Zara | Short Film | Mystery

Zara | Short Film | Mystery

(Bell rings in distance) (Boy drops pen) Excuse me, it’s there. You won’t go out for lunch? No. Hi, I’m Zara, late admissi— Hi. Hi. Why did you stay back here? Just like that, I’m new here so don’t really know about anything. Why didn’t you go? I don’t talk to many people, that’s why. You didn’t leave because you don’t talk to many people or you stayed for me? No, it’s nothing like that. Okay, I get it. You aren’t coming? I’ll just come, after finishing talking to her. Who? There’s no one here. I’m here, since many years…

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  1. It was a nice short film bro ..
    Really liked the work and the story too..
    Hope you all will bring more content like this only..👍

  2. I'm just blown away. You do it with so much of perfection, man. Well scripted, well acted, well directed, well recorded and well edited. Take a bow! ♥️ And Vaibhav, you're so alive. 😚

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