tell me who’s taken the money. Or everyone will go to jail. Where’s the cash in-charge, Babuji? Babuji! Babuji! What happened to you? How did it happen?
– We don’t understand, sir. Check the customer and staff. Don’t spare anyone. – Sir.. ..you need not check the customers. Somebody from our accounts
staff has stolen the money. Go and check. Hey, check everyone. Don’t spare anyone.
Come on. – Sir, sir… Hey, make everyone sit in the jeep.
Take them. Hey, no one will say anything.
– Stop it. ‘He’s the same.’ Finally, I found him. Don’t take anyone from here. I took that money. You? You acted very
respectable in the colony. Did you steal the money? Let them go. You come with me. Will you please tell us..
– What’s going on here? ‘5 lakhs have been stolen in Dharma
Mart Branch of Gandhinagar in Mumbai.’ ‘Chandrashekhar alias Chandu, working in
the same mart has accepted the crime.’ Father-in-law!
– What’s the matter, dear? This man named Chandrashekhar
alias Chandu… – Look here. ‘He was working in that
mart from many years..’ What was the need for
our son-in-law to steal money? ‘Police arrested him and is
taking him for further investigations.’ ‘We’ll know more information soon.’ This is the plan we were talking.. The work is complete? Sir, 5 lakhs have been
stolen from our mart in Mumbai. Is it important?
– Sir, it is very important.. You’ll know if you watch TV. Sir, see there. ‘5 lakhs have been stolen in Dharma
Mart Branch in Mumbai.’ ‘Surprising is that the
accused as accepted his crime.’ ‘His name is Chandrashekhar
alias Chandu.’ You’ve stolen today.. …few days ago,
you killed minister’s son very brutally. I don’t understand
the link between the both. What’s your real character? Who are you? I will make you reveal it. Inspector.. Inspector,
our son-in-law can never do wrong. Believe me, our lawyer will
come here with bail in half an hour. No lawyer can save him today. It’s my guarantee. – But you.. Son-in-law! Father, careful..
– Go away! Inspector, do something.
The lawyer is on his way. Uncle, FIR hasn’t been filed yet. Even if the lawyer comes, it won’t
make any difference. – I have a doubt. There’s something fishy. – Yes. Until Mr. Chandu gets released,
we won’t go from here. – Yes. Yes, you have to release Chandu.
This is wrong. This is wrong. Sir, tell me.
– Don’t create a scene in public. Get him to our warehouse. I will kill him myself. Brother Pandey, tell me. He thrashed my men.
I will kill him myself. I will give you as much money you want. But you get him to me. People who want to
kill you are increasing. How many enemies do you have? Hey, get the car. Hit the hammer on the right spot. I will handover you to them.. ..and will settle in my life. Sir, won’t you file a FIR?
– Why FIR, when he’s going to die? Sir, who are these people with you? Don’t question me. Move. Move, move! – Mr. Chandu?
– Brother Chandu? Sir, sir, where are you taking him? I don’t feel necessary to tell you.
Go away. Sir, first tells us where are
you taking him? – Go inside. – Hey! How can you take him? You can’t even move without telling us.
Am I right? – Yes. We won’t let you take him. Come on,
come.. – You can’t take him from here. He will not go anywhere.
– We won’t let Chandu go. We’ll not let this happen. – Chandu will
not leave. You can’t take him from here. He won’t go anywhere.
– What are you doing? You can’t do this… – We won’t let
police rule… – Chandu, what’s all this? Why do you want to bear
the punishment for my crime? This is wrong. I will surrender myself. Babu uncle, nothing will happen to me. You go and make arrangements
for your daughter’s wedding. Uncle, please release my uncle.
Please, release him. Mr. Rajshekhar.. Mr. Rajshekhar.. My son-in-law works for you. You know that my
son-in-law can never steal. At least you explain it to them. Where’s Chandu, whom you had arrested? Sir, I don’t know, but I feel that.. ..there’s political involvement in it. Political involvement? Yes, sir.
– Call the central home minister. Sir? Mr. Rajshekhar? Sir, what made you come here? Sir, I’ve got director orders
from the central home minister. Where is CI Prabhakar.
Trace him immediately. Come on! Come out! Sir, the way Mr.
Prabhakar took him from here.. ..I fear that he might kill him.
– What did you say? No weapon can kill him. He himself is a dangerous weapon. Hey, I will kill you.. …and bury you next
to the graves of my men. Don’t dream about it. You will have to spend
your life on ventilator. – Hey! You committed a grave
mistake by killing my son. It is important for you
to know that death is so scary. If you wish to break the mountain,
then go ahead. Don’t try to lift it,
you’ll get crushed. Uncle! I will attack your emotions to control
your aggression. – Uncle! – Bunty! Uncle! – He’ll come behind. You come. Uncle! Uncle! Leave me! Uncle! No! What are you doing?
How many more will you kill? The storm doesn’t stop until
the veneration doesn’t get over. Until I have power,
I will have emotions too. You’ve just seen a part of my power. If you see my power, then you’ll die.. ..until you reach assembly
post from cabinet seat. Somebody save us from him. Arrest him. Bunty! – Mother. Sir, why are you arresting me instead
of him who stole money from the mart? Shut up, you ! As you think,
he’s not an employee of Dharma group.. Then who is he? The chairman of Dharma Group
of industries, Chandrashekhar Dharma! He’s the owner of
property worth billions! He’s second name for honesty. Highest tax payer in India. A big businessman who controls
the finances of the country. He’s good for good people.. ..and bad for bad people. He is called as the dictator! I think brother-in-law
is hiding something. Yes father, talk to Kamya once. One second.. Shruthi!
