Zoë Kravitz Is Training Hard for ‘Catwoman’

This is your first time here. Isn’t that crazy? We’ve run into
each other places. I know. And said hello. I’ve been trying
to get in forever. I don’t know why. It’s not my fault, I’m so sorry. But you’re here now and
that’s all that matters. Yeah. You’re so great on
Big Little Lies. Oh, thank you. You’re so great. Does that mean it’s
not coming back because you have another show? No, we don’t– I
don’t know the answer. People keep on asking
me, and I don’t– I hope so. Would you be able
to do both shows? Yeah, I think so. Good. Well, good for you. To have two shows going. And then you got nominated for
a SAG award for Ensemble, right? Ensemble. Yeah, that’s great. That’d be fun to see everybody. It’s such a great show. And I’m excited that
I’m going to see you in something else now too. Thank you. So your dad, Lenny Kravitz,
has been here many times. He gets the invite. I don’t know. He could have brought you along. I know. What’s that like, to say
your dad is Lenny Kravitz? Oh, my God. I mean, how cool is? It’s cool, he’s cool. I mean, I love him
for different reasons. You know, he’s a really good
father and a good person and a good artist. Yeah. And he also loves
a netted shirt. And tiny little low pants. Like that’s normal. That’s what everyone’s
dad is like, right? Everyone’s dad looks
like that, yeah. You probably– because you
don’t know any different, probably that was just
your dad, like, right? Yeah, I mean I
didn’t really realize there was a difference until
he started picking me up from school and I looked
at other people’s dads and looked at my dad. I was like, OK. Yeah. I got that Dad. And you just got
married, congratulations. Thank you. The wedding was beautiful. I mean, it was special. Really beautiful. All right, so you went on
stage with your dad recently. Have you done that before? No, he always kind
of asked me to do it. And I was always– I get nervous. But my mother used to play– Wait, you get nervous. I get nervous. I’m nervous right now. Steve Harvey just told me to
take a deep breath back stage. But aren’t you in a band? I’m not in a band anymore. But I’ve performed before,
and I get stage fright. You still get stage fright. Anyway, all right,
so you went on stage and you played tambourine? I did. So my mother used
to play tambourine when he would play the
song Let Love Rule. And so he said, will you do
that like your mother used to? And it made me pretty
emotional, actually. So I did it. I was nervous. But I did it. And where was that? That was in New York. That was in New York. I forget what venue. Oh, my God. That is cool. Yeah. All right, so the Golden
Globes were weeks ago. And– Congratulations on your award. Thank you, thank you. And you went on stage
with your step dad. Yes, apparently all I do is get
on stage with my dad figures. Jason Momoa, who is
also a cool step dad. He is. He’s the sweetest
guy in the world. Isn’t he, though? He’s just, he’s so sweet. I know, gentle giant. But people went crazy
because he took his shirt off at the table. I know, which is funny because–
so he did the same thing at our wedding where he had
a tank top under the jacket. But as you can see in
the photo, my mother was cold, which is why
he took his jacket off. So I think that was
pretty sweet, actually, That is sweet and thoughtful
for everyone in the room to look at that, too. He’s a sweet, thoughtful man. He’s a sweet, thoughtful
guy with large, large arms. Large, large arms. All right, High Fidelity,
what is this about? So High Fidelity, it’s
based off a book written by Nick Hornby about a person
that owns a record store and she’s going
through a breakup and she wants to understand
why all her breakups end in disaster. So she goes back to her
top five heart breaks and tries to figure
out what went wrong in her relationships. All right, and this
is very exciting. I just found this out today. I don’t know if everyone
else knows this, but you’re about
to start filming, you’re going to be
in the Batman movie. Yes. And you are? Catwoman. Wow. Yeah, nervous. I was actually, I was sitting
at the Globes with David Kelly, because he writes our show
and Michelle Pfeiffer. And I was bowing to the queen. I’m nervous to be
in her presence now. And you’re flying out tonight,
to London, to start, right? Have you had a
costume fitting yet? We’ve had many. It’s going really well. It’s very exciting. And I’ve been
training a ton, too, which has been great and hard. I bet. It’s very physical. Very physical. I come home just
limping every day. It’s very– it’s actually
kind of pathetic. I’m so excited. So you’re leaving
tonight to start and I can’t wait to see that. That’s great. Congratulations. High Fidelity premieres
February 14. on Hulu. We’ll be right back.

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