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  1. ησ мє qυє∂α ¢ℓαяσ ѕι zαуη α є¢нσ єѕтα ¢αη¢ιση ¢ση вє¢ку g σ ¢ση єѕтα?

  2. I only came here to listen this song because in my crush's friends status she was singing this song it felt soo good. I wish she could see my comment when she visits this song again 😇😇

  3. Omg zhavia is so pretty im a fan love your all songs! I always so support i love u so much and your voice sooooooooo beautiful!! <3

  4. I'm not hating but I feel like Zhavia's voice is too low for this role. It's not very princess like. Perhaps Selena Gomez would've been a better choice.

  5. Wanna know a fun fact?

    Zayn Malik sang the English version of the song where Armaan Malik sang the Hindi version of this song
    And They both are the MALIK's of Vocals

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