Shruthi, your phone is ringing. One second. Hello? – Hello, is Kamya there? Uncle, this is not Kamya’s number. This is Shruthi’s number. – Shruthi? But Kamya used to talk
to me from this number. No uncle, you called Shruthi
mistaking her to be Kamya. Hello? – Whose call? Your uncle called you
mistaking it to be Kamya. What did you tell him? – I told him
that this is your number, not Kamya’s. Shruthi! Shruthi! Uncle.. – So, you spoke to
us posing as Kamya for all these days? Why did you cheat us? What was the need for
you to do this drama? Uncle.. – I will tell you. She did this on my instructions. It is not her fault.
– So, you are behind this. You troubled us so much,
wasn’t that enough? You said you were an employee in
the mart. You said you were an orphan. They say, you are his brother. What is the truth and what is false?
Where’s my daughter Kamya? What is this story? Mumbai mafia has reached Delhi. We are working hard and earning money. They want to earn the
same money by shedding blood. We can’t tolerate it. Chairman of Gowda Garment Industries,
Pataudi and his wife… ..were killed before their children. Mummy.. – Daddy! This is to scare us!
Until when can we fear? We have to fear. Had he given the 100 crores
that he had asked for… …we wouldn’t have
scheduled this meeting today. Do you think it is right
for them to scare us? Being a chairman, you talk like this? I am chairman, so I am advising you. It is better to give
money than lose life. Any one of us can be their next target. No, I don’t encourage this. How long will this be continued? Don’t we have any solution for this?
– We have! If he can scare us by death.. ..then somebody can scare them too. Who will have the
guts to face the mafia? My younger brother,
Chandrashekhar Dharma. Welcome, Mr. Chandrashekhar Dharma. Welcome. Your personality and your sincerity,
both are wonderful. You could’ve sent the money,
why did you come personally? Tell me, why should I give you money? Are you from income
tax, sales tax.. ..or from the service tax?
– Life tax. You should live and I should
let you live, so you have to pay tax. Wrong! God has given us life to live. He’s given us brains to live a life. Intelligent guy like
me earns his living. Goon like you threatens
people for his living. Threatening people is our business.
– Wrong again! You do business with money. Family runs because of love. World runs on honesty. What is it ? Are you here to
fight with me ? – My surname is Dharma.. ..I do everything with honesty. If you interfere, then I’ll
not solve the problem simply… ..but uproot the problem. Isn’t he the same guy.. ..who called my brother and
threatened to kill my family? – Hey! You killed my aide? My men are all around Delhi. They’ll kill your family and relatives. I meet many people like you.. ..but people like me are rare. I rule over Delhi. If it doesn’t, I kill them. This is my rule. I kill my enemy.. ..this is my rule! When I earn, I keep an account,
but when I kill, I don’t even count. Hey, the one who rules
over people is called as Hitler. The one who doesn’t listen
to people is a dictator. Yes, I am the dictator! “Wherever he goes,
a wave of Tsunami follows him.” “He surrounds the enemy
like clouds of death.” “No one can escape from his wheel,
he is a unique trader.” “His style is unique
that everyone fears him.” “Dictator.” “Dictator.” “Neither security nor guarantee.” “There’s no one who can stop him.”
– Hey! Come on, tell me who’s behind me?
– Please, don’t kill me. Please. Your president, Saxena. “He’s honest when he does his duty.” According to me,
you should understand that… He… He’s the informer
of the mafia gang. He became the chairman
of this prestigious board.. ..and leaked out your
information to the mafia. I believe in two things in my life. One is my strength and the other is God. If you have any problem, meet me. I will meet you on time and be on line. But one thing.. ..until you do business with honesty.. ..I will safeguard
you from every problem. But if do business with wrong people.. ..and earn illegally without thinking.. ..then I will ruin you. Mind it! Wish you a very happy anniversary,
brother! Come on, cut the cake.
– We won’t cut the cake. We’ll not have any
celebration hereafter. Brother, what’s the matter?
Won’t you cut cake for our happiness? We can cut cake for your happiness.. ..can’t you marry for our happiness? Actually, I have to expand business.
– Brother, when will you expand family? Yes… – I am married.
I have a daughter of marriageable age. He’s your younger brother,
but he too has children.. ..who are ready to go to school. Sushila, who studied with you,
her daughter’s daughter.. – Stop.. Why are you telling that details?
– It is confirmed.. ..that we won’t have
any function in this house hereafter. We will not do your work.
– We’ll not go to school! We will not work at home. Okay sir, I shall leave. – What is it? Where are you going?
– Sir, the situation demands.. ..family is also demanding.
Your body too is demanding for marriage. Move this cake from here. – Wait, wait. You want me to marry, right? – Yes. Okay, I am ready. Yeah! – Wonderful! You agreed to marry. Now we’ll find a nice girl for you.
– Sister-in-law, no need for that.. ..I will decide what
kind of a girl I want. Sir, you won’t find
better quality than this. Just zoom it,
you’ll not find any problem. See the skin tone. This camera is very good. Believe me, it’s a good buy. You can shoot family functions. I will give you some discount. Pack this for sir.
Are you satisfied? – Yes. You should handle
the customer like this. You always talk too much.
– Kamya.. ..there’s an interview for
assistant salesman post.. – Yes.. ..for that..
– Sir, that’s a very responsible post. By the way,
we are launching many new products. We should be capable, sir. You don’t select any student. What is your post?
– Sales manager. – What is my post? GM, sir.. – So, be in your limits. I have already selected one. His name is Tripathi
and he’ll come and meet you. Take his interview as formality. Madam, why are you so tense? Prasad, I am not tensed. I am just
thinking what will happen to our country. Revenue and reputation
of our country.. ..are falling because
of recommended candidates. Madam, I understood. But this country won’t
run if you get tensed. Do you know who sir’s
going to appoint? – Who? Look there. Neelam, you are so beautiful.
– Oh. – She’s Poonam’s cousin. I see. This company will ruin
because of him one day. Our bad luck. – Greetings, sir. Sir, you are a big businessman,
why did you dress up as common man? No one will believe that you are
chairman of Dharma Group of Industries. They shouldn’t know,
so I came like this. Why, sir? – I want to know the truth. What truth? – I got a complaint
about my brother-in-law, Shivram. I wanted to know the truth. So, you’ve come as undercover
businessman like undercover policeman? I will not tolerate
such irresponsibility. Get lost! – Who is this madam?
– Sir, she is Agni Kamya. Is Agni her surname?
– No sir, it’s her character name. If someone makes mistake,
she fires them.. ..so they call her as Agni.
– Okay, you go. Come on, go and finish your work. Excuse me, madam. – Yes? Is there any vacancy
in this company? – Yes.. Are you the one who
has been recommended? What do you mean?
– I know. Come with me. I hate recommendations. Do you know what MRP means? Yes, I know.. – Maximum retail price. If you sell above that price,
it is a crime. Our economy is falling because
of useless people like you. Do you know what’s the
status of our economy today? Yes, I know. – What you know? The GDP of our country..
– Oh my god. GDP? What does that mean?
– It means, Gross Domestic Product.. ..economy report of every country
is based on that. Okay, knowing GDP and MRP won’t work.. ..tell me in detail. Come on. – GDP rate
in our country is 7th in the world. GDP growth is 7%. Main industries of our
country is software, petroleum products.. ..chemicals, pharmaceuticals.. ..agriculture, textiles, steels.. ..transportation, leather, cement.. ..and our merchandise export.. ..313.2 million dollars. Service export is 150 billion dollars. The labor force of our country.. ..49% in business.. ..20% in industries and 31% in service. Unemployment in our country
is 3% in urban and 2% in rural. Total 10.8 billion people
are unemployed in our country. I am one amongst them. Madam.. If you have so much knowledge,
why are you here for a job? To satiate my hunger. You can get a job anywhere,
leave this place immediately. I intended to work in this company. In his company, my grandpa was..
– Listen! There’s no place for sentiments here. Forget about it.
There are 36 scandals in this company. What are those scandals? It’s time for me to leave. Listen to me and look for another job. Like our economy, even you’ll not grow. Madam, it will be better if I decide
after knowing the scandals here. Good decision. Meet me at the bus stop. Did you see? We don’t get place to sit. This is our condition daily. We work standing entire day and in the
evening go home standing. I feel bad. Buy a ticket.. Where do you want to go? No problem. I will buy it. How can you pay money?
You are unemployed. Brother, give me two tickets
for India Gate. – Take this. Akbar Road. Come on. Akbar Road.. get down. – There’s
a seat vacant here. – Come. – Let’s go! Listen, there are more
than 500 employees in our mart. If they start a bus service for them.. …then people will come
at the correct time to save money. We can save so much time.
They don’t know that time is money. You can tell this to you GM, right? Who? That idiot Shivram? Waste fellow. I told him to build a ladies toilet,
but he got angry on me. If I tell him about bus service..
Let it be. What can we do?
We have to work for salary. Let’s go.. this is our stop. Let’s go. Forget about working in the mart.
If you are really in need of a job.. ..then I will recommend
your name to my friend. Okay? – Okay. Hey, you get nice snacks here. Let’s eat. – If you eat once,
you’ll come over and again. Mr. Kishan, give me two plates of snacks.
– I think you come here daily. Did you like the snacks? It was good…
You get nice snacks in Mumbai. They call this snack
with a different name. Look here, this is my uncle’s house. What did you decide? – Actually, I..
– Hey, Kamya! Hi. – Who is he? He’s my bodyguard. Bodyguard? – Listen.. Many guys flirt with me in this area.. ..so I brought you with me for security. Don’t take it seriously. Okay, so, she’s my cousin Shruthi. And.. – Hello. What’s your name? My name is Chandrashekhar…
I mean, Chandu. Oh.. – Hi, nice meeting you. Enough now.. Let’s go. Please come. Greetings.
– How are you? – Fine. – Fine. How are you, dear? Grandpa.. – Darling, come to me.
– Greetings, sir. – Greetings. Is everything alright?
– Sir, it’s good with your blessings. Sir, you support poor people like us.. ..you are so humble to us,
who can harm us? It’s not sympathy, but duty. My father used to work
here for salary of Rs. 1. I am one amongst you. How many people remember
history like you do? I had given job to your father,
and to repay that favor… ..you are running the factory,
which didn’t give any profit. I don’t understand
how to thank you for this. Some jobs are done for benefit
and some for satisfaction. Our father always said that.. ..”mother who gives birth
and the one who brings you up.. ..and your motherland,
if someone forgets them.. ..then it would be a big insult.” “His future will be dark.” But for such petty things.. ..you come till here.
– Small things give happiness. We know how much you’ve
helped our family. Son, it’s not like that.
You were going through a bad phase.. Many go through bad phase,
but it is important to mend it. You did that for us..
– Now, you give us salary. Come on, everyone come here..
Hurry up. Everyone come here. Your father worked for me. And he would take salary from me. You people give us work and take salary. Sir, why are ministers,
police officers.. ..businessmen,
standing in queue for them? Her name is Mahima Rai. There’s ‘Mahima’ (magic) in her name. Whoever she blesses.. ..gets the ticket. Prime minister took blessings
from her to become a prime minister. She handles Delhi single-handedly. Stop! Don’t do anything to him. Don’t do anything to him.
– Mahima Rai, don’t do drama. You joined hands with mafia and want
to make our university as your factory. When I complained, you put false
allegations on me and sent me to jail. You didn’t let me appear for my exams. My parents committed
suicide because of it. I know that you’re meeting
the mafia in the evening. Somebody has given
wrong information to you. I don’t have anything
to do with the mafia. Law will take care of it. You need not do anything.
Let him go. – Leave me. He is wrong. If my mother-in-law
says ‘wrong’ for anyone.. …then I won’t let anything
right happen in his life. SANSKRIT CHANTS What’s all this? – Madam, management
has provided this for the staff. Chairman ordered this. How did so much change so soon?
– Madam, madam.. Sign here..
– Why? – Sign it, then I’ll tell you. Everyone working in this mart will be
insured and will get a health check-up. Not only this, we’ll get entertainment
hamper once in a month. Chairman has ordered to build a separate
toilet for ladies working in the mart. Don’t know what happened to him that
he made so many changes. He is the boss. ‘Employees are requested to gather
in banquet hall for award function.’ Darling, darling.. Will I get ’employee of
the month’ award this month? I’ve selected. Not only this,
I’m going to give you promotion too. You just stay close to me. This time,
our chairman himself has selected.. …a candidate for the
employee of the month award. To know who it is,
her character is her beauty… ..and her sincerity is her specialty. There she is.. none other than.. ..Ms. Kamya! Our chairman himself will
present this award to Ms. Kamya. The chairman whom you’ve
not seen till now… ..you can see him. Kindly welcome the chairman
of Dharma Group of Companies. Chandrashekhar Dharma! Sometimes when you see from top,
you can’t see small things. So, we think everything is alright. I would like to personally thank,
Ms. Kamya… ..for helping the company.. …by telling what’s
going on in this company. Congrats. Sir, I said it unknowingly.
– The honesty that you’ve shown.. ..you’ve been awarded for it. I need a party. The snacks are nice here, but why are
you giving me a treat suddenly? Hi. – Hi. I’m sorry, sir. – No problem. It is because of you that I came
to know what was going on in the mart. Our mart is doing well because of you. If you come into my life.. I was so busy in life.. ..that I never thought about marriage. But after seeing an
honest girl like you… ..I wish to get married. I don’t want to marry you. I didn’t say it…
– But it was your voice. It was my voice, but I didn’t tell it. She can imitate me.
– You mean, you like him. You suddenly proposed me for marriage… …generally girls
like me would get scared. But whatever you did today.. ..after seeing that,
I wish to accept your proposal. Because there’s no reason
to refuse you. Congrats, I’m so happy!
I’m so happy. Sir, congratulations.
Why are you standing afar? “Listen boy, don’t stare at me like that.
I will become intoxicated.” “Try to understand that
I am very restless at heart.” “Listen, your eyes torment me.
It steals my peace.” “Don’t trouble me
with your naughtiness.” “I want to become
a bird and come to you.” “But you don’t get crazy.” “Listen boy, don’t stare at me like that.
I will become intoxicated.” “Since I’ve met you,
my style and everything has changed.” “Since I’ve fallen in love with you,
I’m on the cloud and lost.” “I wish to take you
and fly high in the sky.” “My heart requests me to
drink the nectar from your lips.” “Listen boy, don’t stare at me like that.
I will become intoxicated.” Madam, they’ve come from Italy. They want to establish
chemical factory in Delhi. If we get them this land.. ..they will give us a share of 50%. Don’t worry, within one week.. ..this property will be yours. You are promising without
talking to the mill owner. How am I promising
without talking to him ? Son-in-law will take care of it. Getting such a huge property.. ..in the prime location of Delhi.. ..you should be very lucky.
No more discussion. Hey, move! Today we are going to close the deal,
Mr. Peterson. Sir, Mahima Rai’s son-in-law,
Vishambhar is here. Who are you? He needs 25 acres of
land around your factory. The registration is on Monday. Mother-in-law has ordered. But I never spoke about
selling this factory. But we’ve decided to buy it. Hey, stop that noise! By the way,
you don’t have any children. What will you do with
this entire property? It’s true that I don’t have children.. ..but 1000 of families
are run by my factory. I’m telling you as
I don’t want them to die. Think about it or the
consequences will be bad. The registration is fixed on Monday. If not… I will turn
this entire place to ashes. It is wrong to disrespect elders. Shut up. Who are you?
What do you have to do with this? Whoever knows me,
they know me very well. Whether it is mud, this mill.. ..or human.
– You deliver nice dialogues. Do you want to mess
with us for publicity? Publicity? I? Low class people like
you are hungry for publicity… ..but whatever I do is publicity.
– Enough! Until you don’t handover
the mill to me… ..no one can stop me. My real name is Chandrashekhar! My soul is a dictator. If you want to become history,
then touch me! Yes, mother? – Where are you?
Come here right now. – Okay. You don’t worry,
uncle will agree for your marriage. Hi.. – Hi uncle, how are you? I am fine.
– Sister, why did you come alone? Where’s brother-in-law?
– He won’t come. We got cheated trusting
these rich people. We got your elder sister
married to rich boy. She was trying to commit suicide.. ..because of the
atrocities of her in-laws. She learnt a good lesson
for marrying a rich guy. Because of his ego,
he has left her and her children. I hope you won’t do such mistakes,
or I’ll be very hurt. Dear, tell me. Who is he? Dad, the guy I love.. I think he is here. I’ll go and get him. If dad learns that he is a millionaire,
he will refuse. Is your father here? – Yes.
Wait, wait. First promise me something. What promise? – Promise me first. Okay, I promise. – Yes.
– Now tell me what it is. You should remember three things,
okay? – Okay. Number one,
you are not a millionaire.. ..and you work with me. Number 2, you don’t have parents.
You are an orphan. Number 3… You hate rich people. What is all this?
– You’ve promised me, that’s it. Okay.. – Please. She introduced her boss as a servant?
Very interesting. Wear the coat properly. Brother.. he is my uncle’s son. No, I am paternal uncle’s son.
– Whatever, you are my brother, right? Who are they?
– Stop being a detective. Okay, it will be done. – Dad.. Yes.. – He is Chandu.
He works with me in my company. Greetings. – And he is our boss.
– Okay.. Why did the boss accompany
to talk about employee’s marriage? Something is fishy..
– Actually, I had promised his mother.. ..that I will feed pompfret
in his wedding. That’s fishy. But dear, you mother?
But you are an orphan, right? Yes uncle..
orphans have mothers, don’t they? How can they become
orphan without mother? Sir, even she said it right.
– What is this? Why did you address him as sir? Everyone addresses each other
as sir and madam in our office. They call me madam. – Uncle, there’s
something fishy. Think about it. – Shut up. Son, how much is your salary? I get Rs. 50,000.. It is less than my daughter’s salary. You are less intelligent. Hello, yes.
PA of Chandrashekhar, speaking! Call after 10 minutes. Thank you. Why are calling yourself
as Chandrashekhar’s PA? There’s lot of confusion. – No. I said, PA Chandrashekhar.. PA means,
Pitambar Aditya Chandrashekhar. You said, PA of… – Why did
the lights turn off when you said off.. How did this happen?
– I think the wall banged into me. When did you go near the wall?
– Uncle, you didn’t understand. Looked like the wall banged into me.
– ‘How is this possible?’ Son.. – Tell me. We all agree for your marriage,
because you also.. ..belong to middle class
family like us. – Don’t think so.. ..I belong to lower class than you.
– No, son. Don’t feel offended.
God doesn’t make everyone rich. This is a bitter truth. I would like to say one thing. The wedding will be in my style. On a grand level…
I’ll spend 10 lakhs. Will you do it so grandly? This is my uncle’s status. Sir, I shall leave now.
– Okay. Daddy, thank you.
– Go and drop him. Boman, who used to suspect,
broke his nose. Why did you lie? My dad hates rich people. I know it is wrong. After marriage, I will see
his mood and tell him everything. Until then, you’ll keep up this lie.
Promise? Promise. – What does this mean? You’ll marry in a simple
way to convince her father? You organized everyone’s
wedding very grandly. You want to marry in a simple way. We will not agree for this. I don’t know what you’ll do.. ..but your wedding
should be very grand. By the way, this was father’s wish. What a tight situation, sir? Your father-in-law buys
things when the prices go down… ..but you buy things when it is in demand.
How will you do this marriage? It will be done. It will be grand as you like.. ..and it will be simple as he likes. Did you all understand
the lucky dip scheme? Yes, sir! Lucky dip? – Yes, dad. We have a lucky dip for all the bachelors
working in our company, every year. Whoever is lucky.. ..their wedding will be organized
by our chairman’s family, very grand. We people put a tent
and organize wedding… ..we’ll get confused if
you tell about your lucky dip. We’ll cash your confusion, sir. Cash? What does he mean by cash? He means that they’ll take care of
the wedding expenses. – Say like that. Father.. – Yes? You are here? – Good morning, sir. You should wish me good morning. Why are they winking ?
– Father-in-law, it is lucky draw.. ..so they think they’ll win
if their eyes flicker. – That’s good. Because it is good when
the right eye flickers. It is not good when left eye flickers. Father, you take it out. I? – Yes, you start this. Kamya! Son-in-law, did you see?
Didn’t I tell you that she’s very lucky? Your life will change now. I’ll join this lucky dip in my level
and get you married with grand pomp. Wonderful.. I am so happy to see
you in a groom’s attire. Chandu, you are looking
very handsome in this dress. Greetings. Greetings. Bride looks very beautiful. Please, come.
– Greetings, please come. – Greetings. Who is he? – What do you mean? He is the MD of Dharma Group of
Industries.. Rajshekhar Dharma. – Oh. MD? – Lucky dip..
– Brothers, sir. – Oh. Greetings, sir.
– Both the families united. Then suddenly.. Hey, you talk to the wedding planner,
Mrs. Chanda. You’ve showed expenses of
25 lakhs for flower decoration. Did you take any commission in it?
– Who is he? He is blaming you.
– Why don’t you speak up! Who do you think he is? He is groom’s owner. – Oh. Sorry chairman sir,
I got confused seeing you from behind. Please, come. Come, sir.
– Look at the way he’s talking. Is he mad?
– My dad is always like that. Is he your dad? Yes, Mr. Shivram. – One minute, but you
said some other surname that day. Yes, I would’ve said it..
My mother’s surname is different.. ..and my father’s surname is different.. I was born in my mother’s house.. ..so I used my mother’s name.
– I don’t know.. We are very confused. We are more confused than you are. Please come, it’s time now. After the major confusion,
everyone enters in the wedding hall. We’ll organize the wedding grandly.. …and thought that the
decoration will be very good. But I never thought you
would make all the arrangements. Sikkim’s CM is here. – Sikkim’s CM?
– Come on, move! Why did Sikkim’s CM come in the
lucky dip wedding? – I don’t know. Greetings, sir. – Greetings. Dad, why does Sikkim’s CM look so sick? Come closer and sit..
How are you? I am good. My daughter. She is my daughter. Your daughter? – Yes. Lucky dip.. – Lucky dip? Yes. – Oh. Daughter is lucky dip?
– No, no. She is my daughter. Marriage is lucky dip. – Okay. Sir, get up. – What happened now?
– Governor of Punjab is here. – What? Move aside. – Sit here. – Please come. I think Dharma group owner is very
influential. – Not only influential… ..he’s his old friend. You don’t worry.
– Why will I worry? – Sit here. Dance with joy. Greetings. – Greetings. My daughter. Lucky dip. – Lucky dip? Daughter is lucky dip?
– No, no. She is my daughter. Marriage is through lucky dip. Marriage through lucky dip? Dad, why are tensed? – I’m tensed
thinking who’s going to come now? Sir, CM of Delhi is coming. Sit here,
please. – Delhi CM? Move aside. Sir, tell the bride’s parents.. ..to get clothes for the groom. Thank you.
– There’s a special gift for you. I bought this 22
carat gold ring for you. Costliest gift from our side. It is worth 45,000. Superb, sir! – That’s alright. What is your Dharma group gifting my
daughter? – Not much, a small gift, sir. This is our gift.
– It is fake, right? – Fake? It is made of real gold of 22 carats. What is it worth? – Not much,
it is worth 300 crores. – 300 crores? Oh my God. Oh.. sister-in-law.. – Hold her. Let it be.. I know you. You’ll click photo for publicity
and then take it back after the wedding. You are mistaken. This belongs to your daughter. Father, accept it.
– Is it really for my daughter? – Yes. Here, take this. Give me, I’ll hold it. What are you watching? Play the drums. Live long, son. Live long. Son, your father had gifted
this chain to me on my wedding. I am giving you the
same chain for your wedding. Here, dear. Don’t feel shy, dear. Take this. You’ve got a good guy as your husband.. ..you are very lucky. Dad, did you observe something? All the performers are breaking records. All the rich people are same. Kamya, this is a surprise for you. He’s giving a small envelop
and talks about surprise. This is not just an envelope.. …these are flight tickets
for 10 days Europe tour. Honeymoon trip. – Brother, listen.. ..we thought we’d
take our son-in-law home.. ..and you are sending
them for foreign trip.. – Dad.. I can come home anytime,
but can’t go to Europe, right? She’s right. – Yes, that’s right. Now when the bride and groom
wants to go on a trip to Europe.. ..we shall go for Vaishodevi. No, nothing doing. We have to get that contract. – You
always talk about business. – You wait. Okay, bye. – Let’s go, uncle.
– Wait.. – Chandu.. Yes, brother?
– We both had taken oath that.. ..we would go for Amarnath
if you get married. We will return soon. Now you have to take up
the responsibility of the house. Keep this. Why all this? – She’s new to this house. Even my daughter can take care of it…
Go, dear… – Brother.. Now, she has to take
decisions for the house. Yes brother, you have a safe journey.
– We shall leave. Don’t worry about business.
I will take care of everything. Madam, it’s already one month.. ..nothing is happening.
What is your problem? Son-in-law, what about his deal? What’s the matter? Any problem?
– Mother.. – Madam.. …son-in-law is scared
to tell you the truth. We still haven’t got
the mill in our hands. When he went there,
the owner refused to sell it. He is wrong. How did this happen? Oh god… save us…
– Look if someone is trapped. Hurry up. Careful… go inside… you come inside.
Hurry up. – Somebody help me. Uncle.. uncle.. Uncle! Uncle, how did this happen? Mahima Rai’s son-in-law was here. What are you doing?
Why are you hitting everyone? This is hooliganism. Please come.. – No, son. This factory has turned to ashes. It is time for me to turn into ashes. Son, take this.
This is your last salary from my side. Don’t spare him, kill him! Kill him! Hurry up.. come on, let’s go. He is Chandrashekhar Dharma. People who wish to meet me,
waits outside. They leave their footwear outside. Don’t you know that?
– This house is neither a temple.. ..nor your are a godly woman. Tell me, where is your son-in-law? How much money do you
want to spare my son-in-law? Shut up! It must be settlement for you,
but for me it is sentiments. You won’t understand!
– You don’t know anything about me. Why? Do you own a party by
keeping religion as agenda.. ..or you’ve written a scripture? You may be wealthy.. ..or you may have manpower with you.. ..no one can save your son-in-law. Chandrashekhar Dharma!
– Don’t raise your voice! Or your life line will decrease. If I take this personally even
for 10 minutes, you’ll die instantly. I’m at this position after
dealing with stubborn people like you. You would’ve dealt with people,
but don’t try to deal with lion. Understand! I never take up a task,
if I do, I don’t leave it incomplete. Deadline of your son-in-law is 48 hours. Dharma, I will not let
you stay in Delhi until then! Come to Allahabad for your son-in-law’s
last rites. I’ll meet you there. Brother, we are scared. Did you have a fight with Mahima Rai? No matter what you do,
he won’t return to us. It will be better if we forget this.. Brother, it will be futile
to fight with them for an useless mill. Son-in-law, you are right. If he wouldn’t have killed,
that old man would’ve died soon. Anyways, the mill that was torched,
was worthless. You are.. – Shut up! Someday you are going to die, right?
Why wait, die now! You fear death, and feel bad
when somebody else dies. Philosophy… It may be a mill for you.. ..but for me it is a temple,
where our father resides. We are living in comfort.. ..only because of father’s hard work. Hari Prasad was with us
from past 25 years since then… They’ve killed a godly
man who was like father to us. He not only burnt the
mill that was useless… …he has erased the history
and happiness of 50 years. He has erased the history of our father. If you lock horns with me,
I’ll spare you.. ..but if you mess with father’s memories,
I will kill you! There’s no question mark in my work. There’s only full stop. I will surely kill him! It is not my wish, but my aim! The one who forgets
history has no future. First time.. ..first time in my life.. Because of him, fearing death.. ..I am hiding here like a cat,
like a coward. Who can go against us in Delhi? I will kill him! You don’t know him.
– You just tell me who he is. Where will I find him?
How does he look? Tell me. I will get his dead body
before you tomorrow. Tell me! Tell me! – No need. Your mother-in-law will handle him. Until then, you don’t come out. Her brain is sharper than your gun. She has planned such that,
he will die. Just have patience. Hello? – Chandrashekhar Dharma. Your entire family is in my house. I have got everyone kidnapped. Why did you slow down? You were sitting peacefully here.
Now are you getting angry? This is just the beginning. Your style has changed. Your look has changed. But this is not enough for me. You’ll cry. You will bow down before me. You’ll be forced to leave Delhi. You will be scared to death. Only then I will leave your family. Mr. Chandrashekhar, I’ve erased.. ..infamous politicians in a jiffy.
You are no count to me. You would’ve understood by now.. ..about me and my network. It is easy to mess with my son-in-law.. ..but not me. Hello? – Aunt.. – How are you?
– Aunt, please save us. Please do something.
– Son, what happened? Somebody kidnapped us.
– Hello? It was your sister’s
son from Noida, right? Your brother’s family from Italy. Hello? – Aunt? Yes tell me, what happened?
– Somebody kidnapped us. Hello? From Canada. Aunt, please save me. Please save me, aunt. If someone asks an ant,
why did it bite.. …then it will tell that
you ruined its house, so it bit you. You used the family
who were in the house… Remember that I will use your
entire family that is around the world. Approximately 50-100 people. This is called network. Just tell me.. ..who has to leave Delhi? You or me? Who has to bow down? You or me? Decide! Just one call and your
family will be erased. – No, no. I will leave your family.
You leave my family. Go and get them. – Okay, madam. Uncle.. uncle.. Let’s go. Listen, you had asked me what was
the reason for me to not fear anyone… ..my husband is my strength. He respects women very much. So, you are alive till now. Don’t ever mess with him again. You go. Listen, I’m releasing your people. But I forgot to tell you something.. …your son-in-law is one
amongst the people who I kidnapped. I won’t forgive him for his mistake. Don’t do anything to my son-in-law..
– I had promised you.. ..that I will kill your son-in-law. I can’t go against my words. Mother, they will kill me.. Please,
save me. Please, I don’t want to die! He is wrong! Shoot him! – No! No! Dear.. Are you okay? Mother.. – Are you alright? Don’t worry. You sit in the car. Total family wrong. Come out, hurry up. Uncle! Come on out.. Hurry up. Come out. Are you alright? Let’s go. What happened? Are you alright? Get the car,
we need to go to the hospital. Son-in-law, wait.
Will you die for your brother… ..or will live for your family? We have just encountered death.
If we go with him, we’ll die. He is dictator. He is facing problems
because he didn’t listen to anyone. Today his wife is in this condition.
We may meet the same fate. Come on, hurry up. Sit inside. Listen to me.
– Brother, father-in-law is right. We had warned you not
to lock horns with Mahima Rai. You didn’t listen to us.
Look, what happened today. Mahima Rai is not targeting us,
but you. She’ll let us live only
when you go away from Delhi. You may be godly person for others,
but for us, you are god of death. Forgive us. Our children will
live only when we stay away from you! Let’s go.. Sit inside the car. Stop! Kamya, no one is with me. But I will save you.
Nothing will happen to you! Listen, it is hurting. Not because I’ve been stabbed.. ..but because no one understands you. You did so much for
them from so many years… ..they left you alone. You considered them as your kin,
but they became strangers. Promise me.. ..you go to my father.. ..and take care of him. He shouldn’t know that.. ..I am not alive.. I am dead. – Kamya! He is already tensed.. ..because of sister. If he learns about me.. ..he will scatter. He can’t tolerate it. – Kamya. Kamya, nothing will happen to you!
Kamya! Kamya! You left the daughter-in-law of this
house when she was battling with death. Didn’t you feel pity on her? What’s wrong with you? Who do you think this
property belongs to ? Our father and his father
were like brothers. When our father got cheated
and became bankrupt… ..only he supported him. The lavish life that
you are living today… ..people respect us,
it is all given by him. God doesn’t need a temple.. ..but a temple without god is worthless. He is god. There’s no value of
this house without him. He is not god,
but a Satan who would’ve got us killed. Brother, forgive us.
We made a mistake unknowingly. We will find brother
and apologize to him. He will come whenever he wants. We won’t be able to find him. Once if he decides.. ..he will fulfill
it until his last breath. Mahima Rai’s son-in-law, who was the
reason for us to separate, is still alive. Shoot him! – No. He had bribed your two bodyguards. You can leave the throne,
but not the kingdom. Son-in-law, where’s my daughter? Doctor, how is my wife feeling now? Your wife is perfectly alright. It took time for her to come
out of coma as the wound was deep. I am happy that your wife is fine now. Doctor, Kamya is not on her bed. Where did my daughter go?
Did your enemies.. – Dad! Kamya! Sorry dad, I lied to you that.. ..he belongs to middle class family. Even he lied to you because I told him..
– Dear, why are you apologizing? I am ashamed. Let’s go, dear. Madam, you won’t find.. ..such a good husband in entire country.
Am I right? “The entire Telengana says
that we both make a good couple.” “The entire country is
astonished to see our love.” “Love is superior to everything.
You have conquered my heart.” “My hero,
I have become a fan of your style.” “Darling, this love is
alive because of your youth.” “Your slender waist and blue eyes,
make me go crazy.” “Tell me what you want.
I will give my beauty and youth to you.” “You are my Romeo
and I am your Juliet. You are my hero.” “This beautiful girl is made for me.
You are the moon.” “You’re my sweet honey.
You’re my destiny. You are my identity.” “Your style and youth is better.
I am totally bowled by you.” “I am totally bowled by you.
I am ready for you.” “Darling, this love is
alive because of your youth.” “Your slender waist and blue eyes,
make me go crazy.” “Tell me what you want.
I will give my beauty and youth to you.” “You are my Romeo
and I am your Juliet. You are my hero.” “You are my desire. You are nectar.
You are my wish.” “You must be a fairy. You are god’s gift.
You are my heart and life.” “The entire world is fake, except you.” “I’ve seen the entire world,
but I liked only you.” “You always talk the truth.
I am telling the truth.” “You can take me anywhere you want.” “Darling, this love is
alive because of your youth.” “Your slender waist and blue eyes,
make me go crazy.” “Tell me what you want.
I will give my beauty and youth to you.” “You are my Romeo
and I am your Juliet. You are my hero.” “The entire Telengana says
that we both make a good couple.” “The entire country is
astonished to see our love.” Chhote.. Chhote.. Chhote, what happened? – Sir..
– Get up, Chhote.. – Sir! Your brother is unable
to recognize anyone now. We don’t understand the problem. Hey minister, what happened to him? Who did this to my brother? It is him.. him! He? – Do you know him? He’s dictator who’s ruling over Delhi. I thought he ran away. But he has come again.
Son-in-law.. ..if he steps into Delhi.. ..then our political plans
will be ruined. He shouldn’t escape. He is wrong. When you were not here,
many things took place. Mahima Rai has captured
chamber of commerce. I hope everything will be..
– Come on, get up! Chamber of commerce seat belongs to me. I can make anyone sit on this chair. If someone raises
their voice against me… ..their business will be shut down. This is Mahima Rai’s orders. People will benefit only when Mahima
Rai and her son-in-law are not in power. Only you can do this. – Brother,
we’ll leave for Delhi in the morning. Dictator has come to Delhi.
He can attack you anytime. Our people are running
because of dictator. Before he attacks us, let’s kill him. It’s not good to face dictator now. We have to kill him with intelligence,
not strength. Think about it. – I will tell you. Hey, you stay in his house. Why do you want to help us? The answer is in the
question you asked. It is our bad luck that
we are staying in that house. We get insulted so much. Until he was not there,
we lived peacefully. We can live peacefully
only when he dies. You can ask them. – Yes, madam. He is right. – Not only you.. ..even I’m waiting
for Dictator’s death. I will tell you where you can
find dictator with his family tomorrow. You just attack. If you miss the chance,
then the world is going to miss us. Son-in-law, hereafter no one should
hear Dictator’s name again. Come to the chamber
with the news of his death. Not only news of his death,
I’ll get his dead body with me. Brother, no matter what happens there.. ..you shouldn’t stop the veneration. What happened?
Are you shocked? I was living in fear
for one year because of you. My beloved brother is not
recognizing me because of you. You saved people and became god to them. But I will kill you and bury you today. No matter what happens.. ..you can’t escape from me. Even a tiger bows down its
head to drink water when thirsty… …this doesn’t mean,
it can’t attack you. You won’t have eyes to see
or head to raise it up. Vishwambhar. Didn’t you understand? I didn’t
get you here to get dictator killed.. ..but I brought you here
to get you killed. – Hey! Kill him! I would be called as a man
had I killed you in your house. Had I hit you on the middle of the road,
it would be called as hooliganism. If I kill you here,
then it would be repentance. You forget about dictator. He will get killed today. Killing a woman is sin. Because of which you are still alive. I would’ve killed you the
same way I killed your son-in-law. Take the tickets! Leave the country. Use your power
for betterment of people.. ..not to destroy anyone. Listen to me carefully. A woman with arrogance
and a man who torments.. ..never prosper in their life! “Lord Ganesh! You are son of Gauri.
You ease everyone’s problem.” “Lord Ganesh, you are the hope.
People trust you.” “Lord Ganesh! You are son of Gauri.
You ease everyone’s problem.” “O Lord, erase all the worries,
erase all the sorrows.” “You dwell in our hearts. You run in our
veins. Everyone sing praises for you.” “Hail Lord Ganesha!” “Hail Lord Ganesha!” “Lord Ganesh! You are son of Gauri.
You ease everyone’s problem.” “Lord Ganesh, you are the hope.
People trust you.”

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  1. मैं लीमा हूं – मेरा imo नंबर प्राप्त करें और मेरे चैनल की सदस्यता लें सदस्यता लें। मैं फोन करता हूँ।

